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Schools Where Everyone Belongs: Practical Strategies for Reducing Bullying in Schools

Schools Where Everyone Belongs: Practical Strategies for Reducing Bullying in Schools

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by Stan Davis

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Stop Bullying Now
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Dorothea Ross
There is nothing in the current literature that comes close to Schools Where Everyone Belongs. This book should be used in every elementary school. School personnel who follow the procedures that Davis describes so clearly could help the victim of bullying and forestall bullying of other children. Concerned parents could benefit greatly from reading this book. This book is a major contribution to the literature on bullying.
Ph.D., author of Childhood Bullying and Teasing
Susan Limber
Schools Where Everyone Belongs is a goldmine of practical information for school personnel concerned with reducing bullying among students. In this engaging book, Stan Davis draws upon theory and research related to bullying, as well as years of experience as a school counselor, to describe how educators can help to create safe, inclusive school environments for all children. I highly recommend it.
PhD, Associate Director, Institute on Family & Neighborhood Life,Clemson University
Myrna B. Shure
Based on his own experiences as a school counselor, and carefully thought-out adaptation of experts, Stan Davis gives us easy-to-read, proved strategies for handling problem behaviors, fostering empathy, and nurturing positive, prosocial behaviors in all children, including bullies-and their victims. Best of all, Davis presents exercises to help the reader actively think about the impact of different ways to talk to kids, and how to extend effective techniques into the home. This is a must read for anyone who cares about children's social adjustment and interpersonal competence now, and about reducing and preventing later, more serious, problems in our nation's youth.
Ph.D., author of Raising A Thinking Child
Trudy Ludwig
Schools Where Everyone Belongs is chock-full of practical advice and proven strategies for reducing bullying in schools. Author Stan Davis provides clear insight into the nature of bullying, the latest research findings, what works and doesn't work when handling bullying incidents, and what schools and parents can do to make a positive difference in our children's lives. Davis' sharing of personal anecdotes, as well as the lessons he learned along the way as a parent, child therapist and, later, elementary school counselor, enable him to successfully pinpoint the problems and focus on practical solutions that are mutually beneficial to schools, parents and students. This book is a definite must-read for schools and parents who truly have the children's best interest at heart.
author of My Secret Bully
Kathy Masarie
Schools Where Everyone Belongs is the single best resource for schools to use to address bullying. The tone Stan Davis's program sets is one of compassionate caring for all students, parents and teachers in the school. Starting with that, he gives us almost all of the tools needed to get an effective, fair, prevention-oriented program started . Don't hesitate-get this book immediately and then read all of it.
MD, founder of Full Esteem Ahead, empowering adults with tools to prevent risky behavior in youth and help children thrive.

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