A Search for What Is Real

A Search for What Is Real

by Brian D. McLaren


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ISBN-13: 9780310272670
Publisher: Zondervan
Publication date: 02/28/2007
Series: Finding FaithSeries Series
Pages: 192
Sales rank: 1,200,497
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 7.13(h) x 0.63(d)
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

Brian D. McLaren (MA, University of Maryland) is an author, speaker, activist and public theologian. After teaching college English, Brian pastored Cedar Ridge Community Church in the Baltimore-Washington, DC area. Brain has been active in networking and mentoring church planters and pastors for over 20 years. He is a popular conference speaker and a frequent guest lecturer for denominational and ecumenical leadership gatherings in the US and internationally.

Table of Contents

Foreword   Steve Chalke     9
Introduction     13
Spiritual Experience
How Might I Experience God?     23
How Else Might I Experience God?     44
Can I Experience God through Doubt?     70
Help for the Spiritual Search
Why Is Church the Last Place I Think of for Help in My Spiritual Search?     80
Why Is the Bible the Next-to-Last Place I Think of for Help in My Spiritual Search?     102
What If I Lose Interest?     123
Milestones in My Spiritual Journey
Tadpoles on the Kitchen Table     143
Jesus Anonymous     158
On a Maryland Hillside     170
Afterword     189
Sources and Resources     191

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Search for What Is Real 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
ResearchGuy More than 1 year ago
McLaren explores the ways in which people "experience God." In this book he addresses those who have not yet come to belief, who have not yet come to experience God. His stated goal is to help the reader discover how to believe. This book is not for a person who has decided they have already figured God out. McLaren takes God seriously and leads us to explore God in relational terms that draw us into the actual life of God, not just an easy dogma. McLaren takes seriously the inner turmoil and uncertainty many of us have when moving into faith or progressing in the rich and uncharted depths of the Faith-Life. This sensitive writer is clear that he has beliefs and that these are basic to his identity. But he understands his task to be not telling others what to believe, how to believe or how to experience God. Rather, he takes the approach of an advocate, a partner in the search, and steps back from his own experience to explore how various people of his personal acquaintance have come to experience the reality of God and to come into relationship with God. In the process, he shows no fear as he additionally reports on personal experiences, problems and challenges that have led to his own insights and awareness of the reality of God. He speaks of experiencing God in various situations and coming to constant awareness of God's presence and working in his life. McLaren does not set out to give answers to common problems. This book is not another of those popular books in the vein of "Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About God and How to Believe in Him." No, this thoughtful and sympathetic book takes seriously people's inner experience of life and its complexity. As in previous books, McLaren takes both Faith and his readers seriously, inviting the reader to engage the topic and explore the possibilities. In this focused, personal and readable book, McLaren encourages exploration, and leads us on a journey through the real experiences of people who have experienced God and come to understand life in Faith. He illustrates 12 common ways that individuals come to faith through their experiences and thought processes. He then spends one whole chapter on an additional possible way to come to faith. Chapter 3 asks "Can I experience God through Doubt?" He then proceeds into two areas: Help for the Spiritual Search and Milestones for My Spiritual Journey. As usual, McLaren does not waste time on useless philosophies or abstract ideas. This is not a rationalist presentation of abstract intellectual constructs. This is a practical guide, with a friendly tone and an understanding heart. McLaren's little volume will be a helpful and non-threatening aid for those who have the feeling there is something in the reality beyond us that holds value for us, but who are tired of the silly and judgemental trivialities usually presented as the way to find the spiritual reality we call God. McLaren is nobody's fool. This book could be considered a contribution to the topic of Faith and Life. Because McLaren reports on actual case studies, it could also be considered a commentary on the challenges of contemporary American culture, from a dynamic spiritual perspective. McLaren is a friend and guide who helps clarify common questions and suggest situations and processes for discovering and exploring the spiritual reality of God in personal faith.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book might be for you if you are interested in searching for a church or a little guidance on how to experience God in your life
Anonymous More than 1 year ago