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Have you ever wondered if there's a thing called 'Awake' hiding in your child's bedroom at night, stealing sleep from them? Now, finally there's a book that provides the answer ... and so much more.

Meet Little Mouse. Little Mouse sits at the edge of her burrow. She knows she should be going to sleep but she can't ... not yet. She can't find Sleep.

Against the advice of her parents, she ventures out into the forest, and finds Awake instead. Her journey takes her on some interesting twists and turns, until ...

As the ultimate bedtime story, this stunning water colour book personifies what parents and children alike feel at bedtime, and helps ignites kids' imaginations along the way.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780645435801
Publisher: Ethicool Books
Publication date: 10/11/2022
Pages: 36
Product dimensions: 11.75(w) x 8.25(h) x 0.30(d)
Age Range: 3 Months to 6 Years

About the Author

Stacy Burch

Stacy Burch is a children’s author from northwest Pennsylvania, USA where she lives with her husband and three young children. As a writer, mother, and former high school English teacher, she strives to show others the beauty found in differences and the importance of acceptance. Searching for Sleep is Stacy's second children's book.

Ana Laura Alvarenga

Ana Laura Alvarenga is a Brazilian watercolour artist who goes by the pen name of Lana. Born in Franca in 1992, Ana has always been passionate about colours and how they light up children's worlds. She has a degree in graphic design, including 3D art, from the Universidade de Franca. Ana has participated in several exhibitions and won numerous awards for her children's books, including becoming a finalist in the AELIJ Awards with her book Ela Nasceu Clarice, by Ana Rapha Nunes. She has also written and illustrated a book of her own, Senhor Gentil.

Ana has currently illustrated 12 children's books. Searching for Sleep, however, is her debut title in English to a global audience.

Read an Excerpt

Little Mouse sat at the edge of her burrow. 

Covered by the last of fallen leaves, she poked her nose into the night. It was dark and cold, and Little Mouse knew she should be in bed. 

But Little Mouse could not go to bed, not yet. 

Little Mouse could not find Sleep. 

"Does Sleep live out there?" Little Mouse called into the burrow behind. 

"Sleep will come soon, Little Mouse. It visits whenever it is needed," Mama Mouse answered. 

"Wait for Sleep in here, Little Mouse. It is not safe outside alone," Papa Mouse said. 

But Little Mouse did not listen because Little Mouse was not alone. 

Awake sat beside Little Mouse. 

A very wide Awake. 

Big and shiny, Awake nudged Little Mouse to venture out in search of Sleep. 

Little Mouse darted from leaf to log, peering under all for missing Sleep, but Sleep was nowhere to be seen. 

After several minutes, she stopped on a rock to catch her breath. "Where could Sleep be?" She turned to Awake. 

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