Scribblings of a Scattered Mind: The Second Wave

Scribblings of a Scattered Mind: The Second Wave

by Dianne Traynor


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Scribblings of a Scattered Mind: The Second Wave is a poetry collection about life. Where there is life, there is pain, heartache, struggle, and loss; but there is also laughter, hope, courage, and love.

Life is like a rollercoaster with its highs and lows, fears, and exhilarations; but throughout the ride, the reward for the heart is in giving to others. Some may take advantage of us; this is where we draw on the depths of our souls to remain kind. Some will surprise us with their generosity; this is what feeds our heart and allow us to pay that generosity forward.

Author Dianne Traynor lives in Melbourne, Australia, where there was one of the longest and strictest COVID-19 lockdowns anywhere in the world. It was during the second wave that this collection came to be.

Isolation brings forth many emotions, memories, and reflections. It also brings forth hopes and dreams. For Dianne, it took her home to writing and the blessing of expression.

"Poetry comes from a place of raw truth, straight from my heart to yours. The pain of regret, the ache of a betrayed heart, the memories of love, the courage to face tomorrow, the desire to leave, the strength to stay, the life that was lived, the pain of loss and grief, the dreams that were dreamt, the questioning of who we are, the magic that waits, the people we have travelled with, and the belief that sustains us into the unknown future. Where there is life, there is hope . . . and life is an absolute gift, no matter the struggle."

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ISBN-13: 9781682353240
Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing
Publication date: 03/04/2021
Pages: 126
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