Seasons at the Farm: Year-Round Celebrations at the Elliott Homestead

Seasons at the Farm: Year-Round Celebrations at the Elliott Homestead

by Shaye Elliott


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ISBN-13: 9781493034710
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc.
Publication date: 09/01/2018
Pages: 296
Sales rank: 507,955
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 10.10(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Shaye Elliott is the founder of the blog “The Elliott Homestead,” which she began in 2010 when her farm was but a dream. She and her husband, Stuart, are now developing their own little farm in the Pacific Northwest with their quiver of children, Georgia, Owen, William, and Juliette. Shaye spends her days writing, gardening, child and chicken wrangling, cow milking, pig wrestling, wine sipping, and dreaming. She is the author of From Scratch, Family Table, and Welcome to the Farm. She lives in Malaga, WA.

Table of Contents

Foreword Stuart Elliott xvii

Introduction: Welcome to Le Chalet 1

Unveiling Spring 9

The Spring Garden 15

Indoor Bulb Planters 16

Aging Terracotta Pots 18

Spring Moss 19

Homemade Terrariums 20

Tending to Indoor Plants 21

The Return of the Garden 21

Diy Seed Markers 23

Edible Perennials 24

Perennial Flowers 25

Pressing Flowers 28

What We're Growing on the Farm 30

Spring Recipes 35

Strawberry and Mint Mimosas 36

Spring Egg Omelet 39

Pea Soup with Herbs 40

Spring Greens with Lemon 42

Garlic Scape Pesto 43

Elderflower Cordial 44

Spring Asparagus Bundles 46

Honey-Sweetened Strawberry-Rhubarb Jam 49

Spring In The Home 51

Spring Textiles 52

Cottage Elements for Spring 54

Painted Farmhouse Floors 58

The Colors of Spring 60

Spring Celebrations 63

Building a Beautiful Spring Table 66

Spring Chaos 71

The Joy of Summer 73

The Summer Garden 77

For the Love of Potted Plants 77

Terracotta 78

The Power of Flowers 79

The Art of the Potager 82

Paper-Wrapped Flowers 85

Playing in the Potager's Bounty 87

The Party in the Garden 89

Branch Bean Trellis 91

What We're Harvesting on the Farm 92

Summer Recipes 97

My Favorite Potato Salad 99

Garden Mint Mojitos 100

Honey Simple Syrup 100

Grilled Einkorn Flatbreads 103

Summer Quiche 104

Quick Pico de Gallo 107

Caramelized Peaches 108

Gin and Grapefruit 111

Summer in The Home 113

Summer Textiles 114

Cottage Elements for Summer 117

Distressing Paint Technique 117

Beaded Chimes 119

The Colors of Summer 121

Summer Celebrations 125

Outdoor Dining 127

Outdoor Lighting 129

Food on the Go 132

Summer Bounty 139

Autumn's Riches 141

The Autumn Garden 145

Decorating for Autumn Outdoors 147

Autumn Tasks in the Potager 150

What We're Harvesting on the Farm 154

Autumn Recipes 159

Homemade Chicken and Dumplings 160

Baked Apples 163

Baguettes 164

Bread with Chocolate 166

Pumpkin Puree 168

Apple Butter 171

The Perfect Buttered Mashed Potatoes 172

Walnut and Parmesan Puffs 174

Rosemary Honey 177

Autumn In The Home 179

Autumn Textiles 180

DIY Drop Cloth Curtains 183

Cottage Elements for Autumn 184

Decorating Chandeliers 189

Elements of My Cottage Kitchen 190

What to Do with Shorter Days 196

Glittery Leaf Garland 198

The Colors of Autumn 200

Autumn Celebrations 203

The Table 205

The Hope of Next Year 209

Winter's Warmth 211

The Winter Garden 215

Seed Shopping 218

Planning the Potager 219

Garden Supplies 223

Feed the Birds 225

The Final Farm Cleanup 226

What We're Eating on the Farm 228

Winter Recipes 233

Hot Chocolate 234

Homemade Marshmallows 235

Our Daily Sourdough Bread 236

Sprouts 239

Duck Confit 240

Einkorn Gingerbread Cookies 243

Raw Oysters with Mignonette 244

Winter In The Home 247

Winter Textiles 249

Cottage Elements for Winter 253

"Bless the House" 258

Cleaning the Home Naturally 259

"Light the Candle" 262

The Art of Rest 263

The Colors of Winter 266

Winter Celebrations 269

Afterword 273

Acknowledgments 275

About the Author 276

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