Scribblin' For A Livin': Mark Twain's Pivotal Period In Buffalo: Expanded Edition

Scribblin' For A Livin': Mark Twain's Pivotal Period In Buffalo: Expanded Edition

by Thomas J. Reigstad


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In August 1869, thirty-three-year-old journalist Samuel Clemens-better known as Mark Twain-moved to Buffalo, New York. At the time, he had high hopes of establishing himself as a successful newspaper editor in the thriving metropolis at the western end of the Erie Canal.
In this engaging portrait of the famous author at a formative and important juncture of his life, Twain scholar Thomas J. Reigstad details the domestic, social, and professional experiences of Mark Twain while he lived in Buffalo. Based on years of researching historical archives, combing through microfilm, and even interviewing descendants of Buffalonians who knew Twain, Reigstad has uncovered a wealth of fascinating information.
The book draws a vivid portrait of Twain's work environment at the Buffalo Morning Express. Colorful anecdotes about his colleagues and his quirky work habits, along with original Twain stories and illustrations not previously reprinted, give readers a new understanding of Twain's commitment to full-time newspaper work.
Full of fascinating vignettes from the illustrious writer's life as well as rare photographs, Scribblin' for a Livin' is essential reading for Mark Twain enthusiasts, students and scholars of American literature, and anyone with an interest in the history of Western New York.

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