Science for Seniors: Hands-On Learning Activities

Science for Seniors: Hands-On Learning Activities

by Gloria Hoffner


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Science for Seniors is based on one belief: We are never too old to learn. Science for Seniors shows activity leaders how to provide stimulating science activities that provide both entertainment and enlightenment, as part of a life-long learning process.

Written in an informative and easy-to-follow style, Science for Seniors gives basic science information and hands-on programs that activity directors or therapists can use with seniors of all intellectual and physical abilities.

Some of the topics covered in the book are volcanoes, oceans, global warming, rain forests, and outer space. With each subject, Science for Seniors provides step-by-step directions to a unique experiment or demonstration using ordinary household items. Resource material and opportunities for further study let participants continue the learning process after the basic program is completed.

In addition to the hands-on activities, Science for Seniors is geared towards engaging residents by providing them with science trivia and questions to spark conversations.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781882883776
Publisher: Idyll Arbor, Incorporated
Publication date: 07/01/2012
Pages: 277
Product dimensions: 6.24(w) x 8.86(h) x 0.58(d)

Table of Contents

Introduction 1

Author's story 3

References 6

Chapter 1 Getting Started 7

A Science for Seniors Program Has Four Parts 8

Chapter 2 Animals 13

Birds 14

Migrating Birds 18

Dogs 22

Cats 26

Polar Bears 29

Sharks 33

Creatures of the Forrest 36

Dinosaurs 40

Insects 44

Chapter 3 Ecology 49

Global Warming 50

Acid Rain 55

Air Pollution 59

Light Pollution 62

Space Pollution 66

Rainforests 70

Water Pollution 73

Chapter 4 Energy 77

Electricity 78

Steam Power, Steam Engines 81

Coal 84

Solar Power 88

Wind 91

Hydro Power 94

Chapter 5 Space 97

The Sun and Other Stars 98

Earth Seasons 102

Astronauts 107

The Moon 111

Mars 115

Pluto 119

Exoplanets 123

Space Shuttles 127

Eclipses 130

Satellites 133

Space Probes 136

Chapter 6 Oceans 141

Ocean Formation 142

Ocean Tides 146

Water Density 149

Sailing the Seven Seas 153

Sea Creatures 157

Seashells 161

Fresh Water Monsters 165

Chapter 7 Plants 169

Flowers 170

Trees 174

Chapter 8 Earth Science 179

Volcanoes 180

Clouds 185

Thunderstorms 188

Tornados 192

Earthquakes 196

Erosion 201

Magnets 207

Rocks 210

Sedimentary Rock 213

Metals 217

Diamonds 220

Minerals in Food 223

Chapter 9 Everyday Chemistry 227

Soap 228

Rust 232

Soda Pop 235

Paper 239

Chapter 10 Physics All Around Us 245

Viscosity 246

Gravity 249

Fluids 252

Motion 255

Chapter 11 Tall Tales and Science Facts 259

Experiment 1 Can You fry an egg on a hot sidewalk? 260

Experiment 2 If you place your tongue on a metal pole on a freezing day, will your tongue freeze to the pole? 262

Experiment 3 When you place a seashell to your ear, can you hear the ocean? 263

Experiment 4 How often is there a blue moon? 264

Experiment 5 Why do we see a face on the moon? 266

Experiment 6 Why do we wear dark-colored clothing in the winter and light-colored clothing in the summer? 267

Experiment 7 Could volcanic gases have killed the people of Atlantis? 268

Experiment 8 Can you ever find the end of the rainbow? 270

Chapter 12 Ways to Establish Ongoing Science Interest 273

Handy websites for quick references 274

Epilogue 277

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