SCENARIOS 5 & 6--Swept Away: 2 Interactive Stories in 1

SCENARIOS 5 & 6--Swept Away: 2 Interactive Stories in 1

by Nicole O'Dell



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ISBN-13: 9781616262525
Publisher: Barbour Publishing, Incorporated
Publication date: 04/01/2011
Series: Scenarios for Girls
Edition description: Reprint
Pages: 384
Product dimensions: 5.10(w) x 7.90(h) x 1.20(d)
Age Range: 12 - 15 Years

About the Author

Nicole O'Dell is a busy mom of six kids ranging from a 20-something military son down to 9-year-old triplets. She is a multi-published author in both inspirational fiction and nonfiction, a speaker for faith-based events, and the recipient of the ACFW's Editor of the Year award in 2013. She’s author of YA fiction, including the popular Scenarios for Girls interactive fiction, which offers readers alternate endings, allowing them to decide what the main character does, and the Diamond Estates series based on her experiences as a resident at Teen Challenge as a teenager. Her non-fiction for teens includes Girl Talk, which she wrote with her two daughters based on their popular advice column, and several devotional books.

Nicole’s desire to bridge the gap between parents and teens is evident in her parenting nonfiction like the Hot Buttons series aimed at helping parents handle tough issues with their tweens and teens on subjects like dating, Internet activity, sexuality, prejudice, friendships, politics, and many more. She is also the author of Powerline365, a daily devotional for parents of teens, and the author of over 300 other devotional writings.

Passionate about health, Nicole also works full-time as a marketing manager for Human Kinetics, a publisher of fitness resources. Early mornings or late evenings you can find her doing laps in a pool, biking on a country road near her home, or running some miles as she chases her triathlon dreams, including the Half-Ironman race she completed in 2017. 

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Swept Away

Interactive Fiction for Girls

By Nicole O'Dell

Barbour Publishing, Inc.

Copyright © 2011 Nicole O'Dell
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-61626-252-5



"You might have to get out and push."

Amber groaned and rolled her eyes. "Very funny, Dad. The scary thing is, one of these days, it's going to be true."

Dad chuckled. "Ah, she hasn't failed us yet." He rubbed the faded steering wheel.

"Well, there's a first time for everything." Amber sulked down in the cracked vinyl seat and covered her eyes with her forearm. Her friends all had fancy new SUVs or expensive sedans. But no, her parents never wanted a car payment or—gasp!—a lease payment. Nothing but a complete waste of money when they already had a perfectly reliable vehicle—or so they said. If she had a dollar for every time they'd explained the horrors of a lease agreement ...

The brakes squealed as Dad pulled the twelve-year-old Toyota into the garage. He smiled and patted the dashboard. "You did it, girl." He'd somehow ignored the putt ... sputter ... putt sounds the car had made all the way up the driveway.

"Yeah, Dad. We made it home. But what about tomorrow? What about the next day? When will we ever be able to get a new car now that you lost your job?" Amber squeezed her eyes shut, holding back the tears that threatened to spill.

"Now, Amber."

Amber steeled herself against the coming speech that she knew by heart and caught the sigh before it escaped her mouth.

Dad's lips moved in what looked like prayer for a few moments. He took a deep breath and turned her chin with his hand until she lifted her watery eyes to meet his. "God has always provided everything we've ever needed and much, much more. I have no reason to think He's going to stop now." He let go of her face and rubbed her arm. "Sweetie, give Him a chance."

"Yeah, yeah. I know." Amber rolled her eyes and fought the urge to point out that God had provided that stuff—which wasn't excessive, by any means—before He unprovided Dad's job. She climbed out of the car and paused a moment to give the rusted hood a few little pats—like paying respects at a funeral. Sigh.

Amber had one foot in the door when she heard three light honks. Brittany! She let her book bag slide off her shoulder. It landed on the garage floor with a thud. She jogged out to the driveway to greet her best friend.

The window on the driver's side of the brand-new, silver Lexus SUV slid down and Mrs. Kim leaned her head out. "You girls be good and have fun. I will come to get you tomorrow afternoon." She spoke in halting but precise English.

"Okay, Mom. Thanks." Brittany waved her tiny hand as she came around from the other side and joined Amber on the driveway.

As the girls walked toward the house, Amber rested her forearm on Brittany's shoulder.

Brittany shook her head and laughed. "You know, one of these days that's going to get old."

"Nah. You love it and you know it." They walked through the garage toward the house, and Amber bent to pick up her schoolbag then opened the door to the dated kitchen. "Don't mind the cracked tile and stained countertops. I promise they're clean." Amber flicked away a crumb.

Brittany laughed. "You give me the same little speech every time I come here. You'd think after ten years, you'd know I don't care about tile and countertops."

"Easy for you to say. Your dad got promoted to Chief Something-or-Other the same week my dad got laid off from teaching. Your house is perfect. Mine ..." Amber waved her arm. "Well, not so much." She slumped as she pulled open the refrigerator door to see what they could snack on. Ooh! Leftover frozen pizza.

"Yeah, I'm really sorry about your dad's job." Brittany picked a few pieces of nonexistent lint from her sleeve.

"It's pretty bad timing with college next year and all." Tears burned at her eyelids again. Amber blinked them away before Brittany could notice.

"But your grades are perfect. You'll probably get a scholarship. I thought that was the plan anyway." Brittany threw her hands up. "We've talked about getting scholarships and going to college together since we were little—we've got to get out of small- town Gwinett."

"Yeah, I know. But if I don't get one, I probably won't be going away to school. I'll have to get a job and go to the community college part time." Amber shrugged. "It'll be fine.

Right?" She finally turned around to look at Brittany.

"Fine? That would not be fine. Not at all. You can't stay trapped in this valley dungeon forever, surrounded by nothing but mountains. And you will get a scholarship. You'll see."

"Thanks. I do love the mountains, though." Amber couldn't risk getting her hopes up.

"Well, everyone loves the mountains. But there's so much world out there." Brittany pointed out the window.

"Yeah, well ... anyway ... enough of that." Amber held up the pizza. "Cold or heated?"

"Definitely cold." Brittany grabbed a piece as big as her face.

How did Brittany pack away so much food? She could eat twice as much as Amber. Where did she put it all? "Sounds good to me. Grab some more if you want. Let's go downstairs." Amber inspected an ivory porcelain plate for chips or cracks before she handed it to Brittany. She reached in the refrigerator to grab two cans of Coke. Nope. In its usual spot, she found an imposter, the store brand. She grimaced and held it up for Brittany to read the logo. "Hope cola's okay."

Brittany smiled and reached for the can.

"Hey, works for me."

"This cutting corners stuff is starting to get on my nerves." Amber shook her head, took her plate, and hurried from the kitchen.

The girls went down to the basement, which Amber's parents had let them turn into a hangout a few months back. They'd put a big rug down on the cold cement floor and brought Brittany's plush, gray sofa over when her parents bought a new leather set. Amber reached for the television remote but put it right back down, opting for music instead. She flipped on the stereo and turned up the volume.

"So, what do you want to do tonight?" Brittany plopped down on the couch and took a bite of her cold pizza.

"I'm open to whatever." Amber pushed a stray crumb back into her mouth. "Make some suggestions."

"Well, we could shop, go see a movie, check out Kyle's birthday party ..." Brittany counted each idea on a finger.

Amber sighed. "All I hear is money, money, money."

Brittany shifted her legs as her eyes glazed over in apparent irritation.

Oops. I'm being a drag. "But I wouldn't mind helping you shop. And Kyle's party—well, we'd have to think of an inexpensive present. He is my cousin, but it's not like we buy gifts for each other every year." Amber stood up and started for the stairs. "Let's go get ready."

* * *

"Great." Brittany jumped off the couch and brushed the crumbs off her pants before following. "We can find a gag gift for Kyle—something creative and funny that won't cost much."

Amber stopped abruptly and whirled around to face her friend, almost knocking her over. "Wait a sec. How're we going to get around? You don't have a car with you, and neither of us wants to be caught dead in my dad's car."

"Oh, come on, your car would be fine. But let me call my dad and see if there's another possibility—he should be home from work by now. Hang on." Brittany pulled out her sleek new smartphone and touched the screen in a few places. One more light tap and the speakerphone turned on.

Amber could hear it ringing.

Click. "Hello?"

"Hey Dad, it's me."

"What do you need, Brittany?"

Amber giggled at his halting speech. Like

Brittany's mom, Mr. Kim spoke nearly perfect English even though he'd been raised in Korea. Amber thought his accent sounded cute.

Brittany glared and put her finger to her lips. "Dad, I was wondering if you and Mom have plans tonight?"

"We are going out to a restaurant in one hour. Your mother is getting ready now."

"Since you're home now and Mom's done shopping, would you mind if Brittany and I came by to get a car? We want to go to the mall and to a birthday party."

"That is okay. But I can drop off car to you. It would be a long walk."

Brittany winked at Amber. "That would be so great, Dad. Thanks!"

"Welcome, Brittany. See you in one hour."

Brittany slid her phone closed and gave Amber a triumphant look. "There. We've got good wheels and good plans. Now we need ..."

"Good outfits! Now that I can help with. Let's go." They scrambled up the stairs to Amber's room and hurried to her closet.

"It's a good thing you have on great jeans, Britt. Mine would be huge on you."

"Yeah, these are my favorite ones anyway—they're new." She twirled to look at her body in the mirrored closet door.

After about fifteen minutes of sorting through tops, they settled on a couple of long- sleeved, burn-out tees over lace-trimmed camis. "I'd like to wear the amethyst one, it goes with my green eyes." Amber held the purple shirt up to her chin and batted her long eyelashes.

"Good. I wanted to wear the red one anyway." Brittany grabbed the hanger out of Amber's hand.

Satisfied with their choices, they dressed quickly and turned back to the mirror. Brittany hardly ever wore makeup, so it surprised Amber when Britt started rifling through the makeup drawer. She applied some pink blush to her cheeks and some mascara to her dark eyelashes, which helped open her eyes a bit. After a swipe of lip gloss, she ran a brush through her silky hair and then plopped on the bed to wait for Amber.

They heard a soft knock at the door. "Come in." Amber turned to look. "Hey, Mom. What's up?"

Her mom stood in the doorway wearing her typical tracksuit and wiping the sweat from her forehead.

"You just get back from a run?"

"Yeah, I did four miles—on the treadmill, though. I didn't go out." She paused to catch her breath. "But I wanted you to know you left all of your dirty dishes down in the basement."


Mom swiped at the sweat dripping down her red face with the towel hanging around her neck. "You promised, when your dad and I let you convert that space into a hangout, that you'd keep it picked up. If you can't, you won't be able to take food down there. We don't want to wind up with an ant problem—or worse."

"I know. I'm sorry, Mom. We got excited about our plans. I'll take care of it before we leave."

Brittany winced and offered a hesitant smile. "Yeah, I'm really sorry, Mrs. Stevens."

"It's okay. I already cleaned it up this time. Just make sure you pay more attention next time." Mom turned to leave the room. "Oh, one other thing I almost forgot. You left the kitchen light on, as well as the light on the basement stairs and the two lights in the basement. That's a lot of wasted electricity. That costs money."

"Sorry," Amber mumbled. Couldn't she just let it go? As her mom left the room, Amber glanced at Brittany, hoping she hadn't paid too much attention to the lecture. Amber silently buckled her belt and pulled on a pair of brown knee-high boots, then smoothed the leg of her jeans around her ankles.

Approaching the mirror, she cheered up when she saw the new hairdo she'd paid for with her birthday money last week. It still shocked her when she caught a view of herself. Going from a cute shoulder-length bob to a shorter choppy layered cut with big chunky highlights made her feel more spirited, fun—edgy. Amber rubbed her fingers in a tub of pomade and then used them to piece her style into more spiky chunks. One last ruffle achieved the desired messy look. Satisfied with the results, she sprayed a light aerosol mist of hairspray and then shook her head to make sure her hair still bounced—just like the hairdresser had taught her. Perfect.

Now for makeup. She stared at the mirror for a second.

Brittany snored loudly from the bed.

"Very funny!" Amber grabbed a pillow from the floor and threw it at her. "Hey, perfection takes time."

Brittany grinned. "Yeah. Yeah. Just get on with it."

Amber turned back to the mirror. Now,

what had that makeup lady said about plum eye shadow? Wasn't it plum that contrasted and highlighted green eyes the best? Okay, here goes. Amber swiped some along the lower part of her upper lid and out from the corner. Then she added some dark eyeliner and lots of mascara to her long lashes.

"Ugh. I'm so jealous. Your eyes look beautiful." Brittany moved back to the mirror. "If I put that much makeup on, I'd look like a clown or a little girl playing dress up."

Amber laughed. "I'm sorry. But I can't disagree. Your sweet little face would look silly with all of this on it. Be glad you're so gorgeous you don't even need it." She added some blush and some rose-tinted lip gloss. She snapped the cap back on the tube and slipped it into her pocket for touchups. "I'm ready. You all set?"

"Yep. As soon as my dad gets here with the car, we can leave." At that moment, the doorbell rang and the girls packed up their things and scurried down the stairs.

Amber beat Mom to the front door and pulled it open. "Hi, Mr. Kim." She tried to sidle around her mom to get out of the house in a hurry. Mrs. Kim was moving from the driver's seat of the Volvo to the passenger seat of the

SUV. Couldn't let Mom figure out that Mr. and Mrs. Kim brought them the extra vehicle because Amber didn't want to be seen in their own car. "Gotta go, Mom." Amber kissed her on the cheek and stepped onto the porch. "We'll be back by eleven."

"Where are you g–?" The front door clicked shut on Mom's question.

Oops. Amber froze on the porch step. Would her mom open the door to finish her inquiry? After a few seconds, Amber figured Mom had let it go. Phew. She waved at Mr. and Mrs. Kim as they drove off in the Lexus and climbed into the black Volvo where Brittany already waited in the driver's seat. Rubbing the tan leather upholstery, Amber leaned her head back on the luxury headrest. She reached up and pushed the button to slide open the moon roof and flipped on the satellite radio. "Now, this is the life."

"Are you mad we left early?" Brittany gripped the steering wheel.

"Not really. I just don't understand the problem."

"I didn't feel comfortable." Brittany glanced at Amber and then to the road. "People kept going in and out of that one bathroom and locking the door."

Amber laughed. "Don't people usually lock the door when they go into the bathroom?"

"Two or three people at the same time?" Brittany shook her head. "No. There was something going on in there. Besides, Paula Markham told me that some people were doing drugs."

"Hah. Paula is the biggest gossip in school. I don't believe a word she says." Amber rolled her eyes. "And Kyle does not do drugs. He's too smart for that." Who did Britt think she was, accusing her cousin like that?

Brittany sighed. "I didn't say for sure that Kyle was doing drugs or that he even knew about it. But something didn't feel right."

"All right. Let's drop it." Amber rested her forehead on the cold window and watched the darkness fly by. "I was ready to leave anyway." Would she have stayed longer if she'd gone alone?



"Amber Stevens and Brittany Kim, you're both needed in the office," the faceless voice droned from the crackly loudspeaker.

"Oooooh, you're in trouble!" Several boys in Amber's class teased her.

"You guys are so immature. Are you sure you're seniors? Really?" She clucked her tongue and grabbed her books and purse. They quickly scooted their desks so close together that she had to turn sideways to squeeze between the desks on her way out of the room, giving the boys the perfect opportunity to try to trip her.

Ugh! Grow up! She scowled and rolled her eyes as she stepped over their outstretched legs.

Amber saw Brittany a little bit ahead of her in the hallway. "Psst. Britt!" She hissed through her teeth.

Brittany turned and waited for Amber to catch up. "What do you think they want us in the office for? We can't be in trouble for anything. Can we?"

"I have no idea. But we haven't done anything wrong that I can think of." Amber shrugged. "I guess we're about to find out." She pulled open the office door and they stepped inside.

Mrs. Reely, the principal's secretary, glanced up from her computer and smiled. "Hi, girls. Have a seat." She gestured to the orange plastic chairs that lined the windows to the hallway. "Don't mind me. This computer is acting up again." She peered over her half-framed glasses at Amber. "I don't suppose computer genius runs in your family, too? Or should I call Kyle to come help me?"


Excerpted from Swept Away by Nicole O'Dell. Copyright © 2011 Nicole O'Dell. Excerpted by permission of Barbour Publishing, Inc..
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Table of Contents


Book 1: High Stakes,
Chapter 1: Out With the Old,
Chapter 2: A Grand Prize,
Chapter 3: Hit the Books,
Chapter 4: Be My Guest,
Chapter 5: A Big Favor,
Chapter 6: Hearing Voices,
Chapter 7: Indifference,
Chapter 8: Final, Final, Final,
Chapter 9: We Have a Winner,
Chapter 10A: Hold Everything,
Chapter 11A: Love, Amber,
Chapter 12A: A Fresh Start,
Chapter 10B: Too Late,
Chapter 11B: Caught,
Chapter 12B: Forgiven, With a Price,
My Decision,
Book 2: Essence of Lily,
Chapter 1: In a Corner,
Chapter 2: My Lily,
Chapter 3: Disappearing Act,
Chapter 4: The Great Escape,
Chapter 5: Too Little, Too Late,
Chapter 6: Invisible,
Chapter 7: Date Night,
Chapter 8: Diversions,
Chapter 9: Overnighter,
Chapter 10A: Just Say No,
Chapter 11A: Exposed,
Chapter 12A: I Do,
Chapter 10B: What Have I Done?,
Chapter 11B: Not Enough,
Chapter 12B: Redemption,
My Decision,

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SCENARIOS 5 & 6--Swept Away: 2 Interactive Stories in 1 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 12 reviews.
Bookswithbite on LibraryThing 21 days ago
This book has two book in one. While both books were different, both books taught good morals. And that is something you don't see in books often. I like how you can read these book and not only get to choose what paths the characters take, but you get a life lesson out of it.The first book was based on cheating, Should you come clean or let your best friend take the fall for it. As always, I take as many paths as I can take to see the different outcomes. I was pleasantly surprised how pleased it all turn out. It had a happy ending with things coming out right.The second book was based on having faith in God. Not all things work out and sometimes you must pray and wait. Not every family perfect either. We all make mistakes and we all do things that we regret. Remember: a family that prays together, stays together.
wakela on LibraryThing 21 days ago
I had already reviewed one of the other books in this series, Dare To Be Different.Once again, even though it is touted as being interactive, the only interactive part is at the end of each story. You get to choose how they end. It would have been nice if you could have picked along the way so you can see how different decisions can affect things differently.Even though this book is geared towards tweens, I felt that it might have been more towards actual teenagers. One of the two stories deals with premarital sex and how you get pressured into having it.The lead characters are written in a way that the readers can identify themselves within them. It makes it easier to put yourself into the shoes of the character and try to figure your own way through the story.These are definitely wonderful learning tools that can open up a dialogue on difficult subjects. In conjunction with the Wakela's World Disclosure Statement, I received a product in order to enable my review. No other compensation has been received. My statements are an honest account of my experience with the brand. The opinions stated here are mine alone.
BerniCampos More than 1 year ago
Nicole O'Dell captures the angst of teenage girls beautifully. She creates very real, likable young girls, with true-to-life dilemmas to face. A great read for teenage girls everywhere. The alternate endings are a fresh approach. I love the fact that when the girls make the wrong choice, there are consequences, but the reader is assured that all is not lost. There is still forgiveness, and hope. I wish these books were around when my daughter was a teen! I plan to pass Swept Away down to my teenage nieces, and I look forward to reading more of the series!
CaraPutman More than 1 year ago
My almost 11 y.o. LOVES the Scenario books. Yes, I capitalized on purpose because that almost captures her enthusiasm for this series. When this book arrived, she literally peeled it from my hands and ran upstairs to start reading. Why does she love these books? Because she loves being the character and choosing the outcome. She'll select the wrong choice, and then go back and make the right choice. It leads to great conversations as we talk about what makes one choice better than the other. For this 2-in-1, the girls face touch choices about sex and cheating for what looks like a good reason. I wasn't 100% sure my daughter was ready for the sex story, but I was wrong. This truly gave us good opportunities to have some needed girl talk. And Nicole handles the issue in a sensitive yet real way. The consequences are real and laid out for readers to weigh. How much better to consider what she would do now rather than in a few years when the pressure is on. Please get these books for the tween girls in your life. They are wonderful stories with a purpose.
BooksWithBite More than 1 year ago
This book has two book in one. While both books were different, both books taught good morals. And that is something you don't see in books often. I like how you can read these book and not only get to choose what paths the characters take, but you get a life lesson out of it. The first book was based on cheating, Should you come clean or let your best friend take the fall for it. As always, I take as many paths as I can take to see the different outcomes. I was pleasantly surprised how pleased it all turn out. It had a happy ending with things coming out right. The second book was based on having faith in God. Not all things work out and sometimes you must pray and wait. Not every family perfect either. We all make mistakes and we all do things that we regret. Remember: a family that prays together, stays together.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
To be honest, I am not typically a huge Fiction reader, however, The Swept Away -- 2 books in 1 - definitely pulled me in! Nicole O'Dell is such gifted writer, making the book truly come to life, and inspiring emotion that makes you feel as if you were a part of the storyline. These books are full of energy and perfectly incorporate fun with the learning of some of life's toughest lessons, creating a reading experience that is not only enjoyable, but thought provoking as well! I was so encouraged to see Biblical principles taught in such a creative way that is relevant for this generation of tweens/teens. Thanks to Nicole O'Dell for being intentional about reaching this generation of teens, pointing them to Jesus Christ, and teaching them of God's great plans for their lives!
Kym_McNabney More than 1 year ago
In Swept Away by Nicole O'Dell, you not only get two great stories in one, you also get to choose the ending for each. How fun and educational is that? I loved the concept of picking your own scenario, but what I hadn't expected is the desire to read the other after you'd already made your decision. O'Dell does a wonderful job in creating teenage characters with real life situations. Each story provides the reader with two choices and to discover the consequences of their decision. Both stories are perfect for pre and young teens. In High Stakes, two best friends, Amber and Brittany are presented with a contest that puts their friendship to the ultimate test. When Amber is faced with the possibility for winning something she feels she deserves more than her friend, she puts their friendship and what's right on the line, and her lack of faith in God is evident in the decision she makes. In Essence of Lily, running from her unhappy home life, Lily makes a decision that could ultimately change her life forever. She soon learns life's lesson that God is the only one that can fulfill the empty whole in one's heart, and that lying and our choices can lead us into situations we find difficult to get out of, and could ultimately change our lives forever.
shellie_c More than 1 year ago
You can't beat two books for the price of one, unless those two books are amazing stories of realistic teen drama. In High Stakes, ride along with Amber as she decides whether or not to fess up to cheating on her finals. Only you get to decide if she chooses to save her friend or save herself. Nicole O'Dell spins an interactive tale with two endings to choose from. Each with their own unique consequences and blessings. In Essence of Lilly, you get to chose how far is too far for Lilly when she is faced with the decision to spend an overnighter with Jason, her boyfriend. Either choice will put you face to face with a real decision facing many teens today. Nicole weaves identifiable characters into moral dilemmas with skill and knack. Her stories are easy to read and creative in their delivery. Pure entertainment with a life lesson tucked inside.
Joyce65 More than 1 year ago
I loved [Swept Away] and can hardly wait to get it into my granddaughter's hands. It is so important for young girls to be able to read these books and see their options, BEFORE they are faced with the real issues in life. I believe reading the books will greatly influence their personal decisions and possibly divert them from a lot of hurt they might have experienced had they not read of consequences others had to deal with and the rewards received due to making good decisions. These books are a way of planting good seeds in their minds to prepare them for more joy and success in their futures and who of us do not want to do that for our loved ones? I have thoroughly enjoyed the six books I have read of Nicole's, even though I am older. I have learned things from them as well. I look forward to her next endeavors.
HeidiMain More than 1 year ago
Nicole pulled me into each of these stories and didn't let me go until the story ended. She is a gifted storyteller. And these stories need to be told so that teens and young adults can read real life situations and see how the choices impact the characters. These characters are true to life and are very relatable. This series fills a huge need in the Christian book industry. And Nicole is the person to fill that need because she weaves amazing stories.
The_Bookworms More than 1 year ago
I'm a teenager and I just recently read Swept Away and absolutely loved it. The characters were very real and I found myself pulled into their stories and not wanting to put the book down until I had finished it. Nicole O'Dell does an amazing job on her Scenarios for Girls book. I definitely recommend this one, especially for teenage girls. Book 5 - High Stakes Amber is a senior and in a good-natured, though fierce, competition with her best friend, Brittany, for a car that is being given away. When Amber cheats on her final exams and Brittany is blamed, she had to decide whether she will tell the truth and give up the car and possibly more, or stay silent and let Brittany take the blame. Book 6 - Essence of Lilly Trying to escape her mom and stepdad's fights, Lilly gets involved in youth group activities, using them as an excuse to hang out with her boyfriend, Jason, who makes her feel loved. When Jason convinces her to lie to her parents about an overnighter at the church, she has to decide how far she will let things go. This is a great book that teaches some very important lessons.
grandmaparty More than 1 year ago
Been waiting for the next books in the Scenarios Series. Was not disappointed in the stories or issues covered in Swept Away. Nicole swept me away as I followed the characters and their dilemma's. All six stories from the Scenarios Series, now three 2-in-1 books, have dealt with issues that tweens/teens face every day. Nicole has handled the subjects beautifully and allowed the reader to be interactively involved in the story. The books are ingenious in the way they ask the reader to make the tough moral decisions. It gives the reader the opportunity to feel the weight of the consequences. I've read all of these books and I believe that each book dealt with a necessary issue facing the tween/teens of today.......and tomorrow. I've purchased multiple Scenarios books - donated some to my church youth library and many I gave as gifts to my friends daughters and grand daughters. All have asked repeatly when the next book/s would be released. They are so excited that books 5 & 6 are now available. To anyone out there, these books are great gifts for young girls that you love and want to see make the right decisions. They prepare them before they're faced with the difficult choices. Swept Away was wonderful and dealt with a little more mature subject that a lot of Christian writers run from. Way to go Nicole.