Science and Racket Sports I

Science and Racket Sports I

by Taylor and Francis




First published in 1994. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

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Table of Contents

Preface xiii

Introduction xv

Part 1 Physiology of Racket Sports

1 A metabolic characterisation of singles tennis M.A. Christmass S.E. Richmond N.T. Cable P.E Hartmann 3

2 Investigation of exercise intensity in male singles lawn tennis T. Reilly J. Palmer 10

3 Seasonal variability in physiological strain: matching performance to demand R.D. Hansen 14

4 Fluid replacement needs of young tennis players K. Kavasis 21

5 Cramps, heat stroke and abnormal biological responses during a strenuous tennis match A. Therminarias P. Dansou M.F. Chirpaz J. Eterradossi A. Favre-Juvin 28

6 Physiological demands of training in elite badminton players M.G. Hughes 32

7 Physiological evaluation of specific training in badminton R. Dias A.K. Ghosh 38

8 Physiological effects of squash participation in different age-groups and levels of play T. Reilly D.L. Halsall 44

Part 2 Fitness in Racket Sports

9 Development of an on-court aerobic test for elite badminton players M.G. Hughes F.M. Fullerton 51

10 A phosphate decrement test for adolescent racket sports players G.F. Treble K. Wood A.R. Morton 55

11 Influence of physical fitness specific to the game of tennis, morphological and psychological factors on performance level in tennis in different age groups P. Unierzyski 61

12 A comparison of profiles between county and club female tennis players T. Reilly K. Benton 69

13 Physiological profiles of squash players of different standards S. Mellor M. Hughes T. Reilly K. Robertson 72

14 The physiological profile of elite junior squash players C.A. Mahoney N.C.C. Sharp 76

15 Determination of pre-season physiological characteristics of elite male squash players M.K. Todd C.A. Mahoney 81

Part 3 Biomechanics of Racket Sports

16 The biomechanics of tennis stroke production B.C. Elliott 89

17 A three-dimensional analysis of the tennis serves of National (British) and County standard male players R.M. Bartlett J. Piller S. Miller 98

18 A biochemical analysis of the tennis serve, examining the effect of altering the foot fault rule R. Higgins A. Lees 103

19 A biomechanical analysis of the double-handed grip forces R.A. Stretch 107

20 Three-dimensional cinematographic analysis of the badminton forehand smash: movements of the forearm and hand H.P. Tang K. Abe K. Katoh M. Ae 113

Part 4 Racket Sports Equipment

21 An ergonomic evaluation of the shoe-surface interface in badminton N. Smith A. Lees 121

22 Computer aided design of rackets H. Sol 125

23 Computer aided prediction of the vibration and rebound velocity characteristics of tennis rackets with various physical properties Y. Kawazoe 134

24 The effectiveness of damping material in reducing impact shock in the tennis freehand drive R. Tomosue K. Sugiyama K. Yoshinari K. Yamamoto 140

25 Ball dynamic characteristics : a fundamental factor in racket dynamic optimization M. Caffi F. Casolo 146

Part 5 Sports Medicine

26 Elbow injuries in tennis P.A.F.H. Renströ 155

27 Injuries in junior lawn tennis players T. Reilly J. Collyer 181

28 Badminton injuries K. Hoy C.J. Terkelsen B.E. Lindblad H.E. Helleland C.J. Terkelsen 184

29 Forces in a badminton lunge movement A. Lees C. Hurley 186

30 Incidence of anaemia among the Irish tennis squad C.P. O'Brien 190

31 Isokinetic leg strength before and after replacement of Ligament urn Cruciatum Anterior E. Zinzen J.P. Clarys 195

Part 6 Psychology of Racket Sports

32 Psychological preparation in racket sports G. Jones 203

33 Mental training for junior tennis players resident at the Rover L.T.A. School, Bisham Abbey 1987-1993: Issues of delivery and evaluation P.C. Terry 212

34 How effective are psychological techniques used to enhance performance in tennis? The views of some international coaches A. Moran 221

35 Anxiety state of tennis players: a comparative study A.N.I. El Gammal 226

36 Athletic identity of national level badminton players: a cross-cultural analysis H. Matheson B.W. Brewer J.L. Van Raalte M.B. Andersen 228

37 The effectiveness of quantitative and qualitative feedback on performance in squash D. Brown M. Hughes 232

38 A computerised analysis of female coaching behaviour with male and female athletes E. Harries-Jenkins M. Hughes 238

39 Expert knowledge structures for racket play J.A. Shelton P. Brooks 244

Part 7 Match Analysis

40 Computerised notation of racket sports M. Hughes 249

41 A comparison of playing patterns of elite squash players, using English scoring and point-per-rally scoring M. Hughes P. Knight 257

42 Winning squash: predicting championship performance from a priori observation T. McGarry I.M. Franks 260

43 The service in lawn tennis: how important is it? J.D.G. Furlong 266

44 Surface effect on elite tennis strategy M. Hughes S. Clarke 272

Index 279

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