Scholarly Research for Musicians

Scholarly Research for Musicians

by Sang-Hie Lee

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Scholarly Research for Musicians presents a range of research methods and techniques, incorporating both the common elements of traditional music research methodologies with innovative research strategies endemic to the fields of social science, education, and performance science. The author’s collaborative and interdisciplinary approach reinforces the belief that research is most palpable and successful when accessed through a relevant and meaningful way of organizing thoughts and knowledge.

Drawing from over twenty years of classroom experience, the author organizes the text into five units: Common Bases, Qualitative Research, Quantitative Research, Performance Science, and Review. Research is presented as an accessible process, one facilitated by brainstorming and question-asking, the systematic collection of information, and the analysis and synthesis of information—all with the aim to develop a succinct conceptual framework. In explicating this process, the author introduces traditional Western thought alongside contemporary and Eastern philosophy. Experts in the field of performance science explore novel approaches to studying the audience, incorporating various measuring devices and methods. In the final chapter, the author offers strategies for disseminating and publishing research reports.

Scholarly Research for Musicians demystifies the research process for musicians and music students alike, demonstrating the common principles of cohesive research plans. PowerPoint presentations are available to instructors, covering chapter discussion points in summary format. This text explores interdisciplinary methods that merge with and focus on the study of music while emphasizing concepts and materials relevant to all types of research.

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ISBN-13: 9781315458076
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 01/20/2017
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Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 182
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About the Author

Sang-Hie Lee is a pianist-pedagogue and Professor of Music specializing in Performing Arts Medicine and Research Methods at the University of South Florida.

Table of Contents

Part I: Common Bases in Music Research

1. An Overview (Sang-Hie Lee)

2. Research Proposal (Sang-Hie Lee)

3. The 21st Century Library (Nancy Cunningham)

Part II: Qualitative Research in Music

4. Philosophical Research in Music (Sang-Hie Lee)

5. Music Theory Research (Juan Chattah)

6. Historical Research in Music (Sang-Hie Lee)

7. Naturalistic Inquiry/Qualitative Studies (Sang-Hie Lee)

8. Research Methods in Ethnomusicology (Janet Sturman)

Part III: Quantitative Research in Music

9. Experimental Study (Sang-Hie Lee)

10. Social Science Research (Sang-Hie Lee)

11. Descriptive Statistics (Sang-Hie Lee)

12. Inferential Statistics (Sang-Hie Lee)

Part IV: Performance Science

13. Within-Subject Research with Musicians (Tom Welsh, Keith Miller, and Steven Chatfield)

14. Measuring the Performer and Performance (Dustin Hardwick, Stephanie Carey, Matthew Lazinski, and Sang-Hie Lee)

15. Measuring the Audience (George Waddell and Aaron Williamon)
Part V: Review

16. Review, Finishing Up, and Reporting Results (Sang-Hie Lee)

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