Seated Taiji and Qigong: Guided Therapeutic Exercises to Manage Stress and Balance Mind, Body and Spirit

Seated Taiji and Qigong: Guided Therapeutic Exercises to Manage Stress and Balance Mind, Body and Spirit


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Seated Taiji and Qigong: Guided Therapeutic Exercises to Manage Stress and Balance Mind, Body and Spirit by Cynthia W. Quarta

Practising Taiji and Qigong is the perfect antidote to the stresses of modern life and a great way to stay healthy. Now caring professionals can help those with limited mobility to experience the benefits of Taiji and Qigong with this easy-to-follow guide.

Covering everything caregivers need to know about Taiji and Qigong, this illustrated guide provides an explanatory introduction to these forms of exercises and shows how to build up a program from easy steps to more challenging ones. There are exercises to stimulate every part of the body, with variations to suit the patient's needs and preferences. All the movements are adapted from the same ancient principles guiding classic Taiji and Qigong and will help strengthen the body as well as provide contemplative relaxation.

This book will show occupational therapists, physical therapists, nurses, activity directors, mental health practitioners, martial arts instructors, and anyone else working with people with physical disabilities and the elderly exactly how these simple techniques can make big improvements to a person's physical and mental wellbeing.

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ISBN-13: 9781848190887
Publisher: Kingsley, Jessica Publishers
Publication date: 03/15/2012
Pages: 204
Sales rank: 1,250,060
Product dimensions: 6.60(w) x 9.60(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Cynthia W. Quarta has taught martial arts for over twenty five years and was the activities director at an assisted living facility. She continues to teach seated Taiji classes in a number of locations to a range of ages and levels of physical fitness. These include classes for older people, people with physical disabilities, college students, middle-aged adults, and adults with profound intellectual disabilities at a local mental health center. She lives in Great Falls, Montana.

Table of Contents

Foreword Michelle Maloney Vallie 9

Introduction 11

1 Chinese Medicine 13

The qi of Taiji and Qigong 15

The five elements 16

The eight meridians 17

The junction points 18

The Three Treasures 19

The three dan tians 20

Before you begin 21

2 Seated Qigong Quick Picker-Uppers: exercises to defeat fatigue and Re-Energize 23

The history of Qigong 23

Sample lesson for beginners 24

Qigong warm-up exercises 25

Gathering Qi 25

Lifting Your Qi 25

Centering Qi 26

Combined Qigong/Taiji exercises 28

Head, Neck, andShoulders 28

Flower Bud Opens 30

Golden Cockerel 31

Brushing Tree Trunk 32

Centering Qi 33

Act pressure points 34

Meditative relaxation 35

Introduction to Qigong exercise 37

Level one Qigong exercises 39

Qigong warm-up exercises 40

Gathering Qi 40

Stimulating Qi 40

Spreading Qi 41

Lifting Your Qi 41

Centering Qi 42

Qigong exercises 42

The Crane 42

The Turtle 43

The Deer 44

Balancing the Triple Warmer 45

Shooting the Bow 45|

Big Bear Turns from Side to Side 47

Touching Toes, Bending Backward 48

Centering Qi 49

Level two Qigong exercises 50

Qigong warm-up exercises 50

Gathering Qi 50

Stimulating Qi 50

Spreading Qi 51

Lifting Your Qi 51

Centering Qi 52

Qigong exercises 53

Raising Each Ann 53

Washing the Marrow with One Hand 53

Wise Owl Gazes Backward 55

Wagging Tail to Calm Heart Fire 55; Crane's Beak 56

Crane Flaps Wings 57

Cow Looks at the Moon Behind 58

Leaning to the Side to Cool Excess Heat 58

Centering Qi 59

Level three Qigong exercises 60

Qigong warm-up exercises 60

Gathering Qi 60

Stimulating Qi 61

Spreading Qi 61

Lifting Your Qi 62

Centering Qi 62

Qigong exercises 63

Silk Reeling 63

Bear Turns 64

Bear Pushes to the Back 65

Bear Pushes Down 66

Bear Offering 67

Bear Pushes Side to Side 68

First Crow of the Rooster 68

Holding the Sun 70

Inhaling River and Mountain 71

Punching with a Steady Gaze 73

Centering Qi 75

Actipressure points for Qigong exercises 76

3 Seated Taijiquan: Exercises for Health and Fitness 79

The beginnings of Taiji 79

The Taiji diagram 81

Exercises for emotional exhaustion 83

Option one 84

White Crane 85

Push Up Sky/Press Down on Earth 86

The Turtle 87

Holding Up Sky 88

Centering Qi 89

Acupressure points to relieve emotional exhaustion 90

Option two 92

An 93

Hands Waving in Clouds 94

Fair Lady Works Shuttles 96

Wrist to Wrist 97

Centering Qi 98

Acupressure points to relieve emotional exhaustion 99

Exercises for mental stress 101

Option one 103

Balloon Breathing 103

Butterfly 104

Flower Bud Opens 105

Backward Ann Swings 106

Centering Qi 107

Acupressure points to relieve mental stress 108

Option two 109

Pull/Push 109

Brushing Tree Trunk 110

Plucking Thread 111

Yoga Facelift 112

Centering Qi 113

Acupressure points to relieve mental stress 114

Exercises for physical fatigue 115

Option one 119

Head, Neck, and Shoulders 119

Bird's Feathered Hand 121

Wild Horse 122

Green Dragon 123

Repulse Monkey 125

Trunk Rotations 126

Centering Qi 127

Acupressure points to relieve physical fatigue 128

Option two 130

Loosening Knees 131

Chair Straddles 131

Pushing Up Sky with Foot Rolls 133

Ankle Presses and Circles 134

Bow Stance 135

Golden Cockerel 137

Leg Sweeps Lotus 138

Thrust Kicks 139

Centering Qi 140

Acupressure points to relieve physical fatigue 141

Exercises for relaxation 143

Option one 146

Balloon Breathing 146

Butterfly 147

Brushing Tree Trunk 148

Centering Qi 148

Self massage 149

Meditative relaxation 153

Acupressure points for relaxation 155

Option two 157

Head, Neck, and Shoulders 157

Trunk Rotations 159

Yoga Facelift 159

Centering Qi 160

Self-massage 161

Meditative relaxation 164

Acupressure points for relaxation 165

Option three 166

An 166

Push Up Sky/Press Down on Earth 167

Hands Waving in Clouds 168

Centering Qi 169

Self-massage 169

Meditative relaxation 174

Actipressure points for relaxation 175

4 The Role of Stress in Disease 177

Stress and your environment 178

Feng Shui 179

Clean up the clutter! 183

Reducing fatigue and stress with water 185

Final reminders and suggestions 187

Music and readings 188

Appendix A Abbeviations of Meridians 191

Appendix B Locations of acupressure Points 193

Bibliography 197

Index 199

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