Script Magic: A Hypnotherapist's Desk Reference

Script Magic: A Hypnotherapist's Desk Reference


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ISBN-13: 9781929661015
Publisher: Transpersonal Publishing
Publication date: 07/28/2002
Pages: 112
Product dimensions: 8.42(w) x 11.10(h) x 0.35(d)

Table of Contents

Rights & Publishing Information1
Introduction & Disclaimer2
Ways to Use Scripts3
Flow Chart for Hypnotherapy Sessions4
Future Editions & Script Submissions4
Table of Contents5
Deepening Techniques
Confusion: Fractionation8
Confusion: Ambiguity8
Counting: Numbers7
Counting: Scales/Yardstick7
Ideomotor: Breathing7
Ideomotor: Finger Signal7
Pause Technique7
Reframing: Conscious Mind8
Reframing: Double Bind8
Rehearsal: Sleep8
Scension: Steps7
Scension: Elevators7
Scension: Escalators7
Scension: Floating7
Fear of Bridges9
Fear of Crowds10
Fear of the Dark11
Fear of Driving12
Fear of Enclosed Spaces13
Fear of Failure14
Fear of Fear Itself15
Fear of Flying16
Fear of Heights17
Fear of Incontinence18
Fear of Water19
Miscellaneous Fears20
Weight Loss-General
General Weight Loss21
General Weigh Loss II24
Weight Loss-Specifics
Body Image & Appreciation27
Eliminating Excess28
Food Aversion Metaphor29
Increasing Metabolism & Movement30
Your Slender Image33
Tobacco Cessation
Oral Tobacco35
Oral Tobacco II37
Smoking Cessation38
Smoking Cessation II40
{Smoking{ Cigarette Cessation41
Miscellaneous Habits
Habit {& Success{ Metaphor42
{Nail Biting{ Attractive Finger Nails43
Health & Healing
Child Birthing44
Healing Bridge45
Healing Imagery46
Pre-op: Preparing for Surgery47
Self Health48
Surgery & Rapid Healing49
Wart Elimination50
Inductions & Awakening
Safe Place53
Chakra Induction54
White Light55
Alcohol Cessation56
Anxiety Reduction61
Attracting Abundance62
Career Planning64
Confidence For Success65
Developing A Sense of Humor66
Ending a Relationship67
Enhancing Creativity68
Finding Lost Objects69
Memory & Comprehension71
Preparing For Change73
Public Speaking74
Self Esteem/Image Classroom75
Self Sabotage76
Sleep Well77
Sports & Success: Classroom of the Mind78
Stress Control79
Stress Release II80
Stress Management81
Thunderstorm Appreciation82
Pain Alleviation/Hypnoanesthesia: (see outline of common uses)83
Glove Anesthesia83
Hypnoanesthetic Key84
Light & Dimmer Switches84
Shrink A Symbol/Color Healing84
Accessing Soul Memories85
Affect Bridge89
Akashic Records to Past Life91
Cloud Regression90
Count Back89
Open Ended89
Timeline Regression90
Time Tunnel89
Sexual Enhancement
{General{ Sexual Fulfillment93
Men's Creating Joy94
Men's Creating Joy II95
Men's Lengthening Joy96
Women's Creating Joy I97
Women's Creating Joy II98
Spiritual Consciousness & Manifestation
Attracting a Soul Mate99
Beyond Tomorrow100
Chakra Attunement101
Developing Psychic Ability102
Miscellaneous Script Writing Pages104
Reference Page/Resource List107
EIH Publishing Book Order Form110
NATH Membership Application111
Author Page112

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