The Second World War

The Second World War

by A.W. Purdue


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The Second World War ended the Nazi attempt to establish Germany as the dominant power in Europe and the world; and Japan's aim of controlling South East Asia and the Pacific. It also resulted in the creation of two super-powers and led to the Cold War.

A. W. Purdue provides one of the most concise yet comprehensive accounts of the entire course of World War Two, covering both the European and the Asian Pacific conflicts. Thoroughly revised and updated in the light of the latest scholarship, this second edition of an established text:

* challenges accepted views and reassesses the war, rejecting the simplistic concept of a 'war against fascism'
* discusses the historiography and critically analyses key themes and issues, as well as examining current debates
* considers changes in popular attitudes to the Second World War.

Ideal for students and general readers alike, this is an essential introduction to the causes, nature and significance of World War Two from the perspective of the twenty-first century.

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ISBN-13: 9780333626924
Publisher: Springer Customer Service Center GmbH
Publication date: 04/19/1999
Pages: 224
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About the Author

A.W. PURDUE isVisiting Professor in History at the University of Northumbria, UK.

Table of Contents

List of Maps.- Chronology.- Maps.- Preface.- Introduction.- The Origins of the Second World War.- A European War.- A World War?.- Behind the Lines.- Roads to Victory 1943-44.- Unconditional Surrender.- Conclusion.- Notes.- Annotated Bibliography.- Index.

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From the Publisher

Purdue has successfully updated his short history of the Second World War, adding new insights and incorporating recent research.' - George Peden, University of Stirling, UK

'An excellent short work on the war.' - Spencer C. Tucker, Virginia Military Institute, USA

Praise for the first edition:

'Clear, readable, judicious and incisive - Bill Purdue canters through the historiographical minefield with enviable poise.' - Antony Lentin, Reader in History, Open University, UK

'Essential text for any serious student of the subject.' - Sue Bruley, Portsmouth University, UK

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