Science for Heretics: Why so much of science is wrong

Science for Heretics: Why so much of science is wrong

by Barrie Condon

Paperback(Mass Market)

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ISBN-13: 9781916457218
Publisher: Sparsile Books Ltd
Publication date: 01/31/2019
Edition description: Mass Market
Pages: 310
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About the Author

Barrie Condon has degrees in Physics, Oceanography and Nuclear Medicine. Now retired, he spent over thirty years as a Medical Physicist working for the UK's National Healthy Service as a Consultant Scientist. He also held an Honorary Professorship with the University of Glasgow, and at the peak of his career was responsible for the work of over 300 scientists and technologists. His own research work has mostly been on the neuroscience applications of medical imaging techniques, such as MRI and Nuclear Medicine. He is an author on over 80 full research publications in peer-reviewed publications, such as the Lancet and the British Medical Journal, and on over 200 national and international conference presentations.

Table of Contents


Introduction 5

1) Numbers Shmumbers: Why Being ‘Bad with Numbers’ May Actually be a Good Thing 12

2) Science of the Very Large 37

3) Science of the Very Small 57

4) Black Holes and other Mythical Beasts 80

5) The Great Physics War and other Skirmishes 89

6) Chaos and Prediction: Reality Comes Knocking but is Ignored 104

7) The Human Brain and DNA: The Limits of Reductionism 113

8) The Limits of Observation: Donning the Blinkers 131

9) Engineering: The Red-Headed Step-Child of Science

(and just as unfairly treated) 137

10) Medicine and the Body 154

11) Medicine and the Mind 196

12) Social Sciences: Down and Dirty 218

13) Long Timescale Controversies: Evolution and Climate Change 226

14) Risk in Science: Juggling with Chainsaws 249

15) So Now What? 277

Appendix: Some Fundamental Mysteries Still Not Explained

by Science 287

References and Further Reading 294

Acknowledgements 304

About the Author 305

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