Scent from the Garden of Paradise. Musk and the Medieval Islamic World

Scent from the Garden of Paradise. Musk and the Medieval Islamic World

by Anya H. King



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ISBN-13: 9789004336247
Publisher: Brill Academic Publishers, Inc.
Publication date: 01/19/2017
Series: Islamic History and Civilization , #140
Pages: 442
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About the Author

Anya H. King, Ph.D. (2007), Indiana University, is Associate Professor of History at the University of Southern Indiana. She publishes on medieval Islamic trade with Asia.

Table of Contents



Chapter 1: About Musk and Its Terminology
Musk and Its Origin
Exploitation of Musk
Terminology for Musk

Chapter 2: Commodities of Further Asia in the Islamic World
Central Eurasia
Southeast Asia
Place of Origin, “Brand”, and Rank
The Impact of Commodity Knowledge in Adab

Chapter 3: History of Musk and the Musk Trade: From Asia to the Near East
Musk in China
Musk in India
Musk in Tibet
Musk in Central Asia
Aromatics in the Persian World
Musk and Aromatics in Sasanian Persia
The Westward Spread of Musk in Antiquity

Chapter 4: Islamicate Knowledge of Musk and Musk-Producing Lands
Arabic Terminology relating to Musk
Persian Terminology for Musk
Sources of Musk: Middle Eastern Knowledge of the Geography of the Musk Producing Lands and the Origins of Musk
Toponyms and Sources
The Islamicate Understanding of the Production of Musk

Chapter 5: The Merchant World and the Musk Trade
Musk Producers and the Trade
Tribute and Royal Gift-Giving
Routes and Emporiums
Data on the Commerce in Musk
Perfumers and Pharmacists
Adulteration and Imitation of Musk

Chapter 6: Musk in Daily Life in the Early Medieval Islamic World
Arabic and Persian Perfumes
Scented Powders
Oils and Waters
Musk and Men
Musk and Women
Musk and Medicine: Pharmaceutical Specifications of Musk
Pharmaceutical Applications of Musk
Musk in Food and Drink

Chapter 7: The Symbolic Importance of Musk in Islamic Culture
The Primacy of Musk among Aromatics in Islamic Culture
Symbolic Meanings of Musk in Medieval Islamic Culture
Musk and Kingship
Musk and Islam
Musk and the Garden


List of Illustrations

Illustration 1. Musk deer.
Illustration 2. The musk apparatus.
Illustration 3. Musk pods.

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