Scheduling a Time to Cry: A Butterfly's Journey from Marriage to Healing

Scheduling a Time to Cry: A Butterfly's Journey from Marriage to Healing

by Venus Diann


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Scheduling a Time to Cry reads like interconnected pages of journal entries intricately woven into a thoughtfully written narrative. Each chapter and page flows like rhythmic prose that describes events in the author's life that are tragic, thought-provoking, and, at times, amusing. You'll find danger, heartbreak, and enlightenment. Imagine a butterfly that has spent years flying then suddenly retreating and going back into its cocoon. Talk about devastating! From the heartbreak of divorce to a series of shallow relationships, the caterpillar emerges as a beautiful multicolored butterfly, soaring free. She comes out of her isolation with a new heart, spirit, and an uplifting outlook on life.

This book is for every woman that needs to schedule a time to cry because the world is too busy, heavy, and burdensome. For every woman that has ever experienced trauma, devastating loss, heartbreak, divorce, or felt she wasn't good enough, this book is a must-read. Sometimes you have to throw up both your hands and surrender to God, reconnect with self, exorcise the demons and push past the pain to find yourself worthy of love again.

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ISBN-13: 9781732969186
Publisher: Jj Planter Books Editing & Self Publishing
Publication date: 09/07/2020
Pages: 126
Sales rank: 723,352
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.27(d)

About the Author

Venus Diann is an avid reader, blogger, and fitness enthusiast. She describes herself as an outgoing introvert who loves spending time with family and friends, listening to music, and everything astrology.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments, No One’s Leaving Today!, Part I The Beginning of The End, Snapshots of a Marriage, Foolish, 7 am, Grace, Awaken, We Are Three, On The Rocks, Cinco, Indifference, Rearranging The Furniture, Juxtapose, Waterworks, No One Should Have To Bury A Child, The Straw That Almost Broke The Marriage Vow, Stop The Music, Empty Spaces, Empty Nesters, The Outsider, The Great Debate, A House Divided, Part II Heartbreak Motel & Other Random Places, The Middle Of Nowhere, Girl Are You Okay, Don’t Come For Me Unless I Send For You, Waiting Games, Indiscretions, Disappearing Acts, Interlude, Hearts Desire—Top Twelve Dream Man Qualities, Hearts Desire # II—The Big 7, Searching For God In All The Wrong Places, I’m A Grown-Ass Woman, Part III, Uncharted Territory, My Time, Picking Up The Pieces, Stolen Moments, I Use To Be A Butterfly, The Process—Phase I. Disconnect, The Process—Phase II. Engage, The Process—Phase III. Reinvention, The Process—Phase IV. Remerge, Gratitude, You’ve Got That Sunshine, So Be Your Own Glow, Visions Of Sugarplums, Pancakes, And Seasonal Vegetables, Epilogue, Wait!

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