Secrecy in the Sunshine Era: The Promise and Failures of U.S. Open Government Laws

Secrecy in the Sunshine Era: The Promise and Failures of U.S. Open Government Laws

by Jason Ross Arnold

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ISBN-13: 9780700620425
Publisher: University Press of Kansas
Publication date: 09/25/2014
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 544
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

Jason Ross Arnold is assistant professor of political science at Virginia Commonwealth University. He has previously published articles on public ignorance, corruption, and public opinion.

Table of Contents

Preface and Acknowledgments
1. Introduction
-The Promise
-the Pitfall
-Comparing Sunshine-Era Administrations
-Organization of the Book
2. Excessive Secrecy and Institutional Change
-Necessary and Unnecessary Secrecy
-What Do You Need to Know? What Do You Need to Not Know?
-The Consequences of Growing and Excessive Secrecy
-Explaining Excessive Secrecy
-Explaining Change in the Secrecy Regime
3. Explaining Change in the Secrecy Regime
-A "Pearl Harbor Sort of Purple American Fury": 9/11 as a National Security Crisis and a Window of Opportunity
-The Rise of Mosaic Theory
-Tightening up FOIA Administration: Returning to Reagan-Bush Rules
-Classified Information
4. Violating FACA from the Start: A History of Presidential Defiance
-The Bush-Cheney Administration
-The Clinton-Gore Administration
-Bush-Quayle: the Most FACA Compliant
-Reagan-Bush: FACA Defiers par Excellence
5. Secret Law: The "Sinister Trend That Has Gone Relatively Unnoticed"
-The Legality of Secret Law
-Secret Law in the OLC before Bush-Cheney
-Clinton-Gore Did Not Invent It: Secret Law in the Bush-Quayle and Reagan-bush OLCs
-Before Bush-Quayle
-Beyond the OLC, Part 1: Secret "Controlling Interpretations" of FISA
-Beyond the OLC, Part 2: National Security Directives
-Propaganda and Secret Law in the Bush-Cheney Years: Back to the OLC
6. Presidential Secrecy in the Courts
-Secret Evidence
-State Secrets Privilege
7. Secret Science: From Bush-Cheney to Bush-Quayle
-Secret Science
-The Bush-Cheney Administration
-"An Unprecedented Pattern of Behavior"?
-The Clinton-Gore Administration
-The Bush-Quayle Administration
8. Secret Science: the Reagan-Bush Administration
-A "Dense Fog of Concealment" about Agent Orange: Secret Data, a Bungled Study, and the Impact on Vietnam Veterans Constitutional Limitations
-The Wider War to Protect Dioxins and Their Manufacturers
-Concealing and Fudging Mortality Rates at the VA
-The OMB's New Filter
-Safeguarding Nuclear Secrets
-Other Ways to Keep Unclassified Information from Scientists
9. When All Else Fails: Shredding, Burning, Deleting, or Whatever It Takes
-Nixon's Advice
-The Shredding Party
-Shredding Secrets: When Blocking Access Is Not Enough
-National Security Archive versus Reagan, Bush, and Clinton
-Judicial Watch versus (Clinton-Gore) Department of Commerce
-The Bush-Cheney Administration
10. "The Most Open and Transparent Administration in History"?
-The Promise
-A "Glass Half Full"?
-"These Are Not Reflections of a "Most Transparent Administration"
-Secret Law
-Secrecy and the Courts
-The Federal Advisory Committee Act
-Secret Science
-Epilogue: Snowden's Revelations
11. Conclusion
-What Can Be Done?

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