The Secret of the Unknown Powers

The Secret of the Unknown Powers

by Buchanan


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A wondrous land of enchantment, Jamaica boasts a climate and terrain as beautiful as anywhere on earth. In addition to possessing a unique beauty, this land can also boast of an unusual people, with a mystical outlook on life. For this is a land of voodoo, of magical chants and mysteries, a place that few tourists can hope to really understand. And one of the mysteries of this realm of magic is unfolded within the pages of this book, The Secret of the Unknown Powers.

The author of this book, Buchanan, is a Christian, yet one deeply influenced by the beliefs of his homeland, Jamaica. He has had a hard life, one that has made him particularly open to realizing that there are many things beyond man's understanding. When Buchanan was but a child, his father was wrongly accused of murder. This incident would haunt Buchanan, causing him to go by an assumed name and travel throughout the West Indies and Mexico, hoping no one would discover his identity. During these travels, he began to see visions and have prophetic dreams. Indeed, this true story reads like a novel, but as they say, truth is stranger than fiction. If the fantastic qualities of everyday life, with or without visions, interest you, you will find The Secret of the Unknown Powers enthralling.

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ISBN-13: 9781456752538
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 04/07/2011
Pages: 80
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Copyright © 2011 Buchanan
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4567-5253-8

Chapter One

In my boyhood days, I was called Judge Cleveland until the age of eleven. I was born at a place called Cessnock Kendal, Hanover Parish, Jamaica, West Indies, in the year 1928. I never saw much of my father; until I was eleven, I was raised by my mother and grandmother.

My grandparents were Christians; my ancestors had been buccaneers, also known as pirates.

My father's people came from Scotland. During the time of slavery, they escaped from a pirate's ship and took refuge in Jamaica.

My great-grandfather was named James Buchanan. He named his son James Buchanan, Jr. My paternal grandmother was Arrawack, or Red Indian, and left Cuba to go to Jamaica. My mother's grandparents came from Africa. My mother's grandfather was a slave drive on the Glasco estate, located at the border between Westmoreland and Hanover parishes in Jamaica.

As a boy playing around the home, I received the news one day that my father was sentenced to be hanged for shooting a man named Francis. I was five years and a few months old at the time.

A few family members were sitting in the kitchen, at Cessnock. At the time of the shocking news, I said to my mother, "When I become a man, if I shoot a man, what would they do to me?" Her reply was "Never try it, son." That reply from my mother I remember most of days of my life. Such memories help to keep me out of trouble when I am being tempted by wicked ones.

When I was six, my father was released from that death sentence when his lawyer proved he was not guilty. In a few weeks, my father was released and sent home. When he came home, I remember he was driving a black car and wearing a black suit and a white shirt. My father lifted me up and sat me on his shoulder and carried me to the place that was made for him to partake of a large feast. The feast was curried goat, made of rice and goat's flesh. My mother and father had never married. Each one of them tried to take me from the other.

My mother was a very noisy type of woman. I grew up not liking certain kinds of noises, such as the sounds of arguments. At the same time, the noise of machines is okay, also singing and large functions are okay.

Chapter Two

Now I will return to discuss the unknown powers I learned about as a boy. I liked peace and quiet and plenty of knowledge. I would sometimes go to my aunt Virgie's or my grandmother's home for a few days until my mother's home was quiet. At my mother's home, I had my own private room that no one entered, unless I gave them permission.

At times I would sit down and read a book or draw a design of some kind. I hardly ever would have anyone come in. I have two older sisters and two younger sisters, also three small brothers and a mother. In fact, I'm my mother's and my father's first son.

I was baptized at about age seven by a Baptist Minister named Rodney. I found God at about nine. Back to the secrets of the unknown at about age eleven or twelve. In this room of my mother and grandfather's home, at night when I would go to bed I would first lock and bolt all my doors with steel bars and then go to sleep for part of the night. I would feel someone soft lying in bed with me, and it would put me into a coma. Some of the time I would get up when I was able to and light a candle or lamp and then when I looked around there was no one in sight. And all the doors were bolted.

As time went on, I tried to find out what it was. Some of the time I was afraid and some of the time I was not afraid. I always put great trust in God. I called it the secret of the unknown.

When I was growing up, to age thirteen, I drifted away from school and then started to learn about the fishing industry, which was controlled by my relatives. I didn't want to be a fisherman, but being a fisherman was possible for me at that time.

When I was twelve, Germany declared war on Belgium. Then the great Alexander Bustamantee, who is a relative of mine, came from Spain to Jamaica during the same year. Mr. Bustamantee then formed the Jamaican labor party, a party that would then develop to be one of the greatest parties in the history of the island of Jamaica. Then there was a wild riot of the Jamaican Labor party, during which many lives were taken. A wild riot rippled across Jamaica for a long time. At the Frome sugar estate, which was owned by Tate and Lloyd of England and known as the West Indies Sugar Company, after all the rioting was over, I was selected by the chief engineer and sent to school to learn all that I could, at the expense of the company.

Thanks be to God, as life went on, I was able to develop a great skill as a young man, from the age of thirteen to eighteen. I, as a young man, never did play with others. If I did make a friend, it was because I often would go around and pity others and try to help them in any way I could. I always tried to do this right from my heart. Maybe it is because my astrological sign is Cancer. But I never stop to think about that, and I do much for others. I always have great hope, thinking that God loves everyone that tries to help others.

Chapter Three

I will now return to my learning of the secret of the unknown powers, at about age eleven. Hitler was giving the world a very hard time. I went to bed one night had had a vision of Hitler. After I drew a kind of drawing that told of my vision, some of the foolish ones started to look at me foolishly. Then some started calling me a dreamer. Most of the time, I did not look at them. I did not like it, but I let it pass me by.

After letting all they had to say pass me by, I put my trust in God. God has always heard me and my vision did come to pass, because Hitler did not last much longer. In those days, I did not know the plan that God had for me. It was all unknown, pending the revealing of the secret of the unknown powers. From age eleven until thirteen, I was working as an assistant diver with my relatives' nets. While I was at sea helping my relatives in the fishing industry, I was nearly drowned twice. I did not leave the position, because my mother and aunt wanted me to go to school. They claimed I was too young for that dangerous job, because I could be taken by a shark at any time.

Then early one morning as I was on my way to the sea, my older cousin and I had a fuss. He was giving instructions to a group of twelve men. After his speech, I spoke out about some of the things that I did not like.

He then picked up a coconut and hit me in the side and hurt me very much. I could have hit him back, although he was bigger and older than I. But at that time I only thought a little harder about life and kept my opinions to myself.

After returning from the high seas, one evening I got one of the boys to join me in taking away one of the boats. We then got some food and water and set sail from Lucea to Green Island Harbor, at about 4:30 P.M. on a Saturday afternoon. We arrived about 8:00 A.M. Sunday.

When I got home, my aunt told me I had done well, only I could have lost my life, because I did not know the best way to come through the high seas at the Lucea Bluff. That is a very rough place in the sea, and it takes many lives because of its roughness. Huge rocks and the high seas most of the time make the bluff really rough.

After I learned of the great danger I had passed through, myself and the other fellows with me, I took the time to give thanks to God.

Chapter Four

I continued to learn of the secrets of the unknown powers as a young man, age thirteen, with an adventurous mind. I was at the Frome factory while in school, cutting steel blades at a machine most of the time, the kind of steel blades that were used in the yeast factory to make the type of yeast that is used in bread. After I had been working with this machine for some time, nothing had even gone wrong. But it happened that one day, I had a fight with one of my co-workers. His name was Jan. It happened that Jan got the bad end of this fight, because he got a cut and was bleeding.

Immediately the matter was taken to the office of the chief engineer of the factory for the final decision.

Mr. Schendy, the chief engineer, executed the final judgment. His decision was that myself and the other boy, Jan, be laid off and sent home to our families for three weeks.

Then the three weeks were up. Jan and I returned to the same machine shop. I began work on the same machine.

After a period of time, according to the things of the unknown, one night after returning to my home I retired to my bed and, as always, I got a vision. I was shown all the things that would take place the next day.

In the vision, it was shown to me the machine that I was operating at the factory in said machine shop would catch fire the next day. After seeing the machine on fire in my sleep, I was so much overshadowed by great fear, just as if it had happened, that I got up out of bed in fear and wanted to tell the vision to someone. My grandfather had always been so nice to me that I walked over to his room, sat by his bed, and told the dream to him. Shortly later, I returned to bed and went to sleep. It was daylight soon and I had to work at the factory, which it was about nine miles from my home. My departure time from home on a New Hurlelise bike was about 5:45 A.M. I took up duty at the factory at7:00 or 7:45 A.M. As I started operating the machine, it immediately caught on fire. It started to shock my hands and feet, just as had been shown to me in the vision hours before.

My supervisor was called Mr. Dan. He was very nice to me. I was lucky that he was around and knew what to do in case of emergency. After putting out the fire, Mr. Dan and others checked out the machine; then it was discovered that sabotage had caused the fire.

I did not agree about the matter at the time. After the date, I kept my eyes open and my knowledge started to increase. I always looked to 'god for answers; I constantly prayed to God.

Chapter Five

Back to the secret powers of the Unknown. While I was at the same factory, it was getting harder for me to stay at my mother's home, especially for the weekends. My aunt's home was fifteen miles from the factory. After I had discussed the matter with my aunt Virgie, she arranged for me to stay with a friend who was a retired teacher that lived in the cit of Savanna-la-mar, which was six miles from the factory.

It took me only fifteen minutes to get home in the evening. There were some changes in my life. Now I could go to see the films of Mickey Rooney, Gene Autry, and Roy Rogers most of the time on Great Georges Street, in the town of Savanna-la-mar. Those were days that cannot return.

Getting to the unknown as a young boy about sixteen going seventeen, I always wanted to know more about the world. There is a place called Big Bridge and one called Little Bridge; Big Bridge is the bridge that crosses the Cabaretta River, in the Paul-Island District in the parish of Westmoreland on the Island of Jamaica. The Little Bridge is located in a nearby area on Bay Road near a town called Little London; it is also near the route to the famous Negril Beach.

The Cabaretta River is very dangerous, because of the speed of the current and the river's depth.

Large crocodiles, alligators, and other wild animals are overstocked along this river. The Cabaretta River is one of the greatest and most dangerous rivers and takes many lives. It is swift and very deep.

These places were not far from the town of Savanna-la-mar and are mostly inhabited by Indians. My mother's cousin married an Indian woman. I visited my cousin and his wife there. His treatment of me was fine; I was always welcome as a member of the family. There I learned to grow rice.

I also invested in rice farming for a period of time. I liked the life of a farmer; it was fun. This was while I was visiting my cousin on Bay Road.

Most of the time after I finished work I would be late to the teacher's home. I went to the movies some of the time; at the same time I was getting to be big young man so I went and got myself a room. After I got my own room, I was able to spend more time at the movie theater to learn more about the projector machine. I never prepared my own means. I would go to the teacher's sister's home to get my meals.

Then one night after I left the theater and went to my room and put my bike in the same room that I slept in, I fell asleep and started to dream. I dreamt that there was a man over me with a knife; I jumped up and awoke right then. I had heard someone tell me to get up. Immediately as I did get up I saw a big tall man standing at the western window of my room, right at my feet. I think he was about to get my new bike.

Even if it was necessary to kill, I still did not know of such things at the time. I shouted, "Who is that?" Then he disappeared. This man had unlocked the window from outside. Within a few seconds, I put the light out. There was moonlight, then I got myself a knife from a table close by. I then got up and closed the window.

The next morning I started to tell someone about the incident. After a while I found out the robber was not a man from far away. He was a man that shared my yard.

After thinking about it, I found another place to live, with a better grade of people, even though I say one cannot grade by looks, only by the heart. It's all in the secret of the unknown.

Chapter Six

A great number of people will be used by the Antichrist, said the Prophet. Back to the secret of the unknown powers.

One night after coming out of the theater on Great Georges Street, I went into an ice-cream parlor called Tivoli, just across the street from the theater. After standing around for a few minutes, I saw a young lady walk in and order some ice cream. I looked at her real good. She was well dressed and looking good; she spoke fairly intelligently. I said to myself, I am not going to let this one pass me by.

I then said to the girl, "Could you buy me an ice cream?" She replied, "Sure. My pleasure."

I then turned to her and said, "I was only joking."

From there, we started talking. I can remember we walked together to the courthouse on Great Georges Street, about one- quarter of a mile.

After a period of time, the girl and I started to visit each other, unknown to my parents and friends. (I did not have many friends.) I visited her until I left the parish of Westmoreland and went to the Parish of Clarendon, where a lot of things were happening and there were various kinds of work. At that time I found myself courting a girl, and she wanted very much to marry me. I had a very special need for more money, so I went to the town of May Pen.

I was alone in the world, having no friends or relatives to guide me now. Some of the time I thought I was alone, but I was not alone. There were the unknown powers still around me at all times; it was only up to me to learn more about these unknown powers as time went on.

When I was about eighteen years old. I went to the U.S. airfield at Vernon's Field, a near place called Sandy Gully. I then wanted a job. I did get one working on a very large aircraft in Hangar Number Two. It was a large seaplane, a World War II bomber. It was shortly after the war then. Vernon's Field was in its last days at the time. I remember I was given pork and beans for lunch the first day at work, as we wee far from the mess-hall and did not want to leave the field, as the base was about to closed down. Things were getting dull for people at work.

I then moved on to a place called Money Musk, where they were building one of the largest sugar factories on the island of Jamaica.

After arriving at the Lionel Town District, a little place close to the great Money Musk site, I started to meet all kinds of people. I met a man by the name of Pitt. He told me he was a tractor driver on the site. After a few days, he showed me how to operate a tractor of a kind that was made by the Catepillar Company. At the time, I did not go to work as a tractor driver. I went to work as a plumber, as I was skilled in that field.

As a young man about eighteen years old, I was just leaving Frome Machine Shop with plenty of good skills, searching for a better position in a world unknown. I was really having a hard time obtaining a good job. I was a very good welder. One day, I went to the New Yarmouth Sugar Factory, located next to the U.S. air base at Vernon Field looking for work. I then got myself a job as a welder. After I had been there for some time, I was chosen to work with an American engineer as a helper on a diesel turbine generator. After a few months, this engineer had to go to Turkey. He was asked by the chief engineer who would be the best one to complete the turbine job. Out of many others, the engineer chose me to complete said job.


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