Science Yellow Pages for Students and Teachers: from the KID'S STUFF People

Science Yellow Pages for Students and Teachers: from the KID'S STUFF People



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ISBN-13: 9780865300095
Publisher: World Book
Publication date: 12/28/1988
Pages: 61
Product dimensions: 8.46(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.18(d)
Age Range: 7 - 13 Years

Table of Contents

General Science
Laboratory Equipment For Every Lab5
12 Important Laboratory Safety Procedures5
Part Of A Balance6
Parts Of A Compound Microscope6
25 Simple Microscope Experiments7
Scientific Methods And Process Skills8
Scientific Laws And Principles9
Scientific Formulas9
Tables Of Measure10
Fahrenheit And Celsius Scale10
Selected Scientists And Inventors11
Selected Careers In Science13
Teacher's Checklist For Planning A Science Fair15
30 Ideas For Science Fair Investigations16
Student Checklist For Science Fair Projects17
Judging Criteria For Science Fair Projects17
Teacher's Assessment Checklist For Science Experiments And Projects18
Physical Science
Student Investigations19
Formulas, Properties, And Uses Of Acids And Bases20
The pH Scale20
Characteristics Of Mixtures, Compounds, Solutions, And Suspensions21
The Periodic Table Of The Elements22
Common Elements And Their Uses24
Flame Tests For Common Elements25
Common Hydrocarbons And Their Uses25
Six Simple Machines26
Electric Current And The Dry Cell Battery27
Pitch And Volume Scales28
Physical Science Terms and Definitions29
Earth Science
Student Investigations31
Gases In The Atmosphere32
Types Of Clouds32
The Beaufort Scale Of Wind Strength33
The Cycles Of Nature34
The Geologic Time Scale36
Biome Characteristics37
The Makeup Of The Earth38
Common Minerals And Their Uses39
Color Sorting Key For Minerals In Rocks39
Hardness Scales40
Crystal Shapes41
Solar System Statistics42
Phases Of The Moon42
The Night Sky In Every Season43
Earth Science Terms And Definitions45
Life Science
Student Investigations47
The Parts Of A Flower48
The Parts Of A Plant Cell48
Common Poisonous Plants49
Animal Group And Offspring Names50
System Of Classification For Organisms51
Endangered Species Of North America And Selected Oceans52
Diagrams Of The Five Senses53
The Human Organ Systems55
The Parts Of An Animal Cell55
The Human Skeletal Structure And Body Systems56
The Four Food Groups59
Food Tests59
Important Vitamins And Minerals60
Calorie Chart61
Life Science Terms And Definitions62

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