School of the Spirit by the Spirit of Truth

School of the Spirit by the Spirit of Truth

by Luke Chapman


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School of the Spirit by the Spirit of Truth by Luke Chapman

Many of Gods Children do not know, that after, you receive the Baptism in the Holy Ghost, that you just entered, the School Of The Spirit and many of Gods Children, young and old alike, have not went through, the Holy Ghost process of God raising you up Spiritually, from fleshly thinking, unto Heavenly Anointed. Yet many of Gods Children do not realize or even have a clue, that the Holy Ghost has many things to teach, every Spirit Filled Believer, for the reasons, that God Blessed You with His Gift.

When we received the Baptism in the Holy Ghost, we received an Anointing, to teach us all things, according to the Will of God, which is the Holy Ghost that abides, in us, He is our Spiritual Teacher, to Lead and guide us in all Truth.

For Gods Children, to go from, fleshly thinking, to Spiritual Understanding, Gods Children, will have to become acquainted, with your Spiritual Teacher, which is the Holy Ghost and you must realize that you truly are in the School Of The Spirit, whether you realize it or not, at this time.

Being taught, means that there is a Spiritual Teacher and you are in the Spirits Classroom, by the ministry of the Holt Ghost in you, as a believer, simply saying in my own terms, School Of The Spirit.

MANY OF GODS CHILDREN, NEEDS TO GO BACK TO SPIRITUAL SCHOOL, SO IF YOU PLEASE, WILL YOU ENROLL NOW, because God has many things, to teach you, over the period of several years now, if you can, you will learn this one thing, that you are going to be taught, in the School Of The Spirit, to become transformed, by the Power of the Holy Ghost in you, my Dear Reading Friend, the Holy Ghost has many things that are all Spiritual, to Lead and guide, you into, because you are now. Aware that He has a ministry, to work in you, as a believer and when He begins, you Will become transformed, by the Spirit of God.

When I turned my life back over to God, I had no clue, that the Holy Ghost was going to give me a makeover, by transforming me by the renewing of my mind, by everything that He, the Holy Ghost was going to teach me, over the next few years, that is when, I sought after God to help me, my helper and Spiritual Teacher, was already living and making Himself, comfortable inside of me, as the comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, I never realized that when I said, "God please help me," that I just entered in the School Of The Spirit.

I wonder how many of Gods Children, really want help from God to teach you things by, your teacher the Holy Ghost that lives right inside of you, when you were baptized, with His baptism.

One of the first things that the Holy Ghost, Will teach you is that God is a Holy God, that if you truly want to learn things, of the Spirit, you Will have to be trained, to be ye Holy and Learn that a life of Holiness, has always been, the Biblical Standard, of God and if you really want to please God. You Will Learn to let go of worldly habits and the sins that does, so easily beset you. The Holy Ghost Will teach you to live a life, of Holiness.

He Will instill in you the Love of God and instill in you the Fruit of the Spirit.


I never knew, the Holy Ghost, has a Spiritual process of Sanctification, to take us through, just His way of removing out the garbage and taking out the trash that truly, is in us, when we are born again, there are still things that need to be removed up out of us. We are now being transformed, into a Living Sacrifice that is Holy and Acceptable, which is our reasonable service. So that we may be in that Good and Perfect Will of God.


God has a standard, for all of us to learn all about and nothing, that is unclean, is going to enter or see the Kingdom of Heaven, now it is, decision time...

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About the Author

My name is Pastor Luke L. Chapman. I haven't always been a preacher, quite the contrary. When I was a young teenager everyone always said: "Boy what a good kid Luke is. He is a wonderful young man." Because of a stepfather that had no love for me, my clothes were packed for me and placed on the front porch on Christmas morning. Arrangements were already made for a near friend to pick me up to take me to my real dad's home. This became a cycle unto me. I learned soon to take flight in life, realizing I'm on my own. I was kicked out of school for truancy, failure to want to go to school and to learn. This started a foundation for my life, for my ongoing future. My new friends taught me how to smoke, drink, and cuss and to tell lies. I graduated to smoking weed and using cocaine. I never drank or used cocaine on a regular basis. I just started on weekends or invited parties. I got married and had a Child when I was 21 years old. But, with a lifestyle of drinking, spending money in bars and not on bills or in my home, I soon went through a divorce. Does this sound familiar, like today's youths? At this time, now I'm remarried my wife and I are both cocaine addicts. My wife smoked weed? I sold weed and cocaine to supply our habits. My wife left me one day. I was arrested the same day and put in jail. In jail, I bowed my knees on the floor in my cell. I was the only one there that day. I called upon Jesus and was saved and sent to North Central Correctional Institution. I never thought anyone cared. But I was so wrong. What was meant for evil for me, God changed for the good. Prison became My Bible College. Prison was where God counseled me about my morals. God taught me about being a good husband, a good father unto my Children and how a preacher must live and act. I served six and a half years in prison to learn not to use drugs, not to walk through life aimlessly. I learned my lesson. God raised me up to be a preacher in prison. Prison was my lifesaver. Wow, what a statement one might say! The reason prison was my lifeline was I could have graduated to the other side of life... Six Feet Down. I almost did! I had a heart attack, just before I was sent to prison, from smoking crack cocaine. I almost died.

Your Friend... The Harley Davidson Preacher Man
Luke L. Chapman
Gods Vision... A Ministry of Fire

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