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The Secret Desires of a Soccer Mom

The Secret Desires of a Soccer Mom

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by Robyn Harding

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“I felt fairly confident that I would take this information to my grave–even though it was the juiciest thing to happen in Aberdeen Mists in about eight years.”
Paige Atwell appears to have a fulfilling life in the cozy community of Aberdeen Mists–a nice house, a great husband, and two young kids. But behind the façade of neighborhood


“I felt fairly confident that I would take this information to my grave–even though it was the juiciest thing to happen in Aberdeen Mists in about eight years.”
Paige Atwell appears to have a fulfilling life in the cozy community of Aberdeen Mists–a nice house, a great husband, and two young kids. But behind the façade of neighborhood coffee klatches and carpools, Paige is growing restless with her increasingly busy spouse, the early onset of her ten-year-old daughter’s teenage hostility, and her young son’s alarming preoccupation with bodily functions.
When her friend and neighbor, Karen, looking even more vibrant and gorgeous than usual, confesses to a passionate affair with a sizzling Latin lover, Paige assesses her own state of domestic ecstasy: not good. But Paige’s attempts to “re-sexualize” her marriage produce comically calamitous consequences.
Just when Paige begins to wonder whether an extramarital remedy may be the key to happiness, Karen is found dead in her garage, lying in a pool of blood. The residents of Aberdeen Mists may be satisfied with the freak accident theory–that Karen fell and hit her head on a metal toolbox–but Paige knows the adulterous secret that could blow the closed case wide open.
With sleuthing skills acquired from her favorite TV crime dramas, Paige vows to find out the truth. Her list of potential perps (that’s what Law & Order calls them, right?) includes Karen’s aggrieved husband, Doug, and sexy Spanish lothario Javier. As Paige’s Miss Marple—esque adventure winds through her allegedly quiet enclave to the boundaries of her ownfidelity, what she uncovers may prove more shocking than she ever imagined.
In this outrageously entertaining gem, Robyn Harding shines a light on the plight of suburban housewives–the sacrifices, the secrets, and the desperate lengths they’ll go to to keep up appearances. With a sharp wit and a delightfully unpredictable story line, Harding’s darkly funny novel examines whether the grass really is greener on the other side of the white picket fence . . . or if it’s just a good place to bury a body.

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly
Like an episode of Desperate Housewives, this suburban murder mystery from Harding (follow-up to her well-received debut, The Journal of Mortifying Moments) is predictable to a fault. Inspired by her friend Karen's hot affair with a Latin man, Colorado stay-at-home mom Paige Atwell attempts to "re-sexualize" her own passion-deficient 12-year-old marriage. But before she can step up her efforts, Karen is found dead in her garage. Suspecting Karen's death was no accident, Paige and her friends-a divorc e, a mistress-made-wife and a prude-turn their sights on Karen's husband, Doug. Weighed down by featherweight characters-Karen's paramour, Javier, of course, gets the full Latin lover treatment-Paige's narration leads the plot deep into camp territory: "Karen couldn't be dead, she just couldn't. She was too young, too pretty, too full of life.... And she lived in Aberdeen Mists, for Christ's sake. People did not just up and die in Aberdeen Mists!" (On sale July 25) Copyright 2006 Reed Business Information.
Library Journal
Paige Atwell is shocked when her friend Karen reveals a torrid affair and then stunned when Karen is found dead. Sure that Karen's secret may have played a role in her death, Paige does some sleuthing. At the same time, she tries to re-ignite the spark in her own marriage as she battles with a surly preteen daughter and bodily function-obsessed son. The plot of Harding's (The Journal of Mortifying Moments) mystery lacks real tension, leaving the novel feeling flat. Harding aces Paige-from her humorous attempts at marital passion to her frustrated parenting, there's a lot for readers to like-but Paige alone isn't strong enough to carry the book. Recommended for larger libraries where mom lit/mysteries are popular. Copyright 2006 Reed Business Information.
Kirkus Reviews
When one of her best friends dies, a suburban wife and mother suspects murder. Paige Atwell's gracious home in Denver, her loyal husband, healthy kids and weekly coffee klatch with neighboring moms all add up to the American dream. Well, maybe somebody's American dream, but lately Paige has begun to feel something's missing. Things get worse when her friend Karen confesses to Paige that she is having an affair with the Latino model from her life-drawing class. Paige is at first shocked and then slightly unmoored by the recurrent fantasies that fill her head of Karen and her Latin lover. The chronic round of errands and pick-up times for her children's soccer matches, dance lessons, play-dates, doctors' appointments-and her husband's increasing last-minute calls to say he won't be home for dinner-only exacerbate Paige's obsession with the lack of passion in her life. She finally mentions her frustration to another friend, Jane, who tells Paige she needs to "resexualize" her marriage. Paige is game . . . but several attempts to be spontaneous with her husband end disastrously. Then comes the news that Karen has been found dead in her garage. Paige's imagination goes into overdrive: Did Karen's husband discover the affair and kill her in a jealous rage? What about Karen's mysterious lover? Out of loyalty to Karen, Paige tells no one about the affair-even when the police come around to ask some routine questions. They seem to think it was just an unfortunate accident. When Paige suggests otherwise, her friends tell her she has she been watching too many episodes of CSI, so she decides to take matters into her own hands. Harding (The Journal of Mortifying Moments, 2004) has a breezy, headlongstyle, but Paige's ham-handed attempts at being a private eye so mortifyingly misfire that they have no chance of being funny. Desperate Housewives with a high cringe quotient.

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We were loading coffee cups into the dishwasher when my friend Karen made a startling confession.
“I have something to tell you,” she said.
“Okay.” I continued tipping the dregs of cold coffee into the sink and plunking the empty cups into the top tray. It was a Wednesday, the day the five of us got together for coffee and conversation. This week, it had been my turn to host. When the others left to pick up various children from preschool, run errands, or go to the gym, Karen had volunteered to stay behind and help me clean up. Although . . . she wasn’t really helping anymore. Now she was just standing there, leaning against the blue tiles of my kitchen island, with a strange look on her face.
“Don’t judge me, okay?”
“Okay.” This time, I stopped what I was doing and looked at my friend. Her cheeks were pink under her late-summer tan, and she seemed to be trying to maintain a somber expression while on the verge of hysterical giggles.
“Umm . . .” She cleared her throat. “I’ve been seeing someone.”
I was silent for a few moments, choosing my words carefully. “Well, that’s nothing to feel ashamed of. I’ve often thought I should get some therapy to deal with my parents’ divorce. I know I was twenty-seven when they split up, but that doesn’t mean that it didn’t still hurt.”
“I’m not seeing a shrink, Paige.”
“Oh . . .” It took me a second. “Oh!”
“You promised not to judge me!”
“I won’t. I’m not! It’s just that . . .”
“I’m just shocked, that’s all. I thought that you and Doug were so happy.”
“We were happy. But when I met . . . this person,” Karen said, blushing again and forcing away the delighted smile that was threatening to curl her lips, “I realized that my relationship with Doug just wasn’t enough for me. I know it sounds terrible.”
“Well . . . ,” I said.
“If you’re going to look down on me for this, then I won’t say any more.” Karen moved to retrieve her coat off the back of a kitchen chair.
“No, don’t go,” I soothed, realizing that I had offended her. “Let’s have some more cake and talk.” I cut two enormous slabs of Sara Lee apple-cinnamon coffee cake and led her to the breakfast nook. When we were seated at the pine kitchen table in the sunny alcove, I took a moment to study my friend. The sun streaming in through the bank of windows picked up the highlights in her chestnut hair and gave her complexion a golden glow. With her sparkling blue eyes and flush of delighted embarrassment, she looked almost impossibly girlish and pretty—far younger than her thirty-six years. Extramarital sex obviously agreed with her.
“Okay . . . ,” I said gently. “Tell me how this happened.” Of course, I was trying to be a supportive and nonjudgmental friend, but a small part of me was positively gleeful! This was the most exciting news I’d heard in years. Our Denver suburb was very quiet.
“Well . . . ,” she began, daintily picking at the drizzled icing with her fork tines. “Like I said, Doug and I were happy. We have the big house, the nice cars, the time-share in Playa del Carmen. . . . I was content, complacent even. But sexually—”
I choked on my mouthful of cake. “I’m fine,” I mumbled. “Go on.”
“Sexually, I wasn’t fulfilled. You know we’ve been trying to get pregnant for almost two years now, thanks to Doug’s low-mobility sperm. That’s really taken the fun out of it—the schedules, the ovulation predictor, the cold packs in Doug’s shorts . . .”
I managed to refrain from choking again, but I was sure I’d never look at Karen’s CFO husband the same way again.
“Sex should be spontaneous! Passionate! Sex should make you feel like you are the most beautiful, sensual creature on the planet, like you could conquer the world.”
I was nodding along here, but it had been a very long time since sex had made me feel anything but . . . good. If it had ever made me feel like a world conqueror, I couldn’t remember it.
“And that’s how I feel when I make love with Javier. It’s mind-blowing! I’ve never had this kind of sex with Doug.”
“He’s Spaaaanish!” She said this like she was saying “He’s covered in chocolate.”
“Where did you meet him?”
“At my art class. I know it’s wrong, Paige, but I swear, he’s completely irresistible!” Cue the pink cheeks and girlish giggles.
“Spanish and an artist,” I said. “That does sound pretty irresistible.”
“He’s not an artist. He’s the model.”
“Oh! Wow!”
“Yeah, I know,” she practically squealed. “He’s also a barista—to make ends meet. He doesn’t care about status, and he doesn’t want to get caught up in the rat race. It’s a different culture, a different attitude.”
“Well, I, personally, love coffee,” I said gamely.
“He is just so beautiful, inside and out—and not in that plastic, Hollywood kind of way. His face has so much character. That’s why he’s so great to draw. And his body is unbelievable! And his eyes! Oh God, Paige, his eyes—they smolder.”
“Smolder, eh?” I didn’t know what else to say.
“Smolder,” she said, flopping back in her chair with a positively postcoital sigh.
I cleared my throat. “He sounds amazing, but . . .”
“And it’s not just his looks. He really gets me, you know? Like, he can see who I am—the real me—deep down inside. There’s a bit of a language barrier, of course, but it’s almost like we transcend words.”
“Umm . . . okay. But what does this mean for you and Doug?”
She sat forward and stabbed a forkful of cake. “I don’t know. When this all started, I thought it would be a fling. It was just passion, just lust in the beginning. But now . . . we have so much more.” She stuffed the cake into her mouth.
“Do you still love Doug?”
“Of course I do,” she mumbled through her apple-cinnamon confection, “but isn’t it possible to love someone and yet not feel a real emotional connection to him?”
I thought about my own marriage for a second. Paul and I had celebrated our twelfth anniversary last month, but would I say we had a real emotional connection? We certainly did have one when we were first together, but over the last ten years, things had changed. His life revolved around his job in software sales, and mine had been focused on our two kids. But I still loved him. He was my husband, the father of my children . . . “I suppose it’s possible,” I said.
“And now I just want to be with Javier all the time! Honestly, Paige, I can’t get enough of him—physically, emotionally, spiritually. I don’t know how much longer I can keep up this façade with Doug.”
“But, Karen,” I said solemnly, “you and Doug have a life together. You and Javier just have great sex.”
“Ha!” A humorless laugh erupted from within her. “Doug and I have things together, possessions. That’s not a life, Paige: Javier taught me that. Seriously . . .”—she looked at me intently—“I’m beginning to think there was a reason I couldn’t get pregnant. If I had a baby with Doug, I’d be tied to him forever.”
“True,” I murmured. My own fruitful marriage suddenly felt like a life sentence in Sing Sing.
Karen suddenly looked at her watch. “I’ve got to go.” She jumped up. “I’ve got a bikini wax at noon.” I followed her down the hall and into the front foyer, a large open space with an Italian tiled floor and high, coved ceiling. This “grand entryway,” as the architect had called it, was a common feature in the area’s newer homes. Undoubtedly, it was intended to give the impression of a Georgian manor or something, but the piles of kids’ shoes, sporting equipment, and schoolbooks tended to detract from its grandeur. I waited patiently while Karen slipped into her chocolate leather blazer, zipping up her matching stiletto boots.
“Thanks for coffee,” she said, taking my hands in hers. “And thanks for listening. Really, I was bursting to talk to someone, and you’re the only person I felt safe telling my secret to.”
I have to admit, I was somewhat surprised by this. Not that I couldn’t keep a secret. I could. I felt fairly confident that I would take this information to my grave—even though it was the juiciest thing to happen in Aberdeen Mists for about eight years. But although Karen and I were very close, I wouldn’t really have considered us confidantes. In fact, I would have thought she’d have had a more open and sharing kind of relationship with some of the other women in our clique. So why had she chosen me?
Karen was probably closest to Carly, who lived two houses away from me and six houses away from Karen. She was a more recent member of our social circle, having moved to the neighborhood just two years earlier. Carly had arrived a beaming newlywed, eager to start a family and immerse herself in suburban bliss. Shortly after relocating, her husband, Brian, left her for a middle-aged insurance adjuster with two young sons and an enormous pair of fake boobs.
Carly had been devastated. All she had ever wanted was to have a family. We had all rallied around our new neighbor in her time of crisis, and since then, she’d become an inextricable part of our social network. But I often wondered why she didn’t move back to the city after Brian’s cruel desertion. In Aberdeen Mists, she was literally surrounded by smiling familial units. It was like an alcoholic working in a bar or a Jenny Craig devotee living above a bakery! If it were me, I’d have moved to Washington Park or another trendy area full of restaurants and nightclubs and single men. I would have gone out dancing, done tequila shots, and made out with men much too young for me. But Carly stayed put, and thanks to time (and an ongoing prescription for Xanax), she began to heal.
Carly and Karen had a friendship unique to them: they were virtually the only women in the neighborhood who did not have children. This afforded them more free time to bond over drinks, to go out to movies, to go to the gym . . . Of course, Carly was busy with her home-based accounting practice, and Karen was busy having mind-blowing sex with a Spanish model/barista, but they still spent more time together than the rest of us.
I suppose it made sense that Karen had not confessed her affair to Carly. Given the adulterous demise of Carly’s marriage, she might not have been as open-minded and understanding as I was. Carly was kindhearted and generous to a fault, but Karen’s admission could have hit a little too close to home. Carly always assured us that she was healing, moving on, and putting Brian, and what might have been, behind her. But I often thought her smile seemed stretched a bit too tight, and her fawning over our children was a little forced.
Our friend Jane, on the other hand, would have been in no position to judge Karen’s fling. Her marriage to Daniel, a fifty-eight-year-old oil company executive, was the product of just such an affair. Jane had been Daniel’s secretary several years ago when they “accidentally” fell in love. She no longer worked for him, of course. Now she devoted her time to their two young daughters—and to her looks. Jane definitely qualified as a yummy-mummy. Thanks to regular salon visits, she had a lustrous mane of long, honey-colored hair; frequent facials (and, I suspected, a little Botox) had given her a glowing and youthful complexion; thrice-weekly Pilates classes had resulted in a body like Cameron Diaz; and a very talented plastic surgeon had provided her the perky breasts of an eighteen-year-old cheerleader. I had to admit, I really envied those boobs. They were just so . . . perfect. Mine were positively decimated by the breast- feeding. Not that I was particularly voluptuous before, but now they hung off my chest like two popped balloons.
As much as I coveted them, I knew I couldn’t afford a boob job: It was evident that my ten-year-old daughter, Chloe, would be needing braces in a couple of years. I also harbored a deep-seated fear that if I ever did have my breasts done, I would have a reaction to the anesthetic and die on the operating table. On the slim chance that I did survive the procedure, one of the implants would be sure to burst, leaching toxic chemicals into my bloodstream, eventually killing me. While I would have truly loved a pair like Jane’s, I could already hear my post-breast-implant eulogy:
Paige was a loving wife and mother. Unfortunately, she was also an incredibly vain woman, whose quest for larger breasts has left her young children motherless, and her husband, a widower.
Perfect breasts aside, Jane was a very compassionate woman and a good listener. And she could have provided much wiser counsel on the whole affair situation than a novice like me. On the other hand, Jane’s cheating streak appeared to be in the past. She and Daniel were extremely committed to each other—weirdly so. Due to the adulterous beginnings of their relationship, they had serious trust issues, which manifested themselves in multiple phone calls back and forth each day, numerous “date nights,” extravagant gifts, and couple’s holidays, all in an effort to prove they were still in love with each other and not screwing any of the staff. No, when I thought about it, it was probably better that Karen had confided in me.
The other member of our Wednesday coffee klatch was Trudy. There was no way that Karen would have divulged her secret to her! Trudy was quite possibly the sweetest, kindest person I knew. She was also the most virtuous . . . really, almost . . . pious. She was the type of woman who, after dropping a grocery bag full of canned goods on her bare foot, would say “Sugar”—but only if her toe was actually broken. Before she had children, she had been a nursery school teacher.
Trudy’s marriage was something she kept private. Her husband, Ken, was director of marketing for a telecommunications company. With his nonstop travel and frequent eighteen-hour workdays, he made my husband, Paul, look like a slacker. But unlike me, her spouse’s long hours and commitment to his job never seemed to bother Trudy. I’d asked her about it once, and she’d responded with a cheery “Well . . . sometimes it’s hard, but I just thank my lucky stars that I’ve married a man who can provide for our family and allow me to stay home to be with the children. It’s really a gift, you know.”
“Yes, it is,” I had responded weakly. Only moments before, I’d intercepted my son, Spencer, as he was writing the word poo on Jane’s daughter’s forehead with my lipstick.
So though we knew little about Trudy’s marriage, it was likely as perfect as the rest of her perfect life. Probably a little bland, I would have to surmise, but solid. Trudy and Ken seemed like the “missionary-position-every-second-Friday” kind of couple. If Karen had confessed the sordid details of her extramarital sex romps to Trudy, she might have spontaneously combusted.
I guess it did make sense for Karen to open up to me. I smiled at my friend and gave her hands a squeeze. “Your secret is safe with me.” Then I mimed locking my lips and throwing away the key. Corny, I know, but I couldn’t help it. I spent a large majority of my time hanging out with a six-year-old boy.

Meet the Author

Robyn Harding is the author of The Journal of Mortifying Moments. In her indecisive youth, she studied English literature, journalism, and marketing before embarking on a seven-year career in the advertising industry. She lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, with her husband and two young children. Say hi at robynharding.com.

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Secret Desires of a Soccer Mom 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I've only watched the show 'Desperate Housewives,' a handful of times in the couple of years its been on tv. As I read this book, I found my mind comparing what I was reading to what I had seen on those few times I did chose to tune into that particular tv show. The story sort of has that feel to it. The story is about Paige Atwell, our soccer mom. Paige lives in a suburb of Denver, with her husband and her two kids. Paige is content with things in her world, until one day, her friend Karen confides that she is having a passionate affair with a Spanish model from her art class. This news sends Paige's mind reeling, as she comes to the conclusion that her life is too plain and simple. Paige begins to obsess over this reveleation, wondering if maybe she needs to commit adultery to spice up her own life and happiness level. Soon after, Karen is found dead in her garage, suffering from a head wound suffered during and apparent accidental fall. Paige doesn't buy the fell down and conked her head theory, knowing the secrets about Karen's life that she knows. What ensues is Paige's desperate attempt to solve the murder of her friend, get her own life back on track, and keep her sanity. The story is cute..several times I actually laughed out loud as I was reading. It reads very quickly and keeps the reader pretty engaged throughout. This would be an excellent book to take on vacation with you, or just to curl up on the couch with one snowy afternoon. You'll laugh and you'll shake your head just like I did at Paige's antics. Overall, a decent read.
harstan More than 1 year ago
In Aberdeen Mists, Colorado, Paige Atwell knows she is bored with her marriage of twelve years to faithful Paul and staying at home to raise their two elementary school age children, Chloe and Spencer. However, how much ennui has set in over the dozen years comes to a head (no pun intended) when her married neighbor Karen confesses that she has been in a hot affair with a compassionate Latin lover Javier. Paige agrees ex should be spontaneous and euphoric not scheduled and mechanic. She decides it is up to her to recharge her relationship by 're-sexualize' the passion. --- However before she can generate her sex campaign, her neighbor Karen is found dead in her garage in what looks like an accident. Paige and other three coffee moms think otherwise as they believe Karen¿s spouse Doug learned of Javier and perhaps she was leaving him so he killed her making it look like an accident. Believing they are experts after watching TV police shows, the coffee mamas begin their brand of investigation. --- This cross between Desperate Housewives, Stella gets Her Groove, and CSI is an amusing contemporary tale especially when Paige¿s planned spontaneous sexual escapades lead to mortifying moments. The lighthearted story line is fun especially the family interludes, but goes over the edge during the amateur sleuth inquiry. Still fans will enjoy Paige¿s attack on her spouse and uncovering the identity of a killer while changing peed on sheets. --- Harriet Klausner