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McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing
Science for Primary School Teachers / Edition 1

Science for Primary School Teachers / Edition 1

by Rob Gillespie, Helena Gillespie


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ISBN-13: 9780335220151
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing
Publication date: 12/28/2007
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 216
Product dimensions: 6.50(w) x 9.40(h) x 0.60(d)

Table of Contents

How to use this book     x
Acknowledgements     xiii
Learning and teaching science: the investigative process     1
How children learn about science     3
Learning about the world     3
Teaching young children science: a summary     8
Planning for teaching and learning: the process of scientific enquiry     12
Experiment or investigate? The processes of science enquiry     12
Science enquiry in the Foundation Stage     13
The science enquiry process and the National Curriculum     13
Finding help with teaching and learning in science on the Internet     18
Online curriculum documents     18
The Association for Science Education     18
Science at home and in school     19
Other useful websites     19
Subject knowledge for primary school teachers     21
Key Concepts in Science 2: Life Processes and Living Things
Life processes     23
Curriculum requirements     23
Cells: a brief introduction to the building blocks of life     23
Living or not? The life processes     24
Life processes in humans and other animals     29
Life processes in plants     29
Identifying life processes in thelocal environment     30
Links to teaching     32
Humans and other animals     34
Curriculum requirements     34
The main external parts of the bodies of humans and other animals     35
Treating animals with care and sensitivity     35
Life processes     36
Links to teaching     53
Green plants     55
Curriculum requirements     55
The importance of plants     55
Plant cells     56
The basic structure of a flowering plant     57
The growth of plants     58
Mineral nutrition     60
Plant reproduction and seeds     60
Links to teaching     63
Variation and classification     65
Curriculum requirements     65
Variation     65
Classification     67
Studying variation and classification     70
Links to teaching     72
Living things in their environment     74
Curriculum requirements     74
Environments and adaptation     75
Micro-organisms     77
Care and protection of the environment     79
Links to teaching      80
Key Concepts in Science 3: Materials and Their Properties
Grouping and classifying materials     82
Curriculum requirements     82
Particles: the building blocks of materials     83
Solids, liquids and gases     86
Grouping materials     90
The properties of materials and their uses     94
Rocks and soils     98
Links to teaching     101
Changing materials     102
Curriculum requirements     102
Types of change: chemical or physical?     103
Reversible changes and non-reversible changes     110
The water cycle     111
Burning materials     112
Links to teaching     114
Separating mixtures of materials     116
Curriculum requirements     116
What is a mixture?     116
Solubility and separation     117
Links to teaching     123
Key Concepts in Science 4: Physical Processes
Electricity     124
Curriculum requirements     124
The nature of electricity     124
Electrical circuits     128
Links to teaching     140
Forces and motion     142
Curriculum requirements      142
What is a force?     142
Movement and force: Newton's laws     144
Magnetic force     146
Gravitational forces     148
Frictional forces     151
Measuring forces and representing forces in diagrams     153
Links to teaching     155
Light and sound     157
Curriculum requirements     157
Introducing light and sound     157
Light     159
Seeing and light     167
Sound     169
Links to teaching     173
The Earth and beyond     175
Curriculum requirements     175
The solar system     175
The Sun     177
Beyond the solar system     182
Links to teaching     183
Glossary: key scientific vocabulary for primary school children     185
Useful websites     188
Bibliography     189
Index     191

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