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Scared Silent

Scared Silent

by Elizabeth Abbey


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Pedophilia steals the innocence and childhood from Little Ones. Pedophilia destroys trust. Pedophilia destroy souls.

Elizabeth Abbey followed her father's instructions: "This is our little secret. Don't tell anyone." She was six years old. She loved and trusted her father and never told anyone.

Elizabeth Abbey grew up, got married and had two children. She remembered the secret and told her husband. He hit her across her face. The secret hid inside again.

Abbey began writing Scared Silent as therapy. She wanted to get the painful memories of the past out of her thoughts and onto paper. Then she could put the finished piece, a book, "over there on the table or bookshelf," and be done with it.

The subject of incest and abuse are not simple or comfortable subjects to explore. Recovering from incest and abuse is not easy. Abbey offers tools and experience for recovery to heal the emotional and physical body, mind and soul.

This book will help move victims to victory.

This book offers a vehicle for survivors and friends and families of survivors, to open the conversation with understanding and empathy. The truth cannot hide.

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About the Author

Elizabeth Abbey's resume reads: Associate Editor, journalist, electronics documentation supervisor, quality control, amateur athlete, dessert chef, housepainter, hiking guide, backpacker, lover of Planet Earth.

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