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Schoolwide Approaches to Educating ELLs: Creating Linguistically and Culturally Responsive K-12 Schools

Schoolwide Approaches to Educating ELLs: Creating Linguistically and Culturally Responsive K-12 Schools

by Sonia Soltero


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"Powerful examples from real schools, students, and their families provide a background for the research-based and theoretically sound suggestions Soltero provides to help teachers and administrators implement best practices with their second language students." David and Yvonne Freeman, authors of Between Worlds, Third Edition

The make-up of students in K-12 classrooms across the U.S. have become increasingly diverse and a multi-pronged and multi-level approach is needed to address the education challenges faced by today's ELLs, their teachers, and the school leaders who guide them. Sonia Soltero can help with:

  • real-life examples of students, parents, teachers, school leaders, and community organizers that illustrate schoolwide challenges and successes
  • identification of 9 common myths surrounding second language acquisition and best practices for overcoming them
  • schoolwide curricular planning and program design for a holistic and integrative approach including needs assessment and implementation
  • effective classroom instruction and learning practices that best help ELLs' develop strong foundations in language, literacy, and content learning
  • leadership and advocacy recommendations to improve ELL educational equity and access.

A shared schoolwide responsibility for educating ELLs directly contributes to their academic success or failure. Take the necessary steps to better serve ELLs in your school with Schoolwide Approaches to Educating ELLs

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ISBN-13: 9780325029221
Publisher: Heinemann
Publication date: 08/08/2011
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 248
Sales rank: 588,666
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Age Range: 5 - 17 Years

About the Author

Dr. Sonia W. Soltero has over 30 years of experience in the field of bilingual and English Learner education as a dual language teacher and coordinator, professional developer, researcher, and university professor. She is an Associate Professor and the Chair of the Department of Leadership, Language and Curriculum at DePaul University.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments ix

Introduction: Challenges and Opportunities x

A Call to Action xi

Demographic Patterns and Diversity xiii

About this Book xvi

Chapter 1 Critical Issues in Second Language Acquisition 3

Factors that Affect Second Language Acquisition 5

Internal Factors That Affect Language Acquisition 6

External Factors That Affect Language Acquisition 7

Theories of Second Language Acquisition 9

How Long Does it take to Acquire a Second Language? 10

Second Language Myths 13

The Myth That Ells Don't Need Specialized Support 14

The Grandfather Myth 15

The Myth That Immigrants Refuse to Learn English 16

The Home-Learning Myth 19

The Myth That Young Children Learn Languages More Easily 22

The Myth That More English is Better 23

The Myth That Speaking Equals Proficiency 24

The Myth That Learning Two Languages Causes Confusion 24

The Myth That Errors Should Be Corrected Immediately 25

Overcoming the Myths 28

Applications 32

Suggestions for Further Reading 33

Chapter 2 School Structures: Schoolwide Response for ELL Education 35

School Climate and Schoolwide Practices 38

School Vision and Mission 41

What Are Vision and Mission Statements? 41

Considerations for Building a Culturally Responsive Climate 44

Safe and Inclusive School Environments 46

Drawing On and Celebrating Students' Language and Culture 49

Becoming Culturally and Linguistically Responsive 53

Professional Development and Support Services 56

Additive Language Opportunities 59

Applications 61

Suggestions for Further Reading 65

Chapter 3 Programmatic and Curricular Design 67

Language Program Models 69

Additive and Subtractive Models 70

Programs with Native Language Instruction 72

Programs with English-Only Instruction 75

Selecting the Appropriate Model 77

Schoolwide Needs Assessment 78

Criteria for ELL Program Selection 80

Implementation Plan 86

Preschool Programs and ELLs 88

Early Childhood Education and Poverty 89

Benefits of Early Bilingualism 89

Access to Linguistically and Culturally Responsive Preschool 90

Program Coordination, Cohesion, and Alignment 91

Program Cohesion and Compatibility 92

Vertical, Horizontal, and Cross-Program Articulation 95

Assessment and Evaluation 96

Student Assessment: Standardized Tests 96

Student Assessment: Authentic and Performance-Based 97

Program Evaluation 99

Applications 103

Suggestions for Further Reading 105

Chapter 4 Principles of Effective Teaching and Learning for ELLs 107

Connecting High Expectations and Academic Success 109

The Language-Literacy Connection 113

Oral Language Development and Vocabulary Building 118

Teaching for Transfer 130

Literature-Based Instruction 142

Authentic Literature 142

Literature-Based Strategies 143

Culturally Relevant Curriculum 148

Applications 153

Suggestions for Further Reading 155

Chapter 5 Leadership, Advocacy, and Engagement 157

Effective and Visionary Leadership 159

Education Leadership Frameworks 161

Developing a Knowledge Base 164

Leadership Practices 167

Advocacy for the Education of ELLs 170

State- and National-Level ADvocacy 171

Classroom, School, and District Advocacy 175

Parent, Family, and Community Participation 180

Models for Meaningful ELL Family Participation 182

Community Outreach 187

Applications 192

Suggestions for Further Reading 194

Conclusion: Challenges and Opportunities to Achieve a Promising Future for ELLs 195

Appendix A Joint Statement on the Teacher English Fluency Initiative in Arizona 199

Appendix B Statement of Ncte against Arizona Department of Education Ruling on Teacher Speech 201

Appendix C Organizations and Centers: Advocacy and Information 205

References 207

Index 220

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