by Heidi R. Kling


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ISBN-13: 9780399251634
Publisher: Penguin Young Readers Group
Publication date: 06/10/2010
Pages: 336
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.30(h) x 1.20(d)
Lexile: HL610L (what's this?)
Age Range: 12 Years

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Heidi R. Kling lives in Palo Alto, California.

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Sea 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 78 reviews.
Tiger_Holland More than 1 year ago
When Sienna goes to Indonesia as part of her father's relief team (helping tsunami orphans suffering from PTSD), she doesn't know what to expect. She's resistant to going, but there's not much to keep her at home: her mother died three years ago in a plane crash over the ocean, and since then Sienna's stopped surfing, flying, or doing much of anything. The one bright spot in her life is the hint of tension with her guy friend Spider, a surfer who still calls her by her old nickname "Sea" (painful irony there, as she's now afraid of the ocean). But once she gets to Indonesia she meets Deni, a 17-year-old orphan who takes care of the other children from his region and has problems with the orphanage leader's authority. The two of them grow closer together as they help each other emotionally overcome their past losses. With this wonderfully unique premise, Sea engages with the trauma of a fairly recent world tragedy and spins a compelling YA romance from it. The Indonesian culture is portrayed in respectful detail, the love story rings true, short chapters keep the pace clicking along nicely, Sienna is a sweetheart and Deni...well, it's easy to see why Sienna falls for him. An observation: though there's plenty of peril in the story (psychological, physical, sanitary), the scariest moment in novel for me was when Sienna rides off into town with Deni on his motorcycle. I was thinking, Girl, you are so lucky you're in a YA romance, because under any other circumstances, driving off with a cute boy you recently met in a country where you don't speak the language, without anyone knowing who you're with, where you're going, or when you're coming back is a baaaad idea. The trip with Deni was fantastic and really advanced the story and the emotional arcs, but my big sister alarms were going crazy anyway. Lastly, when reading Sea, you can look forward to a fantastic and very unexpected ending. Usually, when a book takes an unexpected turn toward the end, I'm upset by the imbalance, and ready throw the book against the wall, but in Sea, the change is totally satisfying. I highly recommend it.
BookMac More than 1 year ago
I wasted no time reading the book from the moment I got it. This book is a tragically real story, one that makes you reconsider the life you have and the things you take for granted yet also yearn for the love that builds this novel. Sea starts with main character Sienna Jones receiving a plane ticket to Indonesia on her fifteenth birthday. Still affected from her mother's death years ago, Sienna remains closed off and hostile, refusing to go on the plane, mainly for her fear of them. After talking with her father, Sienna eventually agrees to go on the trip, which is turns out to be the best thing that could have ever happened to her. Not only does Sienna find love, she finds herself. Sienna is probably one of them most developed characters I have read in a long time, by the end of the novel she is practically a different person. She matures so much, and learns to accept the past and embrace the future. The writing was well suited for the novel, and I loved how Heidi ended Sea. There were many themes and symbols in Sea, ones that only made the novel stronger. Overall, Sea was a refreshing debut with a painstakingly real message and a close look on what it means to love.
Zoealea More than 1 year ago
I just finished this book. I am blown away. Heidi Kling wrote one of my favorite novels. Sea was thrilling, sweet, adventurous, while still having that feel where everything seems like it's going to be ok. I fell in love with these characters, they were written wonderfully. Some people think that the author chooses the book and some people think that the book chooses the author, in this case, Sea definitely chose Heidi. While reading it, I couldn't help but think that this book was mad...more I just finished this book. I am blown away. Heidi Kling wrote one of my favorite novels. Sea was thrilling, sweet, adventurous, while still having that feel where everything seems like it's going to be ok. I fell in love with these characters, they were written wonderfully. Some people think that the author chooses the book and some people think that the book chooses the author, in this case, Sea definitely chose Heidi. While reading it, I couldn't help but think that this book was made for her to write. The love story in this book is unbelievable, it is short, yes. But you get so involved in it. Every page left me hanging, thinking to myself "What will happen next !?" Every few pages I would talk to the book. No, I'm not crazy. but that shows just how much you will get pulled in when reading. I know this review involves a lot of fangirling. But, I am being completely honest. Sea will take you through an amazing, heartfelt story. You will laugh, you may cry, but one thing I am almost positive. you will love it
sweeterica0712 More than 1 year ago
Heidi R Kling has written a breath-taking debut with Sea! Readers are plunged head first into a heartbreaking story of loss, hope, and new experiences. Sea is a book that speaks to everyone, but everyone can take something a little different away. Sea is a touching story that helps a person connect with themselves. It is a book to make you think, and think deep. You look at the situation these characters are in, and it makes you look at the world around you in an entirely different way. The characters were wonderfully written. I fell in love with Elli - I wanted to pull her off the page and just give her a hug. She was a little ball of sunshine even after all the horrors she had been through. Sienna was a wonderful main character. She was compassionate, and had drive - she had experienced horrors in her past and wanted to help others work through their horrors. She fit no cliches and was her own person. One of my favorite things about Sea was there were so many characters you may have only heard from once or twice, and they stuck with you throughout the entire book. And with all the characters, it almost seemed like you could hear their voices in your head. When I first read this description of Sea and heard there was this relationship between Deni and Sienna I was excited. As I read, I found out Sienna would be in India only 2 weeks, and for a moment I remember thinking, "Oh no! Will that connection be real? I mean, can something that awesome believably build in that short of a time?" I was worried for a minute that that connection they had would fall flat, and not live up to my expectations, but Heidi R Kling left no room for doubts or anything with the strong connection Sea and Deni had. It was so intense and beautiful, you were simply drawn to it. Their relationship was so involved, and blew you away. As you read, you get this feel of Indonesian culture. You saw the characters' struggles, and that presence of culture just intensified the reality of them. I also loved the setting - it was unique. I had never read a story in this setting, and everything was new. That made Sea a hundred times better, as you didn't just feel like you were along side the main character discovering this new world to them. In Sea you literally were along side Sienna discovering Indonesia and its culture. When you are reading Sea, you would by no means guess that it is a debut novel. The story leaps off the page and speaks to you. It's a journey of the heart and emotions. Once I started reading, I had troubles putting it down. Sea is a book for all types of people, it is one you don't want to miss
thehidingspot on LibraryThing 24 days ago
I liked this book, but I just didn't love it.My main problem with the book was Sienna. I just didn't feel a connection with her character... she felt one-dimensional and I didn't always find her very believable. I know she liked Deni and found him attractive and whatnot, but running away with him in a dangerous area when she barely even knows him? Maybe I'm jaded, but I simply didn't believe or understand her character.I did, however, really appreciate the rest of this novel and plot. The focus on volunteering and the discussion of the tragedy that befell Indonesia and surrounding areas are very important topics and I commend Kling for including them in SEA. I felt inspired to go out and make a difference... regardless of how big or little. This novel has the potential to encourage readers to take notice of what's going on in the world and do their part to make it a better place and there's always more room for that in YA lit!SEA is definitely worth exploring... and hopefully you'll have a deeper connection to Sienna than I did.
jacindahinten on LibraryThing 24 days ago
The tsunami that effected Indonesia and other countries in 2004 is an even in history you will always remember EXACTLY where you were when you heard the news. On Christmas, the day prior, I went snowboarding the first time with my now husband and a bunch of friends in Michigan. The following day, we went to a friend¿s house to stay the night and woke up the next day and everyone was sitting on the sectional in the family room when we saw the news on the TV. At that point we had no clue of the devastation to come.In Sea, out main character Sienna or Sea for short, takes us to Indonesia just six months after the Tsunami hit. During the first 30 or so pages before Sienna heads out, I wasn¿t sure about the book yet. Knowing what happens during the book, I see we are just getting some background information on Sienna and informing us about characters who are important to the story. Once Sienna gets on a plane to Indonesia, the story takes off.I felt horrible for the whole country while reading Sea. I wish I could go back in time and help out more! Seeing how children were effected after the tsunami is heart-wrenching. I¿ve never read a book about a girl going to a disaster torn country before, I loved this one!I¿m never one to leave romance out of a review. It was a very whirlwind romance between Sienna and Deni¿I loved every second of it!The romance mixed with the tsunami aid made this book one of my favorite contemporary novels I¿ve ever read! I was moved by this story and I was crying lots and lots!
allureofbooks on LibraryThing 24 days ago
I won this ARC in a contest by the author of Restoring Harmony, Joelle Anthony. I am excited to read her book, but when I found out I won SEA from her, I was thrilled. I don't want to go into too many plot details, because I knew nothing about the book when I started it and I really enjoyed taking Sienna's journey with her. I love that she was portrayed as a true fifteen year old. She was very immature in several ways, and I appreciated that. All the teenagers in YA lit these days seem a little unreal because they don't act their age. Heidi was good at describing the emotions that all the characters were feeling: Sienna about the loss of her mom three years previous to the story, and all the children in Indonesia that lost so much after the tsunami. I am very much looking forward to seeing what Heidi Kling does next!
danijohns on LibraryThing 24 days ago
Wow. What a stunning debut from author Heidi R. Kling. I heard about Sea during the Fall of 2009 and have been anxiously awaiting its release day, and it lived up to my expectation. Sea was beautifully written, full of emotions, and deeply touching. Sea expertly deals with loss, love and life, all in one book. While reading Sea, I constantly found myself thinking what I would do in the characters situations and wondering what a struggle it is for some people to make it day to day. What I really enjoyed about Sea was the characters. All the characters, everyone from Sienna, to Deni, to Spider, were so real and well written. Each character was there own distinct person who had their own issues that they had to deal with throughout the book. For me, I loved Sienna. Her emotions were so real, I felt I could truly connect with her. When Sienna experienced sadness, I felt sad; when she felt joy, I was happy. I love when a book can make you connect with a character on a personal level and in Sea, that is truly what happened. What I truly loved about this book was its setting and the topics it dealt with. Heidi truly recreates what it would be like living in Indonesia after the 2006 tsunami. You truly get a feel for Indonesian cultures and traditions thru Sea. Reading this book made me want to hop on a plane and go visit this country to see the beauty for myself. While reading this book, I also realized how catastrophic the tsunami in Indonesia was in 2006 and the struggles and loss that the people had to go through and it deeply saddened me. After reading this, I wished I could have gone back in time to help with the relief efforts in that country to less the pain of characters such as Deni. Sea is one of those books that I know will stay in my mind forever. The powerful messages of loss, love and hope are messages that are crucial to living. As Sea reminds us we must Dare to Love and Dare to Live.
LauraT81 on LibraryThing 24 days ago
Fifteen year-old Sienna is still grieving after three years since her mother died in a plane crash. But, on her birthday her father gives her a plane ticket and tells her she will go with him to Indonesia to be part of a tsunmai relief team at an orphanage. Sienna is terrified, but agrees to go. In Indonesia a hash reality awaits her. But so does adventure, romance, and self discovery. Sea is a beautiful, romantic, young adult novel. A fast read, but by no means shallow. I highly recommend to young adults and adults. This is Kling's debut novel and I'm looking forward to reading more by her.
ssalach21 on LibraryThing 24 days ago
When a book can make me cry, then I can't help but to consider it somewhat of a masterpiece. I can probably count on one hand the number of books that brought real, honest to god, tears to my eyes. This is one of them.The descriptions used in this books were so realistic and heartbreaking at times. I could visualize the devastation that Kling weaved throughout her debut novel. The emotions from each of the characters were also written so well that I felt, happy, sad, confused, concerned and in love as the characters felt these things.I imagine I would be somewhat the same as Sienna if I lost my mother. I would probably give up on everything I once loved, and I would feel lost. While a large portion of this story is devoted to the love between Sienna & Deni, the overall story, I feel, is about Sienna's growth. How she goes from, in the beginning, a motherless child, to at the end, a young woman who has seen partial horrors that others can't even imagine, and who learns to cope with what she has lost. The progress she makes is astounding. By learning to care for others, she learns to care for herself better. While the story, characters and everything about this book are quite beautiful, I can't help but feel a little disappointed by the ending. To me, it seems the ending could have been drawn out a bit, it feels like it was just cut short. PLEASE don't think that because I felt let down by the ending, that this book is anything but wonderful. I enjoyed the whole thing, I just wish the ending didn't feel so abrupt. (The ending is the only reason why I didn't give it 5 stars!)Overall, this is one of the best debuts I have read all year. Even without magic, this book is extremely magical. I recommend it to anyone and everyone.
stephxsu on LibraryThing 24 days ago
15-year-old Sienna Jones¿ life has never been the same since her mother disappeared over the Indian Ocean on a charity mission three years ago. Sienna doesn¿t surf anymore with her former best-friend-turned-hottie, Spider; she doesn¿t go by her former nickname ¿Sea,¿; and she certainly doesn¿t go on planes anymore. But that¿s exactly what her father is proposing: a two-week trip to help out at an orphanage in tsunami-torn Indonesia.Initially, Sienna is apprehensive, but once there, she meets an unforgettable guy by the name of Deni. Deep and passionate, Deni helps Sienna reconnect to life in a way she hasn¿t since her mother was gone, because he, too, has lost loved ones in the tsunami. Theirs is a fairy-tale love and understanding, so when Deni receives news that his father might be alive back in his old city, Sienna does not hesitate to go with him. What they find there, though, may be far more devastating than they can realize.SEA is a wonderfully solid, emotional, and un-put-downable debut by a highly talented YA novelist.Heidi Kling writes her characters with assured realness. Sienna thinks and sounds like a 15-year-old with a tragic past: she has the fears and (occasionally petty) concerns appropriate for her age and situation. Instead of finding her naivete annoying, then, Sienna¿s (and, thus, Heidi¿s) seamless teen voice completely won me over.This is the first YA novel I¿ve read that deals with the tragedy of the Indonesian tsunami, and it does it in an immersive, knowledgeable, and respectable way. Through Sienna¿s eyes, we experience the strange and sometimes terrifying world of post-tsunami Indonesia without being overwhelmed or too emotionally distant. I loved the control that Heidi Kling has over her knowledge of Indonesian phrases, customs, and concerns. She writes these things¿whether they be major scenes central to the plot, or simple details easily overlooked¿with an appreciable confidence that makes us latch our trust securely on her as an author.Perhaps more powerful in SEA, however, is the poignancy of the many different relationships within. With just a few lines of dialogue or description, each character wins us over. We are able to see Sienna¿s father¿s genuinely good intentions despite his being in the difficult position of being the father of a motherless teen girl. We understand Sienna¿s trepidation at her father¿s budding relationship with her former therapist. But most of all, we are completely able to believe Sienna¿s relationships with two very different boys. To elaborate, Deni may be decidedly a guy who seems almost too perfect to be true, but the way his and Sienna¿s romance unfolds has all the sweet subtlety of a truly sigh-worthy teen romance.Sienna¿s voice skews slightly more towards readers who enjoy a younger YA voice, but her experiences are anything but trite or age-limited. Read this, and I dare you to not in some way be affected Sienna¿s unique and heartwrenching journey of discovery in Indonesia.
librarianm on LibraryThing 24 days ago
Have you ever read a book that really made you think while you were reading it? And then it stuck with you for days afterword? That¿s exactly what I experienced with Sea. While I was reading Sea, I was struck by the fact that not many books are set in Indonesia or Asia for that matter. I¿ve only read one other book set in that region of the world this year, Bamboo People by Mitali Perkins. Once I was done, I couldn¿t get the story and characters out of my head for days. I kept going back and reading chapters over and over.Sienna used to be fearless and full of life until three years ago her mother died in an airplane accident. Still grieving over the death of her mother, Sienna is hesitant when, as a birthday gift, her father asks her to accompany him and his team to Indonesia. It is six months after the 2004 tsunami and Team Hope is traveling to Yogyakarta, Indonesia to help at an orphanage. After taking time to think about it, Sienna ends up going with her father and finds more than she thought possible, including bravery, romance and the truth about her mother¿s death. It¿s hard to believe that Sea is Heidi Kling¿s debut novel because it is so well written, with rich details and an engaging story. The characters are well written and fully realized, even characters that are only part of the story for a page or two are individuals and completely recognizable. Part of the reason the details are so vivid is because the reader sees everything through Sienna¿s eyes and everything about being in Indonesia is new to her. The different aspects of the story - the romance, the relationships Sienna develops with the orphans, dealing with her mom's death, overcoming her fears - don¿t compete for the readers attention, instead they overlap and fit together perfectly to create a powerful story.I really like Sienna as the main character. She is instantly relatable. Her fears are understandable and so is the courage it takes for her to get on the plane and travel across the ocean. Sienna changes and grows a lot from the beginning of the book to the end. At the beginning she was a bit withdrawn and wary of trying anything related to the ocean. As she travels and gets to know the children at the orphanage, Sienna begins to come out of her shell and starts the process of finally dealing with her mother¿s death and some of her other fears.Sea was a book that was hard to put down. I read it in one sitting. It made me cry and laugh and feel such a range of emotions that it felt like I was a part of the story too. I love books that pull you in like that, make you want to stay up all night reading and thinking about what just happened or what a character said or did. Sea should be on everyone¿s to be read list. It is definitely one of my favorite reads of 2010. You might also like:
booksandwine on LibraryThing 24 days ago
Imagine, if you will, a book that will melt your heart simultaneously reminding you of a 1940s black and white film, despite it being set in the present. Are you picturing? Picture an exotic location, such as say, Indonesia. Now, add in a large smattering of romance and you have Sea by Heidi R. Kling.Sea is a beautifully written story filled with love, longing, and grief. We open with the main character, Sienna's, birthday. Sienna, Sea, for short, lives with her father in California. Her mother, unfortunately went missing in a plane crash several years ago. On Sienna's birthday she receives a gift which will allow her to come to grips with her grief and create positive change. She will embark on a life-altering journey to Indonesia to work in an orphanage with her father as part of Team Hope. Oh, what a wonderful, wonderful journey we take.I know I prattle on about the characters in every single review I write, but it's incredibly important to my reading that the characters aren't cardboard. Sienna is a multifaceted girl. I found her to be compulsively likeable. She deals with so much, yet soliders on. Something I love about Sienna is that she does not remain hung up on one boy forever. She recognizes we have the capacity to love more than one person in our lifetime. Exactly the kind of message I love to get from a YA book, that perhaps the boy you met over summer vacation won't be the boy you marry. However, that should not lessen whatever feelings you have towards him. Sienna is not judged or shamed for this, which again, I love.When Sienna is in Indonesia, she meets this boy named Deni. Ya'll Deni is the picture of awesome. He's quite different from the boys I have met in other YA books. Culturally, Deni does not act the way American boys do. This is not to denigrate Deni at all, it's just there are different customs in Indonesia than in America. I loved learning about these subtle differences while reading Sea. Also, Deni is totally Ilsa. If you have seen Casablanca, you will understand. FYI do not click the link if you don't want the end of Casablanca spoiled.Although the vast majority of Sea takes place over just two weeks, it felt like a sweet, delicious lifetime. I was absolutely enraptured by the budding romance. I do not say this often, but this is definitely a book to pre-order. I had such a deep emotional reaction to this addicting read. Seriously, I want to discuss it all day. If you have read it, please let me know what you think of this gorgeous debut.
book_worm127 on LibraryThing 24 days ago
I don't even know what to say about this book. I thought that I would start it before bed and just read a little of it. Before I know it I was three quarters of the way through and unable to stop. It completely sucked me in, and I enjoyed every minute of it.I really felt a connection to Sienna. I felt a connection to all of the characters. They were all real, three dimensional, and called out to me. Deni was an especially strong character, and his story broke my heart. A lot of this book broke my heart, but then it would put it back together again.I feel like I know a lot more about the tsunami now that I've read this book. I was almost crying through some of it, it was so terrible. I really feel for the people who actually had to live through it.I don't know what else to say, I loved this book so much. The only thing that I could want would maybe be more backstory of Sienna's life before she went to Indonesia. If the only complaint that I have is that I want more, I think that the book is pretty darn good!
ericajsc on LibraryThing 24 days ago
I¿ve had a hard time writing this review, because I have a hard time looking at this book objectively. It brings far too many emotions to the surface for me to see this as ¿just a book¿. I shall now try to push all of that aside and give an honest critique of the book.Sienna is well written as a girl who is deep in grief and unwilling and/or unable to deal with it. Once she begins to talk about her mom, it is as if an enormous weight has been lifted off her shoulders. Deni is so authentic and so layered that I simultaneously felt like I knew everything about him but also that there was so much more to discover about him. Their instantaneous bond is very intense and very necessary for both of them.Probably the best aspect of this book is that the writing is so detailed and so accurate without becoming lengthy in descriptions. As I read, I felt the stifling heat, I heard the pouring rain, I felt the pounding drumbeats. There¿s a perfect portrayal of Sienna¿s shock when she discovers why you never, under any circumstances, use your left hand for anything like eating or greeting people or accepting gifts. (Seriously, don¿t do it; it¿s just rude and disgusting and you¿ll offend half the world. Good luck with that, left-handed Westerners.) And the kids at the orphanage? Words do not exist that can accurately convey exactly how grateful I am to Heidi Kling for painting such a magnificent and genuine picture of orphans around the world. This is spot on, from their smiles to their tears and everything in between.As much as I love both Sienna and Deni, I struggled with their relationship. I bought the connection between them and how important they were to each other, but I just wasn¿t sold on it as a romance. I might be a little cynical, though, based on my experiences with boys like Deni. But I was very much passionate about them staying together. Their relationship, from the first page to the last, was perfectly executed. I felt that everything that happened throughout the course of the book was leading to the events on the last page, so any other ending would have felt forced. There is a beautiful use of bookending in this story that I adore just for the fact that it¿s there (plus the bookends themselves are adorable). I¿d love to talk about that in depth, but I can¿t because, uh, major spoilers involved. Though I will say it¿s not bookending the actual book, just an aspect of the story that¿s important and¿ oh, just read it and see for yourself!This is a beautiful story about a beautiful girl who learns to hold onto hope and love above all else.
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