Scripture: God's Handbook for Evangelizing Catholics
Scripture: God's Handbook for Evangelizing Catholics

Scripture: God's Handbook for Evangelizing Catholics

by Stephen J. Binz


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If you believe in the transformative power of Scripture in your life, imagine what it can do for others around you!

Scripture scholar Stephen Binz has spent the past 30 years working to help Catholics with the "frequent reading" of Scripture through the ancient movements of lectio divina—listening, meditating, praying, contemplating the Word and witnessing to it. That means reading the Bible fully expecting the Holy Spirit to illuminate the passage we read.

Now in Scripture-God's Handbook for Evangelizing Catholics he brings to light the power of scripture to not only renew our lives, but make us living witnesses of the Gospel. Inspired and influenced by Pope John Paul II, Pope Benedict XVI, and Pope Francis, Binz shows us the indissoluble connection between their call to New Evangelization and its necessary connection to the Word of God.

Every chapter brings you closer to Christ and closer to His Word as you:

  • Grasp the importance of recovering the evangelical dimension of Catholicism
  • Discover the "hero evangelizers" in Scripture and history
  • Learn to read the Bible as an evangelizing Catholic
  • Understand the key link between lectio divina and the New Evangelizatiion
  • Identify the obstacles to hearing and witnessing to God's Word today
  • Understand the role of Mary, the Star of the New Evangelization

Through Stephen's approachable but thorough coverage of the topic, you'll be prepared to share with the world your joy in the Lord!

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ISBN-13: 9781612787015
Publisher: Our Sunday Visitor, Publishing Division
Publication date: 03/31/2014
Pages: 176
Sales rank: 389,215
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.30(h) x 0.50(d)

Table of Contents

Foreword Joseph E. Kurtz 13

Preface 15

Recovering the Evangelical Dimension of Catholicism

Chapter 1 The Word of God and the New Evangelization 21

Hearing God's Word Anew through Lectio Divina 24

Witnessing to God's Word through the New Evangelization 27

Obstructions to Hearing and Witnessing God's Word Today 29

Becoming Evangelical Catholics 35

For Reflection or Discussion 39

Chapter 2 Evangelizing Moments in Catholic History 41

St. Paul of Tarsus 42

St. Benedict of Nursia 44

St. Francis of Assisi 47

St. Dominic of Guzman 50

St. Ignatius of Loyola 54

St. Thérèse Of Lisieux 57

The Word of God in the New Evangelization 60

For Reflection or Discussion 61

Chapter 3 Reading the Bible as Evangelizing Catholics 63

1 Listen for the Voice of God 65

2 Trust in God's Inspiration 66

3 Understand the One Story of Salvation 70

4 Discover the Book of Christ 73

5 Search for Beauty 76

6 Experience Scripture with Your Whole Self 79

7 Develop a Biblical Imagination 81

8 Read with Expectation 84

9 Celebrate the Word in Union with the Sacraments 87

10 Expect to Become an Evangelizer 91

For Reflection or Discussion 93

Evangelization at the Heart of Sacred Scripture

Chapter 4 Evangelization in Ancient Israel 97

God Forms Israel as a People with a Divine Mission 98

From Twelve United Tribes to a People Dispersed Among the Nations 101

The Prophets Call God's People to Be Witnesses to the Peoples of the Earth 105

From Messianic Hope to the Christian Gospel 111

For Reflection or Discussion 712

Chapter 5 Evangelization in the Gospels 113

Announcing the Kingdom of God 114

Israel Gathered for Its Mission to the Nations 116

Witnesses of a New Creation Formed in the Death and Resurrection of Jesus 118

Jesus Calls His Disciples to Evangelize 120

For Reflection or Discussion 125

Chapter 6 Evangelization in the Apostolic Church 127

The Holy Spirit Impels the Church to Evangelize 128

The Mission of Peter and Paul 131

Evangelization in the Letters of the New Testament 136

For Reflection or Discussion 142

Evangelizing the Church and the World through Sacred Scripture

Chapter 7 Becoming Communities of the Word 145

Catholic Bible Study for the Third Millennium 145

Taking Away the Obstacles to Growth 148

Studying the Book of the Church 151

Other Ways of Forming Communities of the Word 154

Reading the Bible Anew 155

For Reflection or Discussion 159

Chapter 8 Lectio Divina for Evangelization 161

Listening - Reading the Text with Expectation 163

Meditation - Reflecting on the Meaning and Message of the Text 165

Praying - Responding to God's Word from the Heart 166

Contemplation - Quietly Resting in God 168

Witness - Faithful Living in Christ 170

Evangelizers as Contemplative Witnesses 172

For Reflection or Discussion 175

Chapter 9 Woman of the Word and Star of the New Evangelization 177

Hearing the Word of God and Doing It 177

Mary in the Mysteries of the Gospel 179

Mary as Exemplar of Lectio Divina 184

Star of the New Evangelization 186

With Mary to Jesus 188

For Reflection or Discussion 189

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