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ISBN-13: 9781433112669
Publisher: Peter Lang Inc., International Academic Publishers
Publication date: 02/24/2016
Series: History of Schools and Schooling Series , #8
Pages: 419
Product dimensions: 5.91(w) x 8.86(h) x (d)

About the Author

Susan F. Semel is Professor of Education at the City College of New York and also Professor of Urban Education at the CUNY Graduate Center. She is the author of The Dalton School: The Transformation of a Progressive School (1992) and coauthor of Exploring Education: An Introduction to the Foundations of Education (1994, 2001, 2006, 2013).
Alan R. Sadovnik is Board of Governors Distinguished Service Professor of Education, Sociology, and Public Administration and Affairs at Rutgers University, Newark. His publications include Sociology of Education: A Critical Reader (2007, 2010, 2015) and Toolkits, Translation Devices and Conceptual Accounts: Essays on Basil Bernstein’s Sociology of Knowledge (2010), as well as dozens of journal articles and book chapters and ten major urban educational policy reports on Newark, New Jersey and the nation.
Ryan W. Coughlan is a Presidential Fellow and doctoral candidate in Urban Systems at Rutgers University, Newark. He received his AB from Harvard University and his MSEd from the City College of New York. He is coeditor of Sociology of Education: A Critical Reader (2015).

Table of Contents

Contents: Susan F. Semel/Alan R. Sadovnik/Ryan W. Coughlan: Introduction – Susan F. Semel: The City and Country School: A Progressive Paradigm – Susan F. Semel: The Dalton School: The Transformation of a Progressive School – Amita Gupta: The Weekday School at Riverside Church: Progressive Education in a Religious Institution – Theodore M. Christou/Panayiotes Tryphonopoulos: The Laboratory School at the Institute of Child Study: Child Study as Progressive Education in Ontario – Sharon G. Pierson: «A Laboratory of Learning»: Alabama State Teachers College Laboratory High School – Laura M. Westhoff: «The Answers Come from the People»: Education for Democracy at Highlander Folk School – Bruce Kanze: Central Park East (CPE 1): An Experiment in Public Progressive Education – Alia R. Tyner-Mullings: Enter the Alternative School: The Life of Central Park East Secondary School – Elizabeth S. Brown: The Learning Community Charter School: The Founding and Evolution of a Progressive Charter School – Andrew R. Ratner/Ali Nagle: A Look into KIPP (Knowledge Is Power Program): Culture through the Prism of Progressive Schools – Susan F. Semel/Alan R. Sadovnik/Ryan W. Coughlan: Progressive Education: Lessons from the Past and Present.

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