Secret no more!: 45 successful business people share their secrets about innovation, entrepreneurship and leadership

Secret no more!: 45 successful business people share their secrets about innovation, entrepreneurship and leadership

by Jonathan Løw (Editor)


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Young tech gurus, experienced top-level CEOs, leadership experts and social entrepreneurs come together to share their secrets about creating and scaling a startup, innovating within existing companies and leading with authenticity and passion.

When 45 global entrepreneurs, leaders and innovators share their most important secrets and insights it can nothing but inspire to dare believe more, to dare act more and to dare fail more. These 45 entrepreneurs, leaders and innovators have truly failed a lot and they dare sharing their failures in the book.

Some people might argue that once exposed, a secret loses all its power. The philosophy of this book is the opposite. We believe that if you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it.

Contributing entrepreneurs are:

Mogens Thomsen // To a more entrepreneurial world

Chris Guillebeau // Checklist for entrepreneurs

Dan Norris // My first business idea

Christina Hembo // Entrepreneurship is first and foremost hard work

Herle Jarlgaard Hansen // From an insecure quiet mousy to power entrepreneur

Susanne Hessellund // Where there’s a will, there’s a way

Joe Pulizzi // A wake up call for me

Jørgen Mads Clausen // Entrepreneurship, from cradle to grave

Torben Frigaard // Forever entrepreneur

Jeff Cornwall // The rules of bootstrapping a new business

Lisa Bønsdorff Dalsgaard // See the opportunities in the distractions

David Heinemeier Hansson // The stoic way

Chip Conley // From entrepreneur to CEO

Mads Langer // Leaning forward in life

Thor Thorøe // Only dead fish go with the flow

Tania Ellis // Do good and do well: Give while you grow!

Frederik Ottesen // Little sun – from little things big things grow

Selina Juul // Changing the world with entrepreneurship and 30 million views

Jeffrey Hollender // A guide to social entrepreneurship

Michael A. Freeman // Entrepreneurial minds on the edge of failure and success

Contributing innovators are:

Guy Kawasaki // Simple questions

Derek Sivers // It’s all about the mindset

Tony Ulwick // Customers buy products and services to get a job done

Thit Juul Madsen // Design-driven innovation

Torben Wiese // Appoint yourself head of innovation

David Cohen // A small ask is better

César A. Hidalgo // To shape the economy, think like an author not an owner

Morten Rongaard // The blockchain will completely disrupt your industry. Are you ready?

Nirmalya Kumar // Invisible Innovation

Todd Henry // Being mindful of the rhythm of your life

Christian Bason // Without curiosity, innovation dies

Michael Michalko // Change your thinking patterns

Sara Schøler Lass // Innovation is not a show off, but a passionated and dedicated effort…

Nikolaj Stagis // Your business has the potential to change the world

Jacqueline Novogratz // Values in tension

Henriette Weber // Listening in the right places

Michael E. Gerber // The astonishing spectacle of being stupid

Contributing leaders are:

Robin Sharma // Authentic leadership

John Mattone // Three basic leadership types

Kevin Kruse // And endless journey, never complete

Bastian Overgaard // Less talk, more value

Lynda Gratton // Eyes wide open

Karina Boldsen // From a “wannabe” man to a true power woman

Peter Kreiner // How you create a global success – and an experience that lasts

Johan Bülow // All fired up

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ISBN-13: 9788793607293
Publisher: Content Publishing ApS
Publication date: 01/08/2019
Pages: 204
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.43(d)

About the Author

Jonathan Løw is entrepreneur, speaker and adviser within entrepreneurship, marketing and innovation. He is founder of two companies both working with communication and innovation. At Listen Louder he holds speaches and workshops based on the belief about "listening louder". He is also co-founder and Head of Marketing at JumpStory, whose purpose is to help small and medium sized companies writing better digital content and texts by using a unique combination of skilled text writers and artificial intelligence (AI).

He is former Head of Online at the Danish book chain Bog & idé as well as investor and adviser in the startup and equity fond Accelerace. He has been named one of Denmark's 100 most talented leaders and has won a number of startup awards and have received the Danish e-commerce price for his work with the company

His present customers are amongst others: Vestas, Lemvigh-Müller, Dansk Industri,, GoMore, FOA and HK.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction - p. 10
  • Entrepreneurship - p. 12
  • Innovation - p. 96
  • Leadership - p. 172
  • Jonathan Løw - editor of Secret no more! - p. 202

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