The Second Question: Poems

The Second Question: Poems

by Diana Der-Hovanessian



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ISBN-13: 9781931357456
Publisher: Sheep Meadow Press, The
Publication date: 02/12/2007
Pages: 120
Product dimensions: 6.50(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.28(d)

About the Author

DIANA DER-HOVANESSIAN is the author of twenty-two books of poetry and translations and has received numerous awards for her work from the National Endowment for the Arts, the Poetry Society of America, and PEN-Columbia Translation Center, among others.

Table of Contents

Summer Street
When She Left     3
Wild Mint     4
Emily Dickinson in Arizona     5
Lot's Wife     6
Split the Lark     7
Emily Baking     8
Six Crows     9
What You'll Find     10
American Ending     11
Widow     12
Final Punishment     13
At the Bazaar     14
Litany     15
Consolation     16
In the Old Country     17
Why I Never Waited for Prince Charming     18
Summer Street, Worcester     19
Summer School     20
How I Lost God at the MLA Convention     21
Poet     22
Broken Nose     23
Epicenter     24
She     25
They     26
Love     27
Our Story     28
Finally     29
Eros     30
Taking my Blood Pressure     31
Blue Laws     32
Reasons for a Marriage     33
The Associated Press Reports     34
The Second Question
When God Was a Woman     37
Forgiveness     38
They Say: Come Home     39
The Delusion     40
1915     41
The Second Question     42
In Cambridge     43
What My Grandfather Told Me About Hell     44
Brat     45
The First Morning     46
Horovel     47
For Luda Laughing     48
The Physics of Baseball     49
Wild Dogs     51
Saffron Tea     52
Vehicle in Vines     53
Three A.M. Dream     54
Letter from Roupen Sevag     56
When I Go Back to Hayasdan     57
The Artsakh Soldier to His Widow     59
By Now     60
How Not to Freeze     61
Paradise     62
War in Iraq     63
The Armenian Speaks     64
Why He Fled     66
Ending with Frost     67
Supervivientes     68
The Art of Making Dances     69
Mist     70
Showing Our Age     71
Cold Fire     72
Seven Warnings     73
Little Story
Little Story     77
Post Party Blues      77
Sexist Poem     78
Columbus     78
Uninvited     79
The Polished One     79
Candidate's Mate     79
Faults Witness     80
Women's Rib     80
Love Potion     80
Bad Press     81
Honest Face     81
Non Voyage     81
Patience, Friends     82
Balancing Act     82
Icarus     83
Cruise Blues     83
Don Juan     83
On Common Ground     84
Rock Ages     84
Earning a Rest     84
Alive and Well     85
Nature's Plan     85
Love Like a Rose     85
After Ben Franklin     86
Out of His Absence     86
Foreign Impressions     86
Earmark     87
Down Hill     87
Do Your Pantyhose Give You a Fit?     87
Heckler     88
Caucasian Proverb     89
Some Sharing     89
Six Decent Lines     89
The False Prince Replies     90
Circus Career     91
Top Jobs      91
In Which a Muse is Compared     92
Western Woman     93
For My Incompatible Love     94
Other People's Stories
After Catallus     97
We Never Discuss Trapping Monkeys     97
Gangster's Funeral     97
On First Looking at a Paperback Homer     98
Villanelle for Villon     99
Obituary List     100
New York, London 1902     101
Rivals     102
For Someone Turned Treacherous     103
Praise to the Sultan     104
Ballade des Dames du Temps Jadis     105

What People are Saying About This

James Merrill

“Der-Hovanessian has, to be sure, a wonderful, even fearful subject; but knowing what to make of that, how to make it art, is another and rarer matter.”

Adrienne Rich

“I feel her poems in me, the sense of destruction and unquenchable life, of creativity and genocide, fragmentation and connectedness. They are profoundly touching, heart reaching. I feel admitted in some way to her Armenian culture and experience through a kind of generosity and openness in the poems.”

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