Second Chances: The Miracle of Transplants

Second Chances: The Miracle of Transplants

by Laura M. Cornell




To all those awaiting or going through a transplant, I pray for you all, but particularly for those who do not believe in the miracle of life.

Each and every moment of life is a miracle. I believe that and not just because of all the miraculous recoveries in this life of mine. It is because of the magic of others, their gifts, their nurturing knowledge, and their sense of humor, which were all part of my recovery. I faced death and I rejoice in life. Through it all, here I am. A mystic at heart, I believe in the magic of this life — I awaken and it is meaningful. I find the light in the most mundane things.

The light is the opportunity we all have to shed the darkness in our hearts and minds. Tomorrow may never come, I acknowledge this, yet every moment the light is surrounding me in my sadness and fear. My tomorrows have been continuing, and with each day the magic begins anew.

Recovery at times was slow and the mental anguish overwhelming, but I never let this light disappear from my heart. I believe in my strength because I believe in the miracles of diabetes and transplants. Oh, to be so blessed! One needs to let go and accentuate the positive. Hallelujah, with the magic of others, the light surrounds you.

Sometimes I feel great sadness for the world around us. We seem to have lost touch with all we can be for ourselves and others. We find angry thoughts that conquer nothing.

May I ask, while on this journey with me, this you find your weaknesses and your strengths, but most of all that you allow the magic of others to be a part of your journey. Every day I thank God for being on these travels with me, and I pray for everyone on their journey to a new life. The magic is in my beliefs and in my thoughts of you. We, the other transplant recipients, are with you if you allow us to be, and together we can find the exquisite love that surrounds us all. I have found compassion and forgiveness in each and every moment.

Remember, when you are angry, sad, or frightened, this light still surrounds you. But, I believe, sometimes one needs to turn it on.

If only there could be a state of mind in which the self could disappear. This could possibly bring about a kindness and sensitive nature in our interactions with others that might even be inevitable.

To endure, one needs the rapture of faith as an inexhaustible necessity. When one feels jubilation toward life that is all encompassing — toward one another, the animals, the trees, and the water — the the earth is our prize. Thousands eventually have the experience of this comprehension, and peacefulness and calmness ensue.

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