Scribblings of a Scattered Mind

Scribblings of a Scattered Mind

by Dianne Traynor
Scribblings of a Scattered Mind

Scribblings of a Scattered Mind

by Dianne Traynor


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Poetry set to Photography Creates the Perfect Mood

With a thirsty desire to draw someone into her words, stepping them over the page and guiding them lovingly through new doorways into her world, Dianne Traynor combines passionate poetry with the stunning photography of talented artists from around the globe to produce words that will inspire and resonate. In Dianne's poetry, you will find the believer; the broken-hearted; the disillusioned; the hopeful; the trusting; the seeker of love and truth. Perhaps you will also find yourself.

Written in pure vulnerability and honesty, Dianne says "There are times, as I write, when the words come straight from a place of pure joy, hope, love, laughter or belief. At other times, I feel like my heart is literally breaking in two, when the pain seems unbearable to recall memories deeply buried, when I cry from feeling so alone and out of place, wondering if I am so strange and different. At all times, it comes directly from my heart in pure truth"

"Your writing is so magical, so expressive. I love it." - T Summers

"Wow...this hit hard!!!" - Z Abramson

"Beautifully written, and that's exactly how it is" - N Gibson

Author Bio : Dianne Traynor lives in Melbourne, Australia. She is currently collating further poetry collections, writing short stories and working on other Scribblings of a Scattered Mind projects. To learn more, visit:

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