Search and Social: The Definitive Guide to Real-Time Content Marketing

Search and Social: The Definitive Guide to Real-Time Content Marketing

by Rob Garner
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Search and Social: The Definitive Guide to Real-Time Content Marketing by Rob Garner

Leverage and implement search and social media together in real-time to win the hearts and wallets of customers

Search and Social is a detailed, hands-on guide to building a successful real-time content marketing platform. Real-time content marketing is the emerging practice of using both search marketing and social publishing tactics to help your audience find you and you them in order to attract and engage customers to ultimately increase revenue. It requires both traditional SEO publishing and social engagement principles, and most importantly, it requires the marketer to be active and present in a synaptic digital world that keeps going 24/7. This book shows you how to develop, implement, monitor, and optimize strategies and tactics for developing a strategic plan that encompasses content, platform, and community management, emphasizing the interdependent elements of search and social together. Including all up-to-date tools and technologies, this practical guide explains how to use the right tools for everything from creating search and social content to effectively using social media platforms. 

This book is a must-read for SEOs, social media marketers, content marketers, Internet marketing practitioners, marketing executives, and CMOs. SEO and social media can no longer operate in silos, as each discipline is now reliant on its counterpart to achieve its greatest potential. The bottom line is that social marketers must understand search marketing and SEO to extend the value of their efforts, and search marketers must understand the elements of social to succeed in becoming more visible. “Search and Social” cuts to the chase and shows you the exact areas where search and social overlap, and how this synergy creates the imperative for marketers to shift to a real-time and participatory approach with their publishing efforts. Real-time marketing and publishing leverages social and search strategies and technologies, but also emphasizes the element of being present in your marketing efforts, in a digital world where your customers never sleep.

The book includes details on the combined "search and social" elements of blogs, video, images, forums, keyword research, market research, press releases, social copy writing, content strategy, social media platforms,, among many others. Some of the new topics that will be discussed and introduced include the share graph, 2nd-tier search visibility, recency as the new relevancy, social relevancy, the living natural language of search and social users, establishing authority and trust with people and search engines, connectedness, acting authentically in the spirit of the target audience, and participatory publishing techniques. The book also provides the follow ways to think and execute on search and social strategies in real-time:

  • Outlines how combined search and social technologies have changed the digital publishing landscape forever
  • Outlines a process for preparation to act "in-the-moment" with your digital content marketing efforts
  • Shows how to optimize social profiles and spaces for extended search engine visibility, and extended visibility in networks
  • Provides a new framework for understanding how search engines are becoming more social, and how social networks are becoming more algorithmic
  • Illustrates how to use the social graph to build your link graph for search engines, using likes, +1s, Retweets, and more.
  • Offers an up-to-date guide for developing, implementing, monitoring, and measuring real-time content marketing efforts
  • Provides insight into using social keyword research techniques to better communicate with and find your audience in networks 
  • Illustrates how networks use traditional search concepts to extend and trigger content, and how to take advantage of these systems in a relevant way 
  • Features many illustrative, real-world case studies
  • Includes the nitty-gritty technical details, like how to set up RSS feeds for content, integrating Twitter, and more
  • Illustrates how a robust real-time and participatory social content strategy can extend visibility in search engines 
  • Interviews with some of the leading experts in search, social, and real-time content marketing
  • Written by a leader in the search and social marketing industry

Praise for Search and Social  

Rob Garner is a search marketing stalwart and long time industry commentator. His new book provides revealing insights into real-time marketing and how practitioners can take advantage of tools and techniques to maximize ROI. These days you can't say ‘search’ without saying 'social.' So read the book that explains it all and glues the two together.
Mike Grehan, Publisher: ClickZ, Search Engine Watch and producer SES Conference & Expo

Rob Garner has been one of my favorite authors for online marketing topics for the past few years. I consider his views and thought leadership to be very valuable and relevant. His book is no different than his articles. This is a must read for anyone who is serious in this space.
Joe Laratro, President, Tandem Interactive 

As an author myself, I realize the effort and pain that goes into writing a book. And the approach Rob has taken is excellent. This book covers all of the key elements of search and social with explanations, examples, common issues, bulleted lists and more. It questions and explains the common concerns of anyone trying to succeed in this rapidly changing space. My best comment is that I will buy copies for my staff.
Bruce Clay, President, Bruce Clay Inc., author of Search Engine Optimization All in One for Dummies

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781118264386
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 11/06/2012
Pages: 408
Product dimensions: 7.40(w) x 9.20(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

Rob Garner is VP of Strategy at iCrossing, a Hearst Company, and is a widely recognized expert on the topic of interdependent search and social strategies and real-time content marketing. A MediaPost columnist since July 2006, Rob has been quoted in many major business and industry publications, including Reuters, Mashable, Dow Jones, Forrester Research, eMarketer, Adweek, and Ad Age. He is an active educator and speaker, and has spoken at SMX, SES, SXSW, Content Marketing World, and ad:tech, among many others.

Table of Contents

Foreword xix

Introduction xxi

Chapter 1 Real-Time Publishing and Marketing 1

Introduction to Real-Time Content Marketing 2

What Is Real-Time Marketing? 3

What Is Real-Time Publishing? 6

Apply Immediacy to Your Approach 6

Be As Fast As Your Audience 6

A Real-Time Approach 7

Setting the Stage for a Search- and Social-Enabled

Real-Time Publishing Platform 8

Dr. Manuel Castells and the Space of Flows 8

The “Resource-Discovery Problem” 10

The Web Gets a Robust Search Engine and Network Map 11

Social Emerges as a Description of Network Behavior 12

Engage One Bird, and You Might Attract the Whole Flock (and Flocks of Flocks) 12

Connectedness 13

Flows 13

Universally Identifi able, Shareable, and Networked Content 13

Making It Easy for People to Distribute Your Content via Networks 14

Social and Search Algorithms 14

Universal Search and Digital Asset Optimization 14

Understanding Delivery Frameworks Across Multiple Platforms 15

The Power of Reciprocation 15

Trust and Authority in Search and Networks 17

Listening to Your Audience, Data, and Your Competition 19

Brands and Marketers As Real-Time Content Publishers 21

Chapter 2 Understanding Search and Social 23

Defi ning Search and Social 24

Natural Language Connects Search and Social Together 25

Interdependent Search and Social Strategy Is a New and Evolving Discipline 25

Social Signals and Search 26

How Search Impacts Social 32

The Value of Approaching Social with a Search Frame of Mind 36

The Power of the Networked Link 37

A Second-Tier SERP Strategy for Increasing Your Visibility 38

Active and Passive Distribution in Networks 40

List of Social and Search Signals and Synergies 43

Chapter 3 Ramping Up for a Real-Time Content Marketing Strategy 47

Answering the Question “Why?” 48

Basic Elements of Your Real-Time Content Marketing Strategy 48

Considering the Real-Time User Experience As Engagement and CRM Strategy 51

Developing a Real-Time Presence Online 52

Bringing Consistency to Your Engagement Strategy 53

Establishing Your Goals 54

Valuing Real-Time and Social-Media Efforts 55

Formulating Your Real-Time Search and Social Strategy 57

Developing Your Market-Research Strategy 57

Developing Your Content Strategy 59

Developing Your Platform Strategy 61

Developing Your Community-Outreach and -Engagement Strategy 67

Some Final Thoughts About Real-Time-Strategy Development 68

Chapter 4 Market Research and Content Types 69

Keyword and Market Research 70

Keyword Research and the Living Language of Your Audience 70

Keyword, Social, and Demographic Research Tools 71

How to Apply Keyword Research to Social Strategy 78

Keyword and Conversation Buzz Tools for Content and Search 79

Questions for Your Audience Assessment 83

Types of Digital Assets 84

Chapter 5 Content Strategy: Auditing, Assessment, and Planning 89

How to Think About Strategy, Planning, and Assessment 90

Be Creative, Think Critically, and Learn to Solve Problems 90

Think Big: Approach Content Strategy Like a Forest, Not a Weed 91

Understanding Keyword Demand 93

Understanding Conversational Demand 93

A Factual Content Approach to Conversational Demand 96

Targeting Unpredictable Real-Time Search Queries 98

Content Auditing, Strategy, and Assessment 99

Performing a Content Audit 99

Content Assessment 100

Creating a Visual Site Map for Your Content Inventory 102

When to Spend More Time Finding Out What You Already Have 102

Auditing Your Domain for Unique Optimized Pages 103

How to Find Out Whether Your Site Has a Page Optimized for a Particular Keyword 104

The SEO Problem with Duplicate, or Repurposed, Content 106

Blocking Duplicate Content in Search Engines 107

Other Considerations for Content Strategy and Planning 108

Defi ning Roles in Content Production and Strategy 108

Creating Your Editorial Plan and Publishing Calendar 110

Creating a Style Guide 111

Chapter 6 Creating Eff ective and Engaging Content 113

Engaging Content Idea Types 114

Five Quick Ideas for Topic Brainstorming 120

Ambient Truth: In Search and Social, the Headline Is the Message  121

Quick-Start SEO Copywriting Guide for Social Marketers 122

The Title Element 124

The Meta Description 125

The Meta Keywords Tag 128

The HTML Heading Element and Body Copy 128

Internal Link Naming 130

Alt Text Attributes 131

Maintaining Keyword Consistency at the Page Level for SEO 132

Chapter 7 Social Network Platforms 137

How to Think About “Search and Social” for the Major Networks 138

Why Top-Tier Networks Are Fundamental to Your Publishing Platform 138

The Basic Interdependencies between Social Engagement and Search Visibility 139

Increasing Velocity for Publishing in Networks 140

The Big-Four Social Networks 142

The Quick Search and Social Guide to Google+ 142

The Quick Search and Social Guide to Twitter 152

The Quick Search and Social Guide to Facebook 161

The Quick Search and Social Guide to LinkedIn 163

Chapter 8 Blogs, Google News, and Press Releases 169

Blogs 170

The Real-Time Elements of Blogs 170

The Interdependent Search and Social Elements of Blogs 171

Blog Basics for Search and Social 172

News 185

The Real-Time Elements of News 185

The Interdependent Search and Social Elements of Online News 186

Determining Whether News Should Be Part of Your Real-Time Content Strategy 187

Google News Optimization 189

Press Releases 192

The Real-Time Elements of Press Releases 193

The Search and Social Elements of Press Releases 193

Press Release-Optimization Basics 194

Chapter 9 Developing and Engaging in Real-Time Communities 201

Introduction to Real-Time Communities 202

Search and Social Reciprocation in Real-Time Communities 202

Forums 203

The Real-Time Elements of Forums 204

The Interdependent Search and Social Elements of Forums 204

Is a Forum Right for Your Business? 205

Selecting a Forum Package and Host 206

SEO Elements of Setting Up a Forum 208

Managing Forum Spam 209

Engaging on Other Forums 210

Answer Marketing 214

The Real-Time Elements of Answer Marketing 214

The Interdependent Search and Social Elements of Answer Marketing 215

Be an Expert, or Just Be a Good Researcher 215

Overview of Selected Answer Sites 216

Use Answer Sites for Content Ideas and Keyword Research 217

General Tips for Answer-Marketing Management 217

Wikis 221

The Real-Time Elements of Wikis 222

The Interdependent Search and Social Elements of Wikis 222

Establishing a Theme and Community 222

MediaWiki Software 223

Managing Spam 223

Examples of Business-Themed Wikis 223

A Few Other Considerations for Wikis 224

Chapter 10 Technical Considerations and Implementation 227

Setting Up a Short-URL Service 228

Third-Party URL-Shortening Services 229

How to Set Up a Vanity URL Shortener on Your Own Domain 230 Integrating Rich Snippets 230

Rich Snippet Types and Examples 231

Optimizing for Rich Snippets and the Semantic Web 236

Top Considerations for Implementing Semantic Attributes 236

Sample and Microdata for a Person 237

Author Rank and the rel=author Attribute 239

Author Rank and the Author Graph 240

Establishing Author Information in Google+ Using Links 240

Establishing Authorship with a Verifi ed Email Address 241

Establishing Authorship Using WordPress Plug-ins 241

Adding Social-Network Sharing Buttons to

Digital-Content Assets 242

Individual Share Buttons and Network Buttons 243

Multibutton Share Widgets 246

How to Decide Which Buttons to Use 247

Where to Put Your Sharing and Network Buttons 248

Setting Up RSS Feeds for SEO and Social Spaces 249

Methods of Implementing RSS Feeds 250

Software with Built-in RSS Feeds 251

RSS Feed-Creation Software and Apps 251

How to Promote Your RSS Feed 254

Google Webmaster Tools and Bing Webmaster Tools Account Setup 254

Google Webmaster Tools 255

Bing Webmaster Tools 257

Google and Bing XML Site Map Feed Setup 258

Chapter 11 Video and Images 261

Video and Image Strategy Development 262

Video Optimization for Search and Social Channels  263

The Real-Time Elements of Video 265

The Interdependent Search and Social Elements of Video 265

Creating and Distributing Video Assets 266

Video-Optimization Elements 266

Image Optimization for Search and Social Channels  272

The Search and Social Elements of Images 273

Chapter 12 More Considerations for Real-Time Content Marketing, Search, and Social 279

Social Link Signals for Search Benefits More on How Social URL-Sharing Democratizes the Link Graph 281

Social Bookmarking 287

Tips and Considerations for Bookmarking Sites 288

Delicious 289

Pinterest 290

Reddit 291

Digg 291

StumbleUpon 291

How to Set Up and Utilize Alerts 293

How to Use Alerts for Your Real-Time Search and Social Strategy 293

Google Alerts 293

Yahoo! Alerts 294

Social Alerts Using Email and Private-Message Systems 294

How to Make Your Website Come Alive 294

Using the Creative Commons License to Distribute Your Digital Assets 296

Email as a Real-Time Marketing Function 299

Chapter 13 Social Media Management 301

Considerations for Integrated Search, Social, and

Real-Time Content Strategy 302 Keywords Are Connections to People 302

Specifi c Considerations for Your Real-Time Social Content Approach 303

Using Common Sense in Social Spaces 307

Social Media Managers Are the Curators of the Living Keyword Language of Their Audience 308

Keyword History vs. Keyword Recency, and the Balance Between the Two 308

The Role of Social Keyword Research in Paid Media 309

Think and Act Like a Human Social Search Engine 309

Amplifying Content: Developing Your Distribution Network and Influencer Network 310

Integrating Your SEO and Social Teams 313

Engagement Strategy 315

Commenting Strategy 316

Empowering Your Networks, Both Internally and Externally 320

How to Determine the Authentic Voices in Your Organization 320

Defi ning and Developing Your Voice 322

Personality-Driven Media: Developing Social Personas to Inform Your Voice and Refl ect Your Audience 322

Job Description and Skill Sets for the Search-Informed Social Media Manager 323

When to Bring in Outside Talent 324

How Your Internal Teams and Disciplines Can Work Together Through Audience Outreach 324

Common Types of Social Interaction and Engagement 325

Chapter 14 Metrics and Measurement 329

Considerations for Measuring Content Success in Search and Social 330

The Business Effects of Real-Time Content Marketing Are Long-Term 330

Setting Up Measurement Early On Prepares You for Sound Business Decisions in the Future 331

A Few Key Considerations for Search and Social Measurement 331

Thinking About Data from Both a Quantitative Aspect and a Qualitative One 333

Your Data Is a Refl ection of the Content and Activity on Your Site and in Social Spaces 333

Why You Should View Certain Metrics Within a Short Frame of Recency 334

Using Real-Time Data to Measure Lift from Planned and Serendipitous Events 334

How Timely Data Can Inform Your Strategy for Actionable Response 335

The Importance of Assigning a Monetary Value to Various Actions and Events 336

Establishing a Media Value to Both On-Site and Off-Site Traffic 337

Establishing a Monetary Value for Search and Social Equity 338

Key Performance Indicators and Metrics 339

Don’t Over-Obsess About a Single Data Point 340

Don’t Hold Your Branding and Direct-Response Goals to the Same Standards 340

Common Metrics and KPIs 341

Insights 345

Analytics and SEO-Tool Providers 347

Using SEO Analytics for Measuring Content Performance 347

Other Real-Time Analytics Tools 351

Appendix Additional Reading and Resources 359

Index 365

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Search and Social: The Definitive Guide to Real-Time Content Marketing 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Like a GPS guiding you to success in your internet marketing efforts.
douglay More than 1 year ago
"A must have blueprint for anyone who wants to be successful with online initiatives and attract new traffic & leads to their business."