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Taylor & Francis
Seapower: A Guide for the Twenty-First Century / Edition 3

Seapower: A Guide for the Twenty-First Century / Edition 3

by Geoffrey Till


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ISBN-13: 9780415622622
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 04/04/2013
Series: Cass Series: Naval Policy and History Series
Edition description: Revised
Pages: 432
Product dimensions: 6.80(w) x 9.70(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Geoffrey Till is a recognised authority on maritime strategy past and present. Formerly Dean of Academic Studies at the UK Joint Services Command and Staff College, he is currently Professor Emeritus of Maritime Studies in the Defence Studies Department and Chairman of the Corbett Centre for Maritime Policy, King's College London.

Table of Contents

List of Figures and Tablesix
1The Sea and Seapower1
1.1International Relations: Cooperation and Conflict1
1.2Defining Seapower2
1.3The Sea: Four Historic Attributes6
1.4The Sea as a Resource7
1.5The Sea as a Medium of Transportation and Exchange8
1.6The Sea as a Medium for Information and the Spread of Ideas12
1.7The Sea as a Medium for Dominion15
1.8Explaining the Secret of Maritime Success18
1.9Seapower: Qualifications and Limitations23
2Who Said What and Why it Matters25
2.1The Value of Theory in Maritime Operations25
2.2On Types of Theory27
2.3The Early Development of Theory35
2.4Mahan and the Blue-water Tendency39
2.5Corbett and the Maritime Tradition46
2.6Alternative Visions in Maritime Strategy59
2.7Operational Art and Modern Maritime Theory66
2.8Future Challenges74
3The Constituents of Seapower76
3.2Identifying the Constituents of Seapower77
3.3Population, Society and Government77
3.4Maritime Geography83
3.6A Maritime Economy96
3.7Seapower by Other Means103
4Navies and Technology113
4.2Classifying Navies113
4.3Estimating Relative Effectiveness116
4.4Navies and Technology: An Introduction120
4.6Systems, Weapons and Sensors128
4.7An Information Revolution?130
4.8The Challenge of Transformational Technology136
4.9A Strategy for Innovation138
4.10Navies and Technology: Summary and Conclusions146
5Command of the Sea148
5.1Evolution of a Traditional Concept148
5.2Limits and Qualifications149
5.3Pursuing Command in Moderation154
5.4Command of the Sea Yields to Sea Control155
5.5Sea Denial157
5.6Contemporary Angles159
6Securing Command of the Sea162
6.1Securing Command of the Sea: The Operational Approach162
6.2Decisive Battle163
6.3Forms and Styles of Decisive Battle169
6.4How to Achieve a Decisive Victory173
6.5Modern Forms and Concepts of Battle177
6.6Operational Alternatives to Battle180
6.7The Fleet-in-Being Approach180
6.8The Fleet Blockade186
7Exploiting Command of the Sea193
7.1Maritime Power Projection: Definitions193
7.2Maritime Power Projection: Aims195
7.3Amphibious Operations199
7.4Operational Manoeuvre from the Sea208
7.5Sea-Based Strategic Missile Attack of the Shore214
7.6Defence Against Maritime Power Projection216
7.7The Attack on Maritime Communications223
7.8The Defence of Maritime Communications229
8Expeditionary Operations235
8.1Origins and Background235
8.3The Political Dimension238
8.4The Urban Dimension241
8.5General Demands on the Military242
8.6The Maritime Dimension245
8.7Staging a Sea-Based Expedition: The Maritime Requirements250
8.9A Humanitarian Postscript269
9Naval Diplomacy271
9.1Coverage of Naval Diplomacy in the Literature: Who Said What?271
9.2The Diplomatic Value of Naval Power273
9.3The Range and Extent of Naval Diplomacy276
9.4Naval Presence277
9.5Naval Picture-Building284
9.6Naval Coercion285
9.8Naval Diplomacy: Implications for Strategy-Makers303
10Good Order at Sea310
10.1Introduction: Order and Disorder310
10.2The Sea as a Resource311
10.3The Sea as a Means of Transportation314
10.4The Sea as a Means of Gaining and Exchanging Information325
10.5The Sea as an Area of Dominion327
10.6The Sea as an Environment329
10.7The Need for Good Order at Sea333
10.8Increasing Maritime Awareness334
10.9Developing Maritime Policy337
10.10Developing Integrated Maritime Governance338
10.11Policy Implementation: The Navy-Coastguard Spectrum342
10.12Implications for Navies349
11Future Seapower351
11.2The Sea as a Resource351
11.3The Sea as a Medium for Transportation and Exchange352
11.4The Sea as a Medium of Information and the Spread of Ideas353
11.5The Result: A Global Maritime System353
11.6A System Under Threat354
11.7The Sea, Dominion and Sovereignty355
11.8Defending the Maritime System357
11.9A Maritime Consortium as the Basis for Action361
11.10The Future of Seapower367
11.11Naval Force Development in the Twenty-First Century376

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