Screamin' Skull

Screamin' Skull

by Jack Grant
Screamin' Skull

Screamin' Skull

by Jack Grant


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'Screamin' Skull' is the concluding tome of Jack Grant's extensive novel 'Screamin' Skull Trilogy', this being a compendium of three related novels belonging to the horror fantasy series, 'The Infinitude of the Sentient Singularity'.

Two American siblings get caught up in an open air live music fright-fest and face all their darkest fears. A ghost hunting team investigating an old manor house find themselves embroiled in the nefarious plans of the deceased. A battle hardened warrior hailing from the untamed badlands battles against the ultimate dark force. Glastonbury Tor runs red with blood and two old friends involved in the arts conspire to realise their most desired ambition.

The thread running throughout each volume touches upon dualities and the very definite living of double lives. The story also examines and brings into question conventional customary attitudes as compared to contemporary ostensible politically correct ideologies. These stories, rooted in spiritual knowledge while being interspersed with humour, highlight the strength of human defiance against adversity.

  • Word Count: 448,700 +

  • 2 full page illustrations included in black and white. Illustrations by Conrad King.

This novel follows on from 'Future Ghost' and 'Speedin' Bullet'.

From the misty stretch enshrouding a haunted Scottish moor
To the dry parched wastelands that curse old Ozzaria
The 'esteemed' guides and guardians battle on.

Old rogues can scheme in cider drenched dreams
Envisioning fame and fortune in the limelight gifted by stage and screen;
Yet ghosts gather in to forewarn the unwary
Of just what they may become
Or more importantly,
Remind them about who they had once been.

Sorcery doeth scry the blazing fire
That fuels the Jolly Roger's desire
On towards the renegades
Who stalk the arid Arizona plains.

The feral howling manifests a screech in the wilderness
To conjure the starving wretch
Who all too readily accepts
The reaper's cull
And out there in the badlands
The cry shrieks on
To herald the nightmare of ...

... The Screamin' Skull.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781668520130
Publisher: Barnes & Noble Press
Publication date: 07/15/2021
Series: The Infinitude of the Sentient Singularity , #3
Pages: 802
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.59(d)

About the Author

Jack Grant has always been psychic ever since he can remember. His spirit guides have, over the years, put his abilities to good use ‘out there in the field’, which is their terminology rather than his own.

With spirituality in addition to a love of music playing a large part in his life, these insights and experiences have emerged through his writing.

Many true accounts are therefore presented in the form of compelling fiction.

A constant thread throughout ‘The Infinitude Of The Singularity: Screamin’ Skull Trilogy’ references songs from the rock outfit, ‘Quantafide’ of which Jack Grant is a founding member and co-writer along with the artist Conrad King.

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