Scary Stories: A Collection of Horror- Vol.2

Scary Stories: A Collection of Horror- Vol.2

by Billy Wells


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Scary Stories: A Collection of Horror-Vol 2 is a compilation of short stories, mostly in the horror/thriller genre with surprise endings. Table of Contents: Forbidden Fruit: A father buys purple fruit at a roadside stand that turns his youngest son into a ravenous ghoul. Drool: The city is swarming with zombies as Jerry and Maggie leave to find refuge at his grandma's farm in the country. Something in the Ice: A teenager finds a monster frozen in the lake on the same day big cats have escaped from the local zoo and are gobbling up the town folk. The Refrigerator: A man finds a message for help in a used refrigerator that was once owned by vampires in the house where his father died ten years before. Fine Print: A computer fanatic finds a game where the players act as judge, jury, and executioner to mete out justice to evildoers. Til Death Do Us Part: A serial killer gets his kicks by torturing and murdering beautiful women once they agree to marry him. Something in the Dark: A woman plagued by recurring nightmares that have plagued her since she was a little girl seeks help from the most expensive shrink in NYC to effectively save her life. The Package: A doctor receives a ransom note in a gift wrapped with ribbons and a bow from a G. Reaper. Something in the Cave: Mysterious things begin to happen when two friends explore a cave over a thousand feet deep and find a myriad of tunnels someone created long ago. Gor: An alien seeks revenge when a hunter enters the forest where he made his home and kills three of his animal friends.Hark! This book contains horror stories. Please don't read it if you don't enjoy horror! Also, if your parents did not allow you to go to horror movies a s a child, this may not be a book you should read. Also, if you are prone to nightmares, don't read this book: night when you are alone. 2.If you believe in ghosts, goblins, or the Loch Ness monster. 3.during the full moon, particularly when the wolfbane blooms. 4.around a campfire after dark in a dense forest. 5.if the news reported that a deranged maniac has escaped from the local asylum. 6.if you think something from another planet has landed on earth. 7.if limbs being hacked off make you queasy. 9.during a lightning storm where your home could be plunged into total darkness. But if you like to walk through graveyards after midnight, or visit haunted houses on Halloween, or explore dilapidated, defunct insane asylums, or play scary music in the dark when you are alone, enjoy the horror if you dare. If you really want to feel creepy, you might want to read this book with life-size monster mannequins sitting around you like Charles Royster did in my story, The Clown at Midnight. Hopefully, you will fare better than he did as you journey into the unknown. So, take the plunge and feel the terror that waits just beyond the door in spaces where the subtle shades of black are imperceptible in the gloom. In a forest where the silence is so profound it suggests the awakening of an enormous beast from a long sleep with a mission to rip apart any bird, animal, or insect that dares make a sound. In a tomb where the children of the night seek fresh, warm blood, and the wind howls and the wolf bane blooms under the full moon. Into fields of sorrow where scarecrows walk, monsters crawl and awful things go bump in the night. Go to those creepy places you never thought you'd go where the whisper of a spider's web lingers on the back of your neck too long. and the icy fingers of something dead send shivers up your spine that makes your blood run cold.

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ISBN-13: 9781497362109
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 03/24/2014
Pages: 242
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.51(d)

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