Second Chance

Second Chance

by Sandra J. Gerencher
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ISBN-13: 9780981461922
Publisher: Tribute Books
Publication date: 04/14/2008
Pages: 28
Product dimensions: 0.07(w) x 8.50(h) x 11.00(d)
Age Range: 6 Years

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Second Chance 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
Beverly_Stowe More than 1 year ago
Animal shelters are filled with dogs and cats and other creatures waiting for someone to love them, for someone to give them a forever home. With each visitor to the shelter, their hopes rise that this person will be their new mommy or daddy. Their hopes die when they aren't chosen. Author Sandra J. Gerencher has written a story about Chance, a four-month-old Rottweller, German Shepherd mix, that lives in a pen at the shelter with his buddy, Ruffles. One day a lady and little boy are looking at the animals, and when she hugs and kisses Chance he knows he has "the lady eating out of my paw." The lady adopts Chance and soon he's living in his new home with the little boy and three other dogs, who he later discovers are all adopted, except for one dog. From the beginning Chance and the boy have a special connection. Chance can talk to the boy, who talks back to him. This shows a lovely relationship between a boy and his dog. Telling the story from Chance's viewpoint allows the reader to see how a dog might view his world and the people who inhabit it. We witness humor and wonder as Chance adjusts to his family. Many of the words he hears confuse Chance. What does adoption mean? What is autism? In his new home, Chance has rules to follow, as do his new brothers and sister, as well as the boy Ryan. The author cleverly weaves information about autism into this touching story about being different. This would make a good supplemental reader for school classes to help students understand that some children and adults are different, but that this difference makes each of them unique.
mikeshoule More than 1 year ago
A wonderfully true story about the ultimate statement of a mother's love, adoption. The author's "journey" begins many years earlier with rescuing unwanted dogs from shelters, but this book tells the tale of the bond that is formed between her two most precious and recent adoptions - her son Terry and his dog Chance. Told from the viewpoint of the dog, the book is both comical and at times emotional as you witness almost firsthand the difference Chance makes in Terry's life. A nice gift for yourself or for others.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Sandra J. Gerencher addresses many issues in her well- written, entertaining, informative book SECOND CHANCE. Not only is this a tale that deserves wide attention among proponents of animal shelters and readers seeking a degree of understanding of autism, it also stands alone as a beautifully illustrated (by Virginia Cody) book for informing children about the concept of adoption. For this reader this book is one of the finest explanations for sharing the meaning of adoption with youngsters - a definite assist to parents who adopt and are searching for the best way to discuss the topic with their family. But Gerencher goes further than the usual author of books for children by engaging the reader using a dog's view of the process. The warmly human 'lady' of the story goes to the animal shelter, adopts a German Shepherd/Rottweiler pup that is seemingly unwanted, and takes the pup 'Chance' home - adopting (a strange word to the narrator Chance) yet another animal for her houseful of Pomeranians. The manner in which Chance interacts with his new 'brothers' as well as his bonding with the lady's adopted autistic son Ryan offers the crux of the story, a story that explains the nurturing and care and sense of family that occurs with the concept of the term 'adoption'. In Gerencher's gently elegant style of writing the story avoids being maudlin and instead focuses on the wisdom of both animals and humans in exploring, understanding and integrating Adoption as a means of illustrating an extended family, or in other words a `second chance' at life. And by electing to set the typeface of the narration superimposed on the beautifully realized watercolor-like manipulated photography of each of the dogs and the boy, this book becomes an art piece as well. As with other authors who offer subtitles to their books, Gerencher opens her fountain of knowledge and experience in her addressed fields by adding the subtitle 'How Adoption Saved A Boy With Autism and His Shelter Dog'. This book is a fine achievement in literature, in children's books, and in teaching resources for every reader, no matter the age. Highly recommended. Grady Harp
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book is an absolutly beautiful story. If it does not touch a place in everyone's heart who reads the book, then you have no heart. It is so much more than just a story of adoption. It is a story of a new beginning for what I call 'throw away animals and people'. The animals that no one wants because they are not pretty or meet a certain criteria. And children who are not perfect and have special needs. There are hundreds of special children and animals out there waiting for someone to love them and give them a home. They deserve a second chance at life. In this book Chance, a dog, is doing the talking which my grandson's thought was neat. They found this book to be funny and they loved it. As an adult I agree with them, but I see so much more to this story. What an excellent read for everyone. I encourage people every where to buy this book. Not only will your children and grandchildren enjoy this book but so will you. Brandon, Johnny and Sandra Heptinstall
Guest More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Debra Gaynor for 5/08 Second Chance is a touching story about adoption. Mom and Ryan, her adopted autistic son, go to an animal shelter to adopt a dog. Chance is a Rottweiler, German Shepherd mix puppy. He is now Ryan¿s dog. Chance has to adjust to having two smaller brothers and a smaller sister. He has to learn Mom¿s rules. Chance is a lucky dog to live with such a loving family. The front cover is beautifully illustrated. I read this story to my 6 and 7-year-old grandchildren. Unfortunately, it did not hold their attention. The illustrations inside the book are dark and muted. The printing is in white, which made it hard to read. Personally, I liked the plot, but it lacks appeal to children.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I just loved this story. The dog is so funny and innocent, just like a child. I bought it for my daughter, who I adopted when she was 3. We've adopted another child since her and it has been the best experience of our lives. There is no difference between my natural children and my adopted children. They are all treated equally. This book expresses exactly how I feel and how I want my adopted daughter and soon to feel. Great Job!
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is a cleverly written book that entertains the reader from start to finsh. I laughed at all the dog characters and their little quirks and cried when the the boy explained adpotion to the dog. A must read for anyone who wants to explain adoption to their adopted child. However, I woudn't recommend the book for very young children (ages 5-8).
Guest More than 1 year ago
Here is a story that children can grasp regarding adoption. It cuts out all the jargon and gets right down to the facts, through a dogs point of perspective. I recommend this book to anyone that needs to explain adoption to their child or for anyone who just wants to be entertained.