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Springer Netherlands
Science with the VLT in the ELT Era / Edition 1

Science with the VLT in the ELT Era / Edition 1

by Alan F.M. Moorwood
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ISBN-13: 9789048180875
Publisher: Springer Netherlands
Publication date: 11/19/2010
Series: Astrophysics and Space Science Proceedings
Edition description: Softcover reprint of hardcover 1st ed. 2009
Pages: 512
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.25(h) x 0.36(d)

Table of Contents

VLT Science Highlights.- VLT Science Highlights.- Pushing the VLT Spectroscopy of Distant Galaxies to the Limits and Future Prospects.- Pushing FORS to the Limit—A New Population of Faint Extended Ly? Emitters at z?3.- VIMOS Integral Field Spectroscopy of Gaseous Nebulae in Local Group Dwarf Galaxies.- Near IR Integral Field Spectroscopy of a Nearby Starburst.- The ESO Large Programme “First Stars”.- The Contribution of UVES@VLT to the New Era of QSO Absorption Line Studies.- IMAGES: A Unique View of the Galaxy Mass Assembly Since z=1.- The Metallicity Evolution at High Redshift.- Near-IR Spectroscopy of Blue Supergiants.- Integral Field Spectroscopy of Protoplanetary Disks in Orion with VLT FLAMES.- MAD@VLT: Deep into the Madding Crowd of Omega Centauri.- Chemical Evolution of the Galaxy and Supernova Yields after UVES.- VLTI Science Highlights.- VLTI Science Highlights.- MIDI Sees Active Galactic Nuclei.- The Use of the VLTI for Studying the Asymmetric Mass Loss of Evolved Stars.- Mid-infrared Interferometric Observations of Young Circumstellar Discs.- VLTI-AMBER Observations of ?Carinae with High Spatial Resolution and Spectral Resolutions of ?/??=1500 and 12?000*.- Resolving the Inner Active Accretion Disk Around the Herbig Be Star MWC147 with VLTI/MIDI?+?AMBER Spectro-interferometry.- Multi-epoch VLTI/MIDI Observations of the Carbon-rich Mira Star V Oph.- A Mid-infrared Interferometric Study of the Circumstellar Environment of Dusty OH/IR Stars with VLTI/MIDI.- The Closest Dusty Cloud Ever Detected Around a R CrB Variable Star Using the VLTI/MIDI Instrument.- Future VLT and VLTI Science Priorities.- A Twenty Year Science Vision for European Astronomy.- Baryonic Acoustic Oscillations.- Galaxy Formation and Evolution.- Exoplanets: The Road to Earth Twins.- Next Generation Deep Redshift Surveys withtheVLT.- GUAIX: The UCM Group of Extragalactic Astrophysics and Astronomical Instrumentation.- VISTA Public Surveys and VLT followup.- Probing Dark Energy with Cosmological Redshift Surveys at the VLT.- The First Galaxies and Galaxy Clusters.- Narrow Band Surveys and the Epoch of Reionization.- Stellar Archaeology and Galaxy Genesis: TheNeed for Large Area Multi-Object Spectrograph on 8m-Class Telescopes.- Near-field Cosmology with the VLT.- Chemical Evolution of Local Group Galaxies.- The VLTI as a Tool to Study Eclipsing Binaries for an Improved Distance Scale.- VLT and VLTI Synergy with ELTs.- Status of the European ELT.- The Science Case for the European ELT.- GRB Afterglows in the ELT Era.- On the Way to an E-ELT Instrumentation Plan.- From ESPRESSO to CODEX.- First Results of AQuEye, a Precursor ‘Quantum’ Instrument for the E-ELT.- The E-ELT: A Chance to Measure Cosmic Magnetic Fields.- The Experience from VISIR and the Design of an ELT Mid-infrared Instrument.- HARMONI: A Narrow Field Near-infrared Integral Field Spectrograph for the E-ELT.- Which Synergies Between LBT/LINC Nirvana and Future ELTs?.- TMT Science and Instruments.- VLT Synergies with ALMA and JWST.- The Atacama Large Millimeter/Submillimeter Array.- Observational Cosmology with the ELT and JWST.- Integral Field Spectroscopy of (U)LIRGs. From VLT to JWST.- Second Generation VLT and VLTI Instrument Programme.- VLT and VLTI Second Generation Instrument Overview and Resources.- HAWK-I and Infrared Imaging on the VLT.- X-Shooter: A Medium-resolution, Wide-Band Spectrograph for the VLT.- KMOS and KMOS++.- New Science Opportunities Offered by MUSE.- SPHERE: A ‘Planet Finder’ Instrument for the VLT.- Milli-arcsecond Astrophysics with VSI, the VLTI Spectro-imager in the ELT Era.- Prospects for Near-infrared Characterisation ofHot Jupiters with the VLTI Spectro-imager (VSI).- MATISSE.- MATISSE Science Cases.- GRAVITY: Microarcsecond Astrometry and Deep Interferometric Imaging with the VLT.- New Instrument Concepts and VLT/I Operating Modes.- Smart Focal Plane Technologies for VLT Instruments.- Applications of Digital Micromirror Devices to Astronomical Instrumentation.- FORS in the Era of Second Generation VLT Instrumentation.- Wide Field Options on the VLT.- A Few Degrees Very Wide Field of View Camera for VLT as a Finder for ELT.- Science with a 16 m VLT: The Case for Variability of Fundamental Constants.- ESPRESSO: A High Resolution Spectrograph for the Combined Coudé Focus of the VLT.- Feeding Optics for the ESPRESSO Spectrograph.- New Design Approach for a Very-High Resolution Spectrograph for the VLT Combined Focus.- ESPRESSO Optomechanics.- ESPRESSO Science Software.- High Resolution Wavelength Calibration: Advancements with the Laser Frequency Comb Development.- Precision Radial Velocities in the Infrared.- Very Large Spectroscopic Surveys with the VLT.- New Developments in Integral Field Spectroscopy.- ULTRAPHOT.- Super-GIRAFFE: The Next Generation High Multiplex Optical Spectrograph with d-IFUs.- FLEX (The First Light Explorer)—The Science Case for a Fully OH Suppressed IFU Spectrograph.- An N-Band Integral Field Spectrometer Survey Instrument for the VLT.- High Resolution Visible Imaging on the VLT.- Life on the Fast Lane: The Burst Mode at the VLT at Present and in the Future.- High Resolution Near Infrared Spectroscopy: Prospects for 10 and 40m Class Telescopes.- Prospects and Needs of Micro-arcsecond Astrometry.- CASIS: Cassegrain Adaptive-Optics Simultaneous Imaging System for the VLT.- The Need for a General Purpose Diffraction Limited Imager at the VLT.- Exploring the Time Axis—High Resolution Timing Observations with Present and Future Instrumentation.- Advanced Calibration for Quantitative Astrophysics: 2nd Generation VLT Instruments and Beyond.- Quantitative Near-IR Spectroscopy of OB Stars.- The Very Large Telescope Interferometer intheELTEra.- VLTI and Beyond: The Next Steps in AGN Research with Interferometers.

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