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ISBN-13: 9781558706835
Publisher: F+W Media
Publication date: 10/20/2003
Pages: 128
Product dimensions: 8.55(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.43(d)

Table of Contents

Introduction: Victorian Pastime and Modern Obsession15
Finding Ancestral Scrapbooks16
Interpreting Ancestral Albums16
Caring for Ancestral Albums19
Timeline of Scrapbooking History20
Chapter 1Getting Started23
Start with What You Know24
Home Sources25
Interview Living Relatives25
Skill-Building: Using a Pedigree Chart26
Organize as You Go26
Checklist of Basic Sources27
Working From Home28
Web Sites to Get Started29
Connecting to Cousins Online29
Skill-Building: Writing a Sample Query30
Basic Types of Message Boards31
Heraldry: Truth and Myth32
Timeline of Genealogical Milestones33
Chapter 2What Did Your Ancestor Look Like35
Unraveling Photographic Mysteries37
A Photographic Mystery40
Locating Images41
Photo Permissions44
Rules of Caring for Images45
Timeline: Photographic History46
Chapter 3Working with Documents49
Recognize the Style50
Deciphering Handwriting53
Dating an Undated Manuscript54
Skill-Building: Writing a Query57
Caring for Your Documents58
Repairing a Torn Manuscript or Book60
De-acidifying Documents60
Timeline of Handwriting61
Encapsulating a Document62
Chapter 4Memorabilia, Artifacts and Heirlooms65
Making Those Heirlooms Tell Their Story66
Skill-Building: Dinnerware67
Locating Memorabilia and Artifacts69
The Future of Your Memorabilia, Artifacts, and Heirlooms71
Using Heirlooms, Memorabilia, and Artifacts in a Scrapbook72
Chapter 5Making Your Ancestor a Real Person75
Questions to Answer76
Skill-Building: Working with Reference Staff77
Skill-Building: Timelines77
Techniques to Follow Your Ancestors in History78
Learn More About Daily Life80
Hometown History80
Become Your Ancestor for a Day81
Chapter 6Telling the Story83
Captioning Techniques84
Family Stories to Tell85
Recording Your Sources85
Non-Traditional Families88
Basic Tips to Remember88
Chapter 7Working with a Theme91
Finding a Theme92
Selecting Photographs, Artifacts, and Documents93
Copying Techniques93
Improving the Quality of Damaged Images94
Setting Your Page in the Time Period96
Ways to Add Interest to Your Theme96
Skill-Building: Clip Art98
Skill-Building: Recreate Old Handwriting or Typefaces98
Keep it Simple98
Digital Scrapbooks99
Preserving Your Digital Creations100
Chapter 8Creating an Album for the Future103
What About Vellum?105
Skill-Building: Removing Old Adhesive107
Skill-Building: Disassembling Magnetic Albums107
Inks, Pens, and Markers108
Rubber Stamping109
Sheet Protectors109
Ways to Save Money110
Family Memorabilia110
Basic Rules of Scrapbooking111
Toolkit for a Safe Scrapbook112
Chapter 9Organizing What You Don't Use115
Finding the Time116
Sorting and Organizing116
Labeling and boxing117
Storage Considerations120
Chapter 10Taking Your Research Beyond the Album123
Magazines, Newsletters, and E-zines125
City Directories125
Skill-Building: Directories125
Immigration Documents126
Military Documents127
Numbering Systems128
Genealogical Software129
Asking for Help130
Writing Your Family History131

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