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Science Fiction: The Year's Best (2006 Edition)

Science Fiction: The Year's Best (2006 Edition)

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Horton's elegiac anthology of 15 mostly hard SF stories illuminates a broad spectrum of grief over love thwarted through time, space, human frailty or alien intervention, from the gentle melancholy of Michael Swanwick's "Triceratops Summer," which posits tame Technicolored time-warped dinosaurs in Vermont, to newcomer Leah Bobet's "Bliss," an agonizing riff on near-future drug addiction. Several selections address current political-social issues, like Mary Rosenblum's "Search Engine," which extrapolates today's technology to chilling, Big Brotherly results. The long closing story, Alastair Reynolds's "Understanding Space and Time," however, presents a ray of cosmic hope: the sole survivor of a plague that decimated humanity is rescued and healed by intergalactic entities and lives out millennia while seeking ultimate truths, returning to see mankind regenerated. This anthology reflects the concerns of the genre today—and the apparent inability of our society to do anything about them. -- Publishers Weekly

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ISBN-13: 9781434442727
Publisher: Wildside Press
Publication date: 01/08/2014
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Format: NOOK Book
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About the Author

Joe Haldeman is a Science Fiction Grand Master whose body of work spans more than thirty-five years and comprises more than twenty-five novels and five collections. His writing has been translated into nineteen foreign languages. Joe has also collaborated with his brother, science fiction writer Jack C. Haldeman II. Joe Haldeman is one of the most award winning authors. His awards include: five Hugos, five Nebulas, four Locus Awards, and three Rhyslings.

Born in Oklahoma City in 1943, Joe traveled extensively as a child.

Table of Contents

The Year In Science Fiction, by Rich Horton Triceratops Summer, by Michael Swanwick Bank Run, by Tom Purdom A Coffee Cup/Alien Invasion Story, by Douglas Lain The Edge of Nowhere, by James Patrick Kelly Heartwired, by Joe Haldeman The Fate of Mice, by Susan Palwick The King of Where-I-Go, by Howard Waldrop The Policeman’s Daughter, by Wil McCarthy Bliss, by Leah Bobet Finished, by Robert Reed The Inn at Mount Either, by James Van Pelt Search Engine, by Mary Rosenblum “You” by Anonymous, by Stephen Leigh The Jenna Set, by Daniel Kaysen Understanding Space and Time, by Alastair Reynolds

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