School Is Bad For You: Why Everyone is F^@#*& Up and How to Un-school Yourself

School Is Bad For You: Why Everyone is F^@#*& Up and How to Un-school Yourself

by Shira Cole

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Why do people act like sheeple? Why don’t adults talk to strangers? Why does that one dude at your work ask the stupidest questions? Why do kids say the “darndest” things? Why can’t you say “no”? Why does recent mainstream music lack soul? Why is it so hard to find your “soul-mate” these days? Why do people say one thing but do another?
Why are people so fucking crazy! And worst of all, some times the craziest people are your bosses and superiors! Why are most people so miserable?
You see that squirrel right there on my book cover? See that, he didn’t go to school and he found where the grass grows and he’s taking home the bacon, or the grass. You think you need school? How is it an animal with a brain the size of a peanut learned how to live life without school? He doesn’t even speak a verbal language, and he’s living better than we are. Are we so unable, we need 12 to 16 years of “guidance” to live life?
"So we shouldn't educate and socialize our children?" No! In fact our children would be better socialized and educated without school, and instead through life experiences, simply being around adults, games, self-education and apprenticeships.
This book is full of our behaviors, explanations as to how we got them, examples and exercises to get rid of them. The read is enlightening, interesting, funny and emotionally touching at times.

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Publication date: 01/17/2015
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About the Author

Shira lives in Seattle, was diseducated at the Unviersity of Washington with a degree in government-sensored History went onto pursue her masters at the school of Hard Knocks Playground. Shira reads a lot of nonficiton, is happily sober and has been for over a year, plays basketball, has a broken foot right now and makes home made cheese.

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