Secret Wisdom: A Nest Egg Of Wisdom That Will Direct Your Journey Through Life

Secret Wisdom: A Nest Egg Of Wisdom That Will Direct Your Journey Through Life

by Ruby Fleurcius


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Secret Wisdom: A Nest Egg Of Wisdom That Will Direct Your Journey Through Life by Ruby Fleurcius

WISDOM has finally come home to ROOST! The greatest wisdom known to man has always been hidden in plain sight; and, now it's up to you to pay attention to what's designed to build Godly character. Not only that, but this PROVERBIAL WISDOM is also designed to supersede any knowledge gained from any other Book of the Bible or on a bookshelf today. In partaking from the Secret Wisdom, there is one thing you must understand is that there will be a sacrifice to receive the entitlement to the riddles that have been plaguing your life. In so many words, you will have to give up someone, do something, or play your role in a situation, circumstance, or event that's out of your comfort zone to experience a deeper dimension of God, and the true wisdom that has been buried within the depth of your soul.

As we outgrow our nest and spread our wings-we begin to instinctually search for the "Secret Wisdom" to build our Power House from within. We can call it Human Nature; we can call it Human Instincts, or we can call it the Cycle of Life; however, I call her "[SHE] WISDOM!" Yes, I said [SHE] WISDOM-the time has come for me to reveal my secrets on how I became a Power House of Wisdom. I am living proof of how Divine Wisdom can flow to you and through you like a fountain, putting everyone you come in contact with in a state of awe. However, in order to become rooted and grounded in this secretly sought after wisdom, it is imperative that we learn from and surround ourselves with people who are wise. I have found that truly WISE people are doing what other people are not willing to do and that is, learn from other WISE people! The characteristics of Divine Wisdom are profound, and they deserve our attention if we have a desire to become successful in the areas that we are gifted. [She] Wisdom is neither a joke, nor is she something that we would want to fall by the wayside, or we will fall into divers temptations or unrecognizable folly without her on our side. I have found that it's easy to understand the people, places, and things that we can relate to; but, what about the people, places, and things that we cannot relate to? What about when you appear to have it all; but, deep within you know that you are a mess? How about that thirst from within that you can't seem to quench? It's your time to receive the answers that you have been longing for, and find out what WISDOM has to offer you.

Well, your answer is here-this book "Secret Wisdom" has the answers that you have been seeking, as well as the ones that you may have been avoiding. I have found that The Secrets to Taking your Life Back are located right under your nose, hidden in The Book of Proverbs. This book will open the door to spiritual empowerment like you have never seen before-giving you invaluable principles to ensure that your blessings flow into your life and remain there. I dare you to open up the Flood Gates of Wisdom-I promise you, I will not disappoint! Be Blessed and Be a Blessing to Someone else.

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ISBN-13: 9780983207566
Publisher: Spiritually Fit Publications
Publication date: 08/04/2015
Pages: 152
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.32(d)

About the Author

Ruby Fleurcius is an Author, Life Coach, Speaker, and a former Radio Personality. She presents the answers to life's questions in her Series of Books entitled, From the Bored Room to the Bedroom, Relationship Vujá Dé, Secret Wisdom, The Ancient Secrets of Life, The Ancient Wisdom of Psalms, The Vujá Dé Diet Plan, and The Couponing Housewives. Ruby speaks vibrantly about embracing our own unique form of greatness with a genuine spirit that has changed hearts, minds, and the lives of many. Countless people consider her a guardian angel or heaven sent; nevertheless, she declines that role to assume the title of being "Blessed To Be A Blessing," bringing forth practical wisdom in the areas of love, prosperity, business, work, health, family, social life, legal matters, life decisions, and spiritual growth through divine precepts, concepts, ideas, systems, and strategies.

Ruby Fleurcius has been helping others for almost forty years, and now this is your opportunity to take advantage of the products, principles, concepts, and prayers that she used to help herself as well as others to achieve their goals of wealth, health, fame, peace, happiness, and good success. She says that the one thing that she has found is that when the opportunity comes knocking at your door, you must be ready and willing to let it in. Throughout her journey in life, she has found that everyone needs somebody, everyone needs help at some point, and everyone will always have an opportunity to become better than they were the day before. Now, this is your opportunity to become one with Ruby, to bring forth change in your life by learning and understanding the POWER that you really possess from within.

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