School Dance Party (Mary-Kate and Ashley Starring in Series)

School Dance Party (Mary-Kate and Ashley Starring in Series)

by Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen, Neil Steinberg (Other)

Paperback(Mass Market Paperback)



Dance Fever

It's time for the big fall dance and everyone has a date — except Mary-Kate and Ashley! Ashley wants to go with her boyfriend, Rick. But he has a secret date with someone else! Mary-Kate has a secret, too — a secret admirer. But she can't figure out who he is!

Will Mary-Kate and Ashley solve their boy problems in time for the biggest party of the school year? Or will they miss out on the best dance ever?

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ISBN-13: 9780061066672
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date: 09/28/2001
Series: Mary-Kate and Ashley Starring in Series , #3
Pages: 96
Product dimensions: 5.30(w) x 7.66(h) x 0.32(d)
Age Range: 9 - 12 Years

About the Author

Mary-Kate and Ashley have been celebrities since the day when, at the age of nine months, they joined the cast of the hit sitcom "Full House" in their shared role as Michelle. Each of Mary-Kate and Ashley's 14 years since has witnessed the outstanding expansion of their popularity...their fans have literally grown up alongside the twins! First in television and feature films, Mary-Kate and Ashley now appear in videos, music, interactive software, fashion dolls and accessories, and more. Their latest ventures include launching their official website and debuting a line of licensed fashion clothing, as well as their very own magazine in spring 2001.

Mary-Kate & Ashley books launched in 1990, and today the various book series continue to grow to reflect the ever-evolving lifestyles of kids, 'tweens, and teens. HarperEntertainment and Parachute Publishing release twenty-five books a year and have sold more than 30 million copies. Mary-Kate and Ashley's two book series Two of a Kind and The New Adventures of Mary Kate and Ashley are frequent USA Today bestsellers. And Mary-Kate & Ashleynovelties, such as Wall Calendars, a Mood Diary, a Be My Valentinecard-making kit, and the movie tie-in series, Starring-In continue to be hugely popular.

The growth of the Mary-Kate & Ashley brand has afforded Parachute and Harper the opportunity to work with companies such as Acclaim Entertainment, Mattel Inc., Warner Home Video, Kid Rhino, Lightyear Entertainment, Sail with the Stars on cross-promotional and cross-merchandise projects, including a very special, book-dedicated area on — Now Read This!

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Chapter One

Big Plans

"Ghosts," Samantha Samuels decided. "We have to have ghosts. Right, Mary-Kate?"

"Definitely," I agreed. "And fake spiderwebs, and spooky music, and --"

"Wait a minute," my twin sister, Ashley, said. "Let me write all this stuff down so we don't forget."

The three of us were sitting at the picnic table in Samantha's backyard. In one week, we would be having a big Halloween party there. We had a lot of planning to do.

Ashley wrote ghosts, webs, and music in her notebook. She's very organized. I kind of jump into things. Sometimes people expect us to act alike because we look alike. But we're very different.

Ashley likes to stop and think. I follow my feelings. That makes us a good team. Especially when we're solving mysteries. We run the Olsen and Olsen Mystery Agency out of the attic of our house.

But right now we weren't trying to solve anything -- except what decorations we wanted for our party!

"How could I forget?" I cried. "We need jack-o'-lanterns with really scary faces!"

"You mean like this?" someone asked. Samantha's older brother, Evan, had walked into the yard. He opened his mouth really wide and crossed his eyes.

Samantha laughed. "You don't look scary. You just look silly."

Evan made another "monster" face. Then he grabbed his football from under the table and ran off.

That's when I noticed a girl with short blond hair on the sidewalkbehind the hedge. It was Maggie Parker, a new girl in school.

"Hi, Maggie!" I called. We all waved.

Maggie smiled shyly. "Hi", she said. "What are you doing?"

"We're planning a Halloween party," Samantha explained. "It's going to be huge."

"We're talking about the decorations, Ashley said.

"Decorations?" our friend Patty O'Leary asked. She had just walked up next to Maggie. "For what?"

"We're having a party on Friday, remember?" Samantha said.

"Oh, right," Patty said. Then she frowned. "So why haven't you asked my advice?" she demanded. "I'm an expert party planner!"

I rolled my eyes. Oh, no, I thought. Now Princess Patty is going to try to take over. We call her Princess Patty because she always wants to have her own way.

Patty pushed through a gap in the hedge. Her brown ponytail swung back and forth as she marched toward us.

"Bye," Maggie said. She gave a little wave and walked on toward her house. I guess she was too shy to stay.

Patty plunked her heavy backpack onto the picnic table. Pinned to the flap was a silver-and-purple le button. It said FUTURE CEOS OF AMERICA. That's a new club that Patty started at school.

CEO stands for Chief Executive Officer. Patty likes to brag about how she's going to run a big company someday. But for now, I just knew she was going to try to run our party.

And I was right. Patty wanted to be our CPP -- Chief Party Planner. "Somebody has to be in charge," she said. "There's tons of stuff to do."

"I know. That's why we're making a list." Ashley held up her notebook.

Patty peered at the list. "Everybody has jack-o'-lanterns and fake spiderwebs," she said with a sniff. "Did you see that huge mechanical witch at the Party Shop? It's great! You should get your parents to buy it for you."

Samantha sighed. "We're just going to use regular decorations."

Patty sniffed again. "What about the music? If this were my party, I'd hire a band. They could dress in skeleton costumes."

Ashley laughed. "Come on, Patty," she said. "You know we can't pay for a band. But Mary-Kate and I have an old tape of fake screams and spooky music. We can use that."

"Right," I agreed. "And we have some fake spiderwebs, too. All we have to do is buy the pumpkins and candy."

"And give out the invitations," Ashley added. She pointed to a tall stack of orange-and-black envelopes on the picnic table. "We invited everyone at school. Too bad Maggie left so fast. We could have given her an invitation right now."

"Here's yours, Patty." I fished one of the envelopes out of the pile and handed it over to her.

"You haven't delivered them yet?" Patty said. She shook her head. "Halloween's only a week away!"

I suddenly had an idea. "Why don't you give out the invitations, Patty?" I asked.

Patty shrugged. "Okay. Hey, I have something for you guys." She unzipped her book bag. Inside was a mess of notebooks and papers and pencils. And a bag of black rubber spiders.

Patty pointed to the spiders. "You could use these for decorations," she said.

"No, thanks," I told her. "I'm not crazy about spiders. Even rubber ones."

Patty seemed a little miffed. "Fine," she said. "I'll go deliver the invitations now." She scooped up the envelopes and stuffed them inside her book bag. Then she walked out of the yard.

Ashley sighed. "Well, that should keep Patty busy," she said. "For a while, anyway!"

Later that afternoon Ashley and Samantha and I went to buy pumpkins. Evan came with us, too. A new fruit-and-vegetable stand had just opened up a few blocks away.

All kinds of pumpkins were piled on tables in front of a small wooden hut. Big pumpkins. Tiny pumpkins. In-between pumpkins.

We each picked some out and put them into Samantha's old red wagon. Whenwent to pay for them, the owner of the stand stepped out of the hut. He had a round bald head and a missing front tooth. "Making pies, are you?" he asked.

Mary-Kate & Ashley Starring In #3: School Dance Party. Copyright © by Mary-Kate & Ash Olsen. Reprinted by permission of HarperCollins Publishers, Inc. All rights reserved. Available now wherever books are sold.

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this is a great book it tells about how to deal with your problems
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