Sea Change

Sea Change

by Aimee Friedman


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ISBN-13: 9780439922289
Publisher: Scholastic, Inc.
Publication date: 06/01/2009
Pages: 304
Product dimensions: 5.76(w) x 8.50(h) x 1.07(d)
Lexile: 840L (what's this?)
Age Range: 12 Years

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Aimee Friedman is the New York Times bestselling author of Sea Change, The Year My Sister Got Lucky, South Beach, French Kiss, Hollywood Hills, A Novel Idea, and Breaking Up. Born and raised in Queens, Aimee now lives in Manhattan.

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Sea Change 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 159 reviews.
Khadija32 More than 1 year ago
I think this is one of those books that you glimpse in the bookstore but don't buy because your doubtful about it. Well wipe all doubts away peeps because its actually worth a read. A good long fast page turning read that leaves you wanting even more. The book starts and ends with a ferry ride. On one Miranda is sceptical about going and on the other is reluctant to leave yet happy she was there. Of all sixteen year old heroins I've read about i think Miranda is one of my favorites. She's very easy to relate to for any girl teenage or otherwise, because her journey on Selkie marks a journey we've all taken or will eventually take. The journey to finding ones self, it all starts somewhere. And Selkie is where it starts for Miranda. When you get farther into the book you find yourself enveloped and consumed by the mystery of Selkie Island and i know about a million questions went threw my head. Then there is Leo the mysterious boy that Miranda is enthralled with. He definitely plays a part in both her finding out who she is and the great mystery surrounding Selkie Island. And of course there is a bit of romance thrown in. My favorite way to look at it is that when Miranda arrived on Selkie she was this girl who doubted herself and was shy, who didn't have the greatest sense of who she was. And when she left Selkie this amazing transformation had happened somewhere between the lines like a hermit crab coming out of its shell. The greatest thing about the book though i don't often say this was the ending. It leaves you to come to your own conclusions instead of telling you what happened. And this leaves a lasting affect that makes you want more. 10 Reasons you need to read this book: 1. Easy to relate to characters you will fall in love with on the spot 2. Interesting plot that keeps you on your toes 3. A new mystery, you get to make your own conclusions in the end 4. Leo just about beats Edward Cullen on the 'fwaaa' meter 5. Its the perfect read for summer (i can offer an explanation for that one) 6. It leaves you wanting more 7. Your enveloped in the mystery and magic of Selkie Island 8. If I ever make a list of YA books all young adults should read this will be in the top 10 9. It's one of those books you can't forget no matter how hard you try 10. You will never say that you regret having read it
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Best freaking book I have ever read. Aimee, MAKE A SEQUEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
Courtney-Nicole More than 1 year ago
To start this review off, the book isn't worth your time. I thought it was going to be a good book, but it turned out to be something that I started reading, then stopped because I found something else to read, and went back to when I didn't have anything else. When Miranda's grandmother (who she's never met) dies, Miranda and her mother drop everything and go to Selkie Island so they can clean up her house and sell it. Here is where the story takes a turn toward bad. Miranda seems to lose her mind. First, she starts hanging out with people she NEVER would have before, she goes off to a beach alone and randomly starts talking to a boy she doesn't know (Leo). The main part of the story is the question of whether Leo is a merman or not, which is tells you on the COVER, basically giving a big part of the story away. This among other things pretty much ruined the story for me. One of the main things I didn't really like this book was the way it was written. The author could not seem to stop using the phrase "me and my mom," which drove me crazy. I don't usually correct other people's grammar, but if you're a writer AND you have an editor, you could at least use the proper syntax. Another thing about the story was that it seemed rushed. The characters weren't fully developed, certain scenes didn't make sense, and questions were never answered (I don't think there's going to be a second book). A lot of the tension created in the book seemed to just be there, and the romance was too over the top for me. And as someone else said, "And Miranda doesn't seem very smart, even though she tells us over and over that she's brilliant at science, she's also very immature." There were just too many things wrong in this book for me to give it a high rating.
Dana_W More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed this book. Could not put it down in fact. The cover art grabbed me, but when I read the cover flap, I was really drawn in. Mermaids and selkies. Interesting. The main character Miranda is like so many of us girls at her age. Feeling different than other girls around her, and insecure with boys she wants her periodic table and not to have to deal with socializing with the island's rich set. She wanted something and/or someone unique. Miranda sort of got her wish. Selkie island is a mysterious place with tons of local legends. It just may be that she is actually dating one of them. The story is a coming of age drama with some great mythology. This book drew me in and I could not put it down. I really hope the author will make it into a series. It would be great to see Leo, the hero again. The love story had a Romeo and Juliet feel to it. The charm Selkie island makes me want to revisit it again. Mermaids anyone? Read this book. It is perfect for summer, or anytime you just want a great love story.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Is there gonna be a sequel or what? Cause i really liked this book but it didnt answer any questions... it kind like ended in the middle of the story... :(
La_Femme_Readers More than 1 year ago
Sea Change was a sweet, feel-good type novel. From start to finish I was intrigued by the whole mystery surrounding Selkie island. Miranda, the main character, was a science loving, down-to-earth girl. I really liked her persona and automatically connected with her. She was very different compared to the other girly, easy-going girls. I liked that she had this tomboy vibe and didn't feel the need to change herself unless she wanted to. Now, the plot teased me with questions until the moment Leo arrived. I sort of forgot the mystery and just focused on his endearing, magnetic and charming ways. I seriously had butterflies whenever Miranda was around him. I felt like I knew exactly what Miranda was going through since Aimee did a great job expressing the emotions radiating off of their connection. Another aspect of the novel I enjoyed unraveling was the secrets behind Miranda's grandmother. It was exciting finding out about someone's history that was kept sealed for so many years. My only complaint was unfortunately the ending. It was a good and understandable way of ending the story. However, I wanted something more. I felt like their wasn't any closure since it was left open ended. Overall though, I really enjoyed this tale of romance, secrets and heart-melting discoveries. I recommend this book if you're looking for the perfect book to read on the beach. Trust me, you'll get lost in the story and the background sounds of the crashing waves will be icing on the cake!
Tori_J More than 1 year ago
I was drawn to this book by its cover and the review it got from this site. I don't feel the same as those who's reviews persuaded me to pick up this book. Now before I get too far I must admit I didn't actually finish this book BUT I had three chapters to go and I didn't feel like the story even started yet. The characters are not very detailed and not very complex. And after more than half way through the book the idea of this Leo character being a 'merman' was brought up once. The story seems to mostly be about some rich kids that vacation to the island at summer, kids that we are not supposed to like. And her mother and her mother's old boyfriend. Not exactly what I was looking for. You may feel different buy I wasn't impressed.
Ashlbee More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed this book less for what it is, and more because if what the series COULD be. This book was sort of like a set up for an even better story in the future, and the author has stated she intends to write a sequel, so I am holding out a lot of hope. From a character standpoint, while some people have found them flat and derail the mother's change in character as random and ill-fitting, I don't agree. I think part of the point of this books is how people are greatly affected by their past, it utterly shapes who we are as people, and everyone, whether a brainy teenage girl or an all-business middle-aged mother, are constantly in the process of defining ourselves and re-inventing who we are. This story is hardly original though. It is the typical coming of age tale, young love, etc., but it toys with a good concept and the reader is never really sure if the mystery it presents is fantastical and magical or not. Hence, I believe a sequel would be great. From a mystery standpoint, you'll be disappointed because none of the big AH HA! light bulb moments are expected, and the story is pretty slow for most of the book. If you are reading this book for the potential of mythical aquatic beings, merfolk, etc., this story balances on the precipce of whether they exist or not, and never falls one way or the other. HOWEVER, again, I think the sequel will delve into the magical. That is the impression I get. Overall, if you are considering this book, I would wait to see if, in fact, a sequel is written, read the sequel's reviews, and THEN decide if you want to read this book.
soccerxfreak More than 1 year ago
I loved this book. When I was little I loved mermaids and the ocean. This book was really good. I read it in like a day haha. It was pretty different than all the other books I have read, which I liked. I would reccommend this book to anyone! and you'll fall in love with Leo right away!
BookNerd28 More than 1 year ago
This book was very well written. I fell in love with the main character quickly and her narration pulled you in. Great, satisfying ending. A must read for the summer!
Stephy5g on LibraryThing 10 months ago
A summer love story!
thehidingspot on LibraryThing 10 months ago
Aimee Friedman's SEA CHANGE is a quintessential summer beach read that features a big mystery and a dash of romance.I have mixed feelings regarding Miranda, the main character. At times, I found her actions to be inconsistent and unwarranted, but, then again, she is only 16 and there's a lot going on in her life. The fact that Miranda has a scientific mind was a breath of fresh air. I love when my main characters are bookworms, but it was nice change. I think that Miranda's actions and attitude towards events and people would have been much different if she had been a reader and romantic like so many YA main characters are.A good summer read always has a love story, so it's no surprise when Miranda meets, and falls for, the mysterious Leo. There is a bit of a love triangle and, while I think it was necessary for Miranda's growth, I felt for Leo. I felt like Miranda was silly for even considering someone other than Leo, but I think it made her face truths she would have avoided otherwise.It's difficult for me to determine where SEA CHANGE belongs in the YA genre. It does have supernatural elements, so it isn't really contemporary fiction, but the supernatural elements, to be honest, aren't very prominent. There are hints of something mystical occuring, but it wasn't explored as much as I would have liked. For this reason, I think SEA CHANGE would definitely appeal to readers who are hesistant to read supernatural YA, but those who want a novel with strong supernatural elements may want to look elsewhere.
brandileigh2003 on LibraryThing 10 months ago
Sea Change is a wonderful book. I haven't read much about mermaid lore and this was a great introduction into that world. It is has lovely detail that made me feel like I was there and seeing the wonderful sights.The characters are well written. Miranda is a loveable nerd, and I say that with all affection. I can understand her reluctance to even consider much less begin to believe the supernatural even when it is poking her in the nose. Her mother was well written- she was involved, a little skeptical and wanting the best for her child while coming off as controlling- in the best way. The time at Selkie island transforms her and she is able to finally relate and connect with Miranda, and give a reluctance blessing for her feelings. Leo is a heart-throb. Aimee wrote their romance in a way that made me feel giddy. Though it was quick forming- it is a summer romance (of course with the potential for more) and that is the nature of the beast. He is a gentleman, and he sees Miranda for who she is and accepts her without criticism. Miranda's friends are a bit annoying and spoiled, but Cece is light-hearted and she shows some depth near the end.The pace is leisurely- it doesn't need a lot of action to make it great. Details are introduced at a good pace and it kept me interested throughout.I have mixed feelings about the ending- it doesn't give the best of closure, but its not totally a cliffie. I just wanted more. There is definitely room for a sequel and expand on what is written, but then again part of me really likes the mystery and the way it was left. It leaves my imagination to wander and leaves me wondering what and if anything supernatural was really going on or if it is just fancy.This is a great romantic tale, a summer love, with a twist of paranormal, and I definitely recommend it.
bermudaonion on LibraryThing 10 months ago
Sixteen year old Miranda Merchant isn¿t thrilled that she has to visit Selkie Island, Georgia, after her mother inherits her family¿s old summer home. Miranda would rather stay in New York where she will be serving as a summer intern at the Museum of Natural History. Miranda loves science and logic, and has a low tolerance for frivolity, so when a crew member on the ferry that transports Miranda to the island tells her tales of merfolk and serpents, Miranda just rolls her eyes.When Miranda gets to the home her mother has inherited, she discovers a book on the lore surrounding Selkie Island and reads more about the tales the crew member told her. She can¿t get them out of her head, and lets her imagination get the best of her when she meets a local young man. Or, is it her imagination? Can the tales be true?I was excited to get the opportunity to read Sea Change, by Aimee Friedman, since I met the author when I toured Scholastic and she explained how she came to write the book. I have to admit that I was also a little bit apprehensive as well because I¿m not a big fan of paranormal books and I thought this one might fit into that category. I quickly found out that I worried for nothing ¿ I thoroughly enjoyed this book.The best part of Sea Change for me is the character of Miranda. She¿s smart and determined and knows her own mind. Miranda won¿t conform to someone else¿s standards just to be cool and she¿s quick to point out when things are moving too fast for her. That¿s not to say she¿s perfect, though ¿ she¿s definitely not! She does have a strong character and I found her to be endearing.The paranormal aspects of this book are subtle and can be interpreted in different ways, so I enjoyed them too. In fact, I think they might make a great topic of discussion for a teen book club.I would recommend this book for the older YA audience since some of the characters treat sex casually and there is some underage drinking included ¿ these are both minor parts of the book though.
Melanie_McCullough on LibraryThing 10 months ago
This book is very well-written, but it's billed as a paranormal YA novel when there is really nothing paranormal about the book. There is the mystery that surrounds the island. The mystery of Leo. Is he or isn't he? But we never once delve into the paranormal world. This is a love story. That's it. Girl meets boy during summer break, conflict ensues. Except girl meets boy on an island that may or may not be inhabited by merfolk. I envision it happening like a screenplay pitching session where the writer tells them her idea for a contemporary YA about a girl falling in love and the producer's like, "I like, kid. I do. But what if there were mermaids". It feels forced, not like it's a natural part of the storyline. Almost as if the paranormal aspect is a gimmick to fit a trend. In fact, the belief that Leo may be a merman is never once an issue for Miranda. Her issues instead stem from her relationship with her mother, her parent's divorce, and a failed relationship with her first boyfriend. I love the cover. I love the premise. There's a lot of talk about the mystery of the island and its inhabitants, but nothing happens. In the end this was a story that set up a lot of mystery, yet somehow failed to solve any of it. It left gaping holes that only a sequel or an epilogue can fill. In fact, I found myself flipping through the last pages (a preview of another of the author's books) thinking that I must have missed something. Did I like it? Yes. Did I love it? No. To be honest I probably won't even remember I read it a few months from now. Had it however been a paranormal romance as promised and answered the questions posed in the beginning, I probably would have loved it.
millett23 on LibraryThing 10 months ago
I really really liked this book. I was a little disapointed on how it ended, and I don't know if it is in a series or not (I really hope they wouldn't end a book not a series like that), but I really liked Miranda and loved Leo. I really hope this is a series because I really want to continue the story.
YaBookRealm on LibraryThing 10 months ago
YA BOOK REALMSea Change by Aimee FriedmanNote: The review will be short considering I read it a month ago. The book begins with Miranda, sixteen years old, who has to spend summer in Selkie Island with her newly divorced mother. There she learns about her mother¿s unusual past as well as learn about the folklore about mermans that circulate throughout the island. Oneday, she meets an mysterious boy named Leo. Miranda instantly feels a connection to him and vice versa, resulting in an intense relationship. However, Leo¿s mysterious behavior has her questioning his true identity. The romance aspect of the book was lacking. I thought that Miranda and Leo got together far too quickly and I did not see why exactly they were interested in each other. The great thing about the novel was the use of imagery was perfect. I could envision the beautiful places of Selkie Island. Overall the book was decent. Something I would recommend for a very quick summer read.
kperry on LibraryThing 10 months ago
Miranda didn¿t plan on spending the summer on Selkie Island helping her mother sort out her grandmother¿s estate. She¿d planned on living her dream by interning at the Museum of Natural History in New York City. Instead, she¿ll be up to her elbows in dust and debutantes.Miranda doesn¿t know what to expect when she arrives at the house known as The Mariner - the home on Selkie Island her mother visited every summer as a child. What she finds is a beautiful beach house filled with family history. A history Miranda knows nothing about because her mother and grandmother were on the outs for years.Miranda¿s mother immediately gets swept up in old summer ways, attending parties with old friends - dragging Miranda along with her and expecting her to fall into step with the customs of the Island¿s summer inhabitants. Miranda doesn¿t feel like she belongs with this upper crust crowd and when she meets a local boy named Leo at The Selkie Island Center for Marine Discovery, she knows exactly where she wants to be - with him. But, spending time with a local isn¿t looked kindly upon by her mother or her mother¿s circle of friends.Mysteries surround the island and Leo. Mirandra struggles with her feelings of wanting to know more and afraid to find answers.Aimee Friedman has written a beautiful novel. You¿ll be able to feel the sand beneath your toes and taste the sea salt on your lips. Your heart will pound with each electrifying scene between Miranda and Leo and you¿ll want to explore Selkie Island hoping to catch a glimpse of mermaids in the water.
vanedow on LibraryThing 10 months ago
I bounced between loving and being annoyed with Miranda, who, while she seems like the kind of girl I would like to hang out with, also kept having huge reactions to nothing. I did appreciate that she came with a backstory that explained some of it, though. Our leading man, Leo, had a great blend of mysterious and charming working for him. His rival, TJ, provided some great contrast with suave jerkitude at its best. (Yes, I think I just invented a word.) The other background characters helped to set the stage as the story took me on a tour of the upper class lifestyle in the Old South. Which sounds awesome, by the way. The parties, the debutantes, the courteous gentlemen... the food. Too bad I don¿t have any Old Southern relatives to get me entrance to aforementioned lifestyle.Other than Miranda¿s slightly spastic behaviour, my only real complaint about this book is that nothing really gets resolved. I would have liked to see the merpeople mythology fleshed out and explained a little more. What it does ensure, though, is that I will be reading the sequel. I hear there is one in the works.
stephxsu on LibraryThing 10 months ago
Miranda has spent her whole life among science experiments and cold hard facts. So an unexpected summer at the Selkie Island mansion that her mother inherited after the death of Grandmother Isadora throws Miranda for a huge loop. Selkie Island is engulfed with mists of mystery, legends of alluring sea creatures and mermaids that spend their lives half-in, half-out of the water. It is also an island of old-fashioned Southern manners and beliefs, things that Miranda, born and raised in Brooklyn, can hardly believe are part of her legacy.Miranda¿s newfound summer gentile friends urge her to become an item with T.J., a respectable and handsome young man from an equally privileged Southern family. However, Miranda finds herself more and more attracted to a mysterious island native, Leo, whom she can¿t help but associate with Selkie Island¿s legends of mermaids and mermen. The question, though, is not whether Leo is indeed one of the mystical creatures, but how much self-conscious Miranda is willing to risk for her happiness.In SEA CHANGE, Aimee Friedman has written an uplifting and magical summer read. This book has all the elements that a summer book demands: an exotic setting, secrets, multiple love interests, stormy emotions, and magical mystique. Selkie Island, with its variety of characters¿from the friendly fishermen in the natives¿ village to the status-obsessed rich summer vacationers who are Miranda¿s neighbors¿is a locale that has captured my attention and desires.However, SEA CHANGE is a book that relies mostly on mystery and plot to move along, which explains but cannot be an excuse for the lack of depth in most of the characters. Most notable how abruptly and incompletely Miranda and Leo¿s relationship develops. Physical attraction and ¿perfect¿ banter does not a believable relationship make, and I definitely felt like I was missing something that connected these two characters with each other.Similarly, most of the supporting characters also rely on clichés and stereotypes to make their point. I never got a clear picture of Miranda¿s island friends, and there were many times when I felt like SEA CHANGE got dangerously close to the line between sweet, feel-good read and cliché-ridden summer-mystery love story.Overall, however, I would recommend SEA CHANGE and its intriguing mysteries as a light read, perfect for a beach or poolside day.
readingdate on LibraryThing 10 months ago
Sea Change was charming! In Sea Change, sixteen year old heartbroken Miranda travels with her mother to Selkie island to settle her grandmother's estate. While there, science-minded Miranda gets caught up in the islands mysterious legends especially after meeting Leo.This is a sweet, enchanting story, that keeps you guessing. Perfect for a summer read. There is mystery and romance and maybe some mythical creatures as well! I got caught up in the visuals of the island and felt I was there. After I finished the book, it felt like there was more story to tell, and I hope there will be a sequel.
Alliebeth927 on LibraryThing 10 months ago
Sea Change is about a teen girl, Miranda, who travels to Selkie Island off the coast of Georgia with her mother to help sell and clean out her late grandmother's estate. The book paints a great picture of privileged southern life and the way a misfit New Yorker fits into it. There is some unevenness, however. In the beginning, Miranda is a skeptic to the extreme and I found myself wishing that she would lighten up, but by the middle/end she seems to believe things that she has no conclusive proof of- very unlike her previous self. There is also the issue of the end, which was so abrupt that I was left scratching my head. The romances, which were the focus of most of the book, are left hanging without any kind of conclusion. I'm hoping there will be a sequel that delves more into the details of the lore on the island and also digs deeper into characters other than Miranda. Overall, I really liked this book and would definitely check out any sequels. It's a very quick read; totally perfect for an afternoon at the beach or the lake!
maidenveil on LibraryThing 10 months ago
Aimee Friedman weaved a story of how a girl tries to remain logical amidst doubt that myths might be real; how social differences mean nothing when it comes to love; taking second chances in life and that things and people may be not what they appear to be. I love how it somehow tackled the issue of choosing your own path and not taking what society expects from you. The way a summer fling can change your life without taking something away from you rather getting something from it to make yourself better as a growing teenager.
Suzanne520 on LibraryThing 10 months ago
Usually when I say "wow" in regards to a book, it's because I am so amazed by it. NOT the case in this book. When I say "wow" it's because I can't believe this book was so terrible.There was so much potential for this to be something great, because it is clear the author is capable of writing by her descriptions of the island, the water, etc. However, the author was unable to carry her descriptive writing ability into making the plot even half way decent. In order to be halfway decent, there has to be at least some plot!The whole deal with Leo and Miranda came off as rushed and fake. I didn't buy their instant attachment at all! There was no connection or chemistry. In addition, I found all the characters to be phony. Miranda kept going on and on about how she wasn't that girl who just goes boy crazy and starts making out with a guy. flash! Either you are that girl or you aren't, and when you start making out with some guy before you even know his full name, you are that girl. I also didn't buy the mother/daughter relationship that was put out there, or the friendships that were supposed to be budding.Not to mention that this book has no conclusion. It never answers any questions raised by the feeble attempt at a plot. All in all, a complete waste, which is unfortunate, because I would much rather have read a good mermaid book!
cleverlyinked on LibraryThing 10 months ago
My Review: Sea Change to me was more of a coming of age book. It leads you to acknowledge yourself for who you really are. It also gives you a sense of acceptance. Miranda seemed to grow as the story did. Finding out that what lies on the surface isn¿t what¿s in the deep blue. The separation of Miranda and previous Beau (true southerner speaking) leaves her open to so many possibilities she only has to look to see. It leads to an epic romance. I really felt the connection between Miranda and Leo. Miranda feels deep down there is something different about mysterious Leo. If there is he isn¿t telling. Miranda¿s mother is still hard to understand. Her mood swings leave you wondering if she is still hiding something. The book left you wanting more and it seems there might be a sequel to this. It left a lot to the imagination, which can be annoying but she made it work with awesomeness. I really hope there is a sequel maybe then we will find out some answers. This was unique in the YA book world. I do recommend it! Bravo to Aimee Friedman for keeping me guessing and hoping for a series. On a scale 1-10 I give this a 10