Scientific Advertising Origins

Scientific Advertising Origins




All effective modern marketing can be traced to three authors in one time period.

If you study the best of the best marketers out there - and then study who they studied - you can eventually find the real basics which make all marketing work. Really work.

That is how these books were uncovered. While each separately tells pieces of the puzzle, together they tell the evolution of advertising as it exists today. All the advances made by others since can be directly traced to the breakthroughs made during this time.

These five books each tell their own piece to the puzzle. Albert Lasker gave the narrative, telling where he first met John E. Kennedy and Claude Hopkins. When you read those copywriters' works in turn, the lights come on. You'll see where all the new, "modern" breakthroughs have come from and why they get results.

All the secrets hidden in plain sight. Just in need of a bit of dusting off...

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