Secret Fantasy

Secret Fantasy

by Cheryl Holt
2.5 7

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Secret Fantasy 2.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
In this sexy Cinderella-like story, the beautiful, orphaned and penniless Margaret Gray must live with her selfish oversexed Aunt Lavinia and young conceited Cousin Penelope. The sweet, innocent, kind and intelligent, Margaret is respected by those in the local village and young children at the school where she works and is able to escape the verbal and at times physical abuse of her aunt and cousin. The widowed Lavinia discovers from her long time lover and Steward Robert Mason that she has depleted the funds left from the estate of her merchant husband. She plans an arranged marriage for Penelope with the titled, handsome and naughty Jordan Prescott, Viscount Romney. Jordan is cynical about life and love, as he has been burdened with estate debts and the care of his younger siblings left in his care by his rogue of a father Charles Prescott, the Earl of Kettering. When Jordan arrives at Lavinia's home to meet Penelope, he accidentally walks into the bedroom of the beautiful Margaret. He falls in immediate lust for her and decides he will have her as a mistress while pursuing the spoiled Penelope for marriage. When the Earl discovers his son is considering marriage to a rich young heiress, he plans to steal the young Penelope away from Jordan. He shows up at Lavinia's home accompanied by his long-time mistress Anne. This wicked house party soon becomes a house of schemes with revolving doors on the bedrooms, with the schemers unaware that not a one of them has any money. Penelope decides she would rather have Charles than the son Jordan. Lavinia wants Charles for herself while leading on her Steward Robert as well as Jordan. Anne, disappointed in Charles and his continued lies desires Robert. Jordan wants Margaret most of all. They meet for several passionate interludes that begin to grow into love. Margaret desires Jordan and realizes her love is growing and knows it will lead to a painful ending. While she and Jordan are struggling with their intense feelings, Lavinia catches them in a passionate embrace and evicts Margaret to the streets. Robert, while doing some searching into Lavinia's accounts, discovers that it is Margaret who has been the heiress all along and that Lavinia has been living off of Margaret's dowry while keeping her unaware and enslaved. Just as Jordan realizes he loves Margaret, he discovers the news about her dowry. He now understands he has an upward battle to convince her of his love, but most of all he seeks justice by attempting to find her and inform her of the inheritance, while at the same time making sure Lavinia and his father pay for the years of using people for their selfish needs. The secret fantasies of all the players involved in this story of scheming for money and sex fall into place in many surprise endings. Secret Fantasy is an entertaining erotic read that is difficult to put down with a complicated plot that seduces sizzles and flows in perfect balance.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I've read several books by Cheryl Holt and in general I like her writing. This one was a bomb - what was she thinking? There is not one likable character in the story - and there are quite a few characters to choose from! They are like cardboard cutouts. Pick another Cheryl Holt story to read.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This was my first book by Cheryl Holt and definately it will be my last. It was good only for the trashcan, as it was just that.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book was NOT a romance book. The characters were horrible, including the hero and heroine. I agree that the love scenes bordered on rape. I dont like books where the characters are so hateful and childish. An all around BAD book.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book unfortunately was not a Secret Fantasy. Thinking that this was going to be a beautiful love story, I was quite disappointed to find out that there is very little romance and characters that are supposed to be relatives are so mean, as the reader, you care only to hurry up and finish the novel. The aunt in this story makes Cinderella's stepmother look like an angel. Love scenes border on rape and there is nothing romantic about either hero or heroine. Truly a very disappointing read.
harstan More than 1 year ago
When her parents died young Margaret Gray moved into the household of her Aunt Lavinia where she learns what it is like to be the unwelcome poor relative. Over the years she has also become adept at ignoring her nasty younger cousin Penelope and the belief she will remain a worthless spinster as no man would marry a penniless female with no dowry and no chance of meeting anyone as her odious aunt has insured she is a social zero. In other words be grateful for the charitable crumbs.---------------- In 1812, Lavinia invites an Earl, Jordan Prescott, to her home thinking his rank is perfect for her offspring. However, he ends up in a room occupied by a half undressed Lavinia. He begins to make love to her though he wonders why she is older than his hostess mentioned. She admits to herself she is enjoying every kiss and caress. While he offers her the opportunity to share debauchery, which to her chagrin, Margaret is considering, Jordan knows he must marry wealth. This means wedding the heiress cousin if he is to provide for the future of his half-siblings after his father destroyed everyone¿s prospects, but he is falling in love with the poor relative though someone else will go to lethal means to keep them apart on this world.---------------- SECRET FANTASY is a delightful regency erotic romantic suspense starring two likable lead characters who find their limited options means no relationship beyond a month of heaven before plunging into diverse hells. The story line is fast-paced as Jordan and Margaret make love every moment they have together with both knowing the end is in sight. Though Lavinia comes from the Cinderella step-mother school (aunt aside) and the suspense comes late, readers will enjoy this strong tale of forbidden love.------------ Harriet Klausner