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Schizophrenics Can Be Good Mothers Too

Schizophrenics Can Be Good Mothers Too

by Q. S. Lam


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The problem was that Mia conspired to create mischief while Fred alienated those who were trying to help me; Sophie would escape to her ethereal landscape, in the sky dithering with the clouds, while I cowered with fear under the table. Whatever talent I had was being smothered - I was sinking in the boiling excrement that Fred was stirring, while Mia danced in the fire, egging him on. But Mia, Sophie and Fred were alt jostling for position in our marl, hot, slightly dodgy brain. And Fred was taking control… How do you rebuild a mind shattered by psychosis? Not just take the tablets - but experience a fulfilling and creative recovery, that doesn't depend on medication? Q.S. Lam - artist and mother weaves together art, poetry and prose to tell her immensely touching, honest, tender and true story. She shows how art and other integrative strategies can be used to stay sane and healthy, while consolidating that crucial maternal bond with her children. This engaging and profound book is essential reading for anyone interested in mental health, 'psychosis' and postpartum disorders.

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ISBN-13: 9781908995155
Publisher: Muswell Hill Press
Publication date: 02/01/2015
Series: Muswell Hill Press Series
Pages: 294
Sales rank: 857,770
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Q. S. Lam is an artist, writer, filmmaker, and mother. Q. S. Lam is a pseudonym used to provide anonymity to her children.

Table of Contents

Foreword xi

1 The Reconstruction of a Shattered Mind 1

Genius or Nutter 1

To Be Mad 3

2 The Shattering of a Mind 13

Frederick Vladimir Pucco 14

The Cumulative Stages that Lead to Psychosis 15

3 Mental Mapping - Why Do I Have This Sort of Brain? 23

The Mental Map of One Bangladeshi Family 26

Sophie Cloud 40

Mia S.F. Heels 41

A Small Cloud 50

4 A Dissection of Psychosis 53

2009 - The Year Psychosis Fell Out of the Sky and Infected My Head 57

36 59

The Assault 74

10p 80

Psychosis Recalled Part 2.1369 95

5 Do Psychiatrists Have All the Answers? 101

Medication for the Mind - Is it a Trap or a Way Out, Towards the Light? 105

A Comprehensive List of Each Mental Health Practitioner I've seen From 2001-2013 108

What Constitutes the Right Type of Mental Health Care? 132

Conclusion 133

6 Should You Tell People About Your Mad, Hot, Wonky, Unpredictable Mind? 141

Being Open About Madness 142

The Naked Woman 145

7 Sleep, Cannabis, Psychosis and Hope 153

8 Living with a Mad Wife - the Impact of Psychosis on Relationships, Marriage, Motherhood and Life 159

"An Untreated 'III' Mind Corrodes All that is Good, True and Sustaining" 162

A Partner's First Encounter with Psychosis 171

Support for Family and Partners - Does It Exist? 177

Is It a Duty or a Genuine Desire to Stay with a Mentally Unwell Partner? 178

The Long Term Impact on the Security of the Family Unit - The Challenges, the Risks and the Reality 181

A Good Example of this Bizarre Behaviour 182

The Potential Damage to the Children and the On-Going Struggle for Normality and Stability 183

9 Preventing a Recurrence of Postpartum Psychosis - Are Hospitals and Doctors Helping Mothers or are they the Trigger? 187

Finding the Right Support Structure to Ensure a Healthy Mind 189

Questioning the Professionals 192

12th August 2013 - The Aftermath of a Mental Assault 199

Loramet 203

10 Why Do Some Mothers Experience Visions or Voices Telling Them to Kill Their Baby and Can You Make Them Stop? 205

11 Should a Mentally HI Mother be Left Alone with Her Children? 215

Coping with a Challenging Day 217

12 Schizophrenics Can be Good Mothers Too 223

How Do you Bond With your Child and Deal With your Mental Health Issues, Especially the Visions? 238

Black Ink 246

Is There a Risk that I Could Harm My Children or Myself? 249

13 A Sane Response to an Insane Situation 251

Am I Slowly Going Mad? 252

14 Where I Am Now? 255

Wrestling With TrActor 255

Wrestling With Fred 259

Is There Light Then? 262

The Ongoing Wrestle With Life and Family 265

Biography 271

Notes 273

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