Scotty's Junction

Scotty's Junction

by Andrew Arthur
Scotty's Junction

Scotty's Junction

by Andrew Arthur


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Scotty’s Junction equals mystery . . . intrigue . . . a glimpse in the deep unknowns of the human experience. Scotty Madaki is a teenage artist and musical prodigy who lives abroad most of his life until his father relocates to New York City. He is gifted, talented, and trained by his father to challenge the boundaries of conventional roles and thinking and to esteem his family’s diversity.

At his new school, Scotty quickly connects with other music and art lovers who draw him into New York’s art and graffiti scene. Scotty is coming of age in a world filled with technological marvels but with very few solid answers to life’s most persistent questions: Why am I here? What’s this all about? The pace of the story accelerates as Scotty’s rather “innocent” existence collides with shadowy forces that put his very survival in question.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781734306200
Publisher: Dumplingbelly Publishing
Publication date: 03/27/2020
Pages: 330
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.74(d)

About the Author

Mr. Arthur was born in Guyana and moved to Brooklyn, at a young age, with his family. His journey began as a Pressman apprentice at a New York City advertising firm. The work closely resembled Lithography- part artist, part mechanic, and part chemist. His fascination for the Media Arts grew and photography captured his heart after graduating from the Germain School of Photography NYC. The love for the media arts then invoked a deep appreciation for still, motion, and creative writing.

Table of Contents

Prologue; PART ONE; Chapter 1 Statue in the Park; Chapter 2 A Question of Vision; Chapter 3 Choose Education; Chapter 4 For the Record; Chapter 5 Death in a Bottle; Chapter 6 Changing Schools; Chapter 7 Audio; Chapter 8 Caprice with Fingered Harmonics; Chapter 9 King Duncan; Chapter 10 Our Generation; Chapter 11 Landlocked; Chapter 12 In Attendance; Chapter13 Is Zen Chinese or Japanese; Chapter 14 Touché; Chapter 15 Hell’s Profanity; Chapter 16 A Puzzling Manuscript; Chapter 17 Courtship; Chapter 18 School Bully; Chapter 19 Words of Encouragement; Chapter 20 Project Graffiti; Chapter 21 Viewing Magdalena; Chapter 22 Graduation PART TWO; Chapter 23 Reunion with a Friend; Chapter 24 A Place of Validation; Chapter 25 Brooklyn Bridge Stars & Stripes; Chapter 26 A Tribute and the Empty Loft; Chapter 27 The Chaos Into The Calm; Chapter 28 An Artist’s Emporium; Chapter 29 Death and the Queensboro Bridge; Chapter 30 Linking It All Together; Chapter 31 Catch Me … If You Can; Chapter 32 Behind the Tinted Window; Chapter 33 A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words; PART THREE; Chapter 34 Art on Life Row; Chapter 35 Revisit the Police Report; Chapter 36 Business of Awareness; Chapter 37 Forty-Eight Hours; Chapter 38 Twenty-Four Hour Dream; Epilogue

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