Secrets From My Silent Eden

Secrets From My Silent Eden

by Paul Ogden


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ISBN-13: 9781618636041
Publisher: Bookstand Publishing
Publication date: 10/30/2013
Pages: 300
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.63(d)

About the Author

Paul W. Ogden has spent a lifetime exploring what it means to be an effective communicator. He is an educator, author, mentor, scholar, and advocate for the deaf and hard of hearing. Born deaf into a hearing family, Paul is the youngest of four sons, including one who was also born deaf. Paul grew up in the South during the tumultuous years of the Civil Rights movement. As a boy, he met Martin Luther King Jr. in the Ogden home and was old enough to appreciate his father’s bravery and compassion when Dunbar Ogden led members of the “Little Rock Nine” through a white mob to Central High School.

Paul earned a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and computers from Antioch College and master’s and doctoral degrees in educational psychology and deaf education from the University of Illinois, Champaign‐Urbana. For more than thirty years, he has served as a professor of Deaf Studies at California State University, Fresno, where he is currently Professor Emeritus. He uses his knowledge and talent to teach students to be advocates for the deaf, serve as a support system for parents, and be a resource for children, families, and other key individuals in the lives of deaf and hard‐of‐hearing children. Paul was named Outstanding Professor of the Year at Fresno State and placed second overall for the same award for the California State University system comprised of 23 campuses.

Among his major publications are The Silent Garden: Understanding Your Hearing Impaired Child;Chelsea: The Story of a Signal Dog; The Silent Garden: Raising Your Deaf Child, and El Jardin Silencioso: Criando a Su Hijo Sordo, a Spanish translation of the first five chapters of The Silent Garden. Gallaudet University Press lists both volumes of The Silent Garden as classics. Among Paul’s recent honors is the Lifetime Achievement Award, conferred in 2012 at the annual conference of California Educators of the Deaf.

Paul lives in Fresno with his wife, Anne Keenan Ogden, one of the first members of the deaf community to become a registered nurse. She retired as a certified registered rehabilitation nurse in 2011 after forty years of service.

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Secrets from My Silent Eden 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
TrishaSmith More than 1 year ago
Sometimes, the people in our life just don’t understand us. Whether it is parents, children, teachers or friends, it’s likely that everyone has experienced a breakdown in communication that can affect and even damage relationships. However, there are many simple ways to increase our ability to understand others. In Secrets from My Silent Eden, author Paul Ogden shares fifteen simple tips to make every reader a better communicator. Paul Ogden’s new book comes from a lifetime of learning many different methods of communicating. As a member of the deaf community, Ogden has sometimes found himself unable to bridge the gap with another person and make his views or beliefs known. However, he has spent a great deal of his life focusing on ways to make it easier for people to communicate with one another. His previous book, The Silent Garden, was written to help parents of deaf children conquer the barriers of misunderstanding between themselves and their children. In Secrets of My Silent Eden, Ogden broadens his book to apply to everyone. Chapter titles such as, ‘Terms of Communication,’ and ‘True Contentment,’ show the beginning of the journey, and the hopeful result: greater contentment borne out of having learned to communicate more effectively. Those who communicate better have stronger relationships; those with stronger relationships are generally happier people. Secrets from My Silent Eden is the perfect book for anyone experiencing a breakdown in communication. Whether the reader is a parent looking to learn how to relate to their teenager, or someone looking to communicate with a coworker more easily, this book is the perfect solution. Even readers looking to strengthen their relationship to God can find answers here; Ogden has many ideas on how to better engage with a higher power. All in all, Secrets will help many readers live happier, more satisfying lives.
Jane_JonesJJ More than 1 year ago
For those who are religious, it can often feel as though God is speaking to them, guiding them on a specific path. This direction lends reinforcement to an individual’s faith, deepening it and causing them to feel encouraged. However sometimes, for any number of reasons, it can feel as though God is silent and there is no path; an individual can begin to lose their hope and their faith can weaken in the face of uncertainty. Secrets From My Silent Eden by Paul Ogden can help in those times of confusion. Ogden, a Christian and member of the deaf community, has written this new book to pass along some helpful tips he had learned throughout a lifetime of learning about communication. A self-professed “communication expert,” Ogden writes his book to serve as a guide for communication with other people as much as with God. With chapters entitled, “Christians and Communication”, “Finding Faith”, and “God’s Love Letters”, Secrets From My Silent Eden leaves little doubt that’s it’s a book for those looking to strengthen their relationship with God. However, Ogden doesn’t want to exclude anyone: in his introduction, he states that the book is for anyone looking to better relate to others, no matter what their beliefs, or lack thereof, in regards to religion. Secrets From My Silent Eden includes fifteen tips of communication from author Paul Ogden. Ogden believes that sometimes, when a person feels as though God is being distant, it’s merely due to a communication failure: God’s message isn't getting through. The book can help a reader better understand both their God, and the people in their life. Ogden writes with compassion, earnestness, and a great deal of inspirational passages; those, in addition to the many challenges Ogden has overcome to become an effective communicator, make his book a must-read for those of any faith.
NithPra More than 1 year ago
As a person struggling to understand God, faith, and his own purpose, Paul Ogden has found that successful communication is at the heart of a thriving life. Ogden, who was born deaf, has spent his entire life learning different methods of communication and becoming somewhat of an expert in that field. His new book, Secrets from My Silent Eden, aims to pass along many of the tips and strategies Ogden has learned over the years. Ogden, whose previous book, The Silent Garden, is written for the parents of deaf children, frequently advocates for the deaf community. He imagines the perfect world where people don't encounter any barriers to understanding one another, a place where others don't have to face the challenges he has known all his life. Communication without misunderstanding can be rare,even among individuals who hear. In Secrets from My Silent Eden, Ogden shares his secrets to effective communication, and hopes that his findings will help a wide variety of readers become better communicators. Some of his `secrets'initially seem like familiar ideas, but gain significance after Ogden elaborates on their usefulness in communication. Ogden, who is a Christian, also hopes to help readers strengthen their relationship with God as well as others. However, he stresses that this book is for everyone who wants to become a better communicator. Paul Ogden has been inspiring others from an early point in his life. After an article about him was published in a local newspaper, many attendees at his high school graduation gave him a standing ovation as he walked up to receive his diploma. Ogden, who couldn't hear the crowd's cheers, had no idea until years later. Readers will surely cheer Ogden as well, when his Secrets help them improve their lives.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Writing one’s life’s journey requires patience, reflection, and vulnerability. Fortunately, Professor Emeritus, Paul W. Ogden is brave enough to share with readers his insights and lessons learned along the way. Monet’s Artist’s Garden at the Vetheuil serves as inspiration for Ogden’s own exploration of his “silent eden.” As a member of the deaf community, Ogden explores the centrality of communication in his quest to be fully understood, to form human bonds, and ultimately to connect with the divine. He takes us on a journey that starts with his parents’ reliance on nonverbal communication—gestures, posture, facial expressions—to communicate with their beloved sons. When Paul becomes a new husband, he learns quickly that although one may have one’s own communication style, learning to adapt to another person’s communication needs is also part of the collective, human meaning-making process. Ultimately, this book is about Ogden’s spiritual journey to learn not only how to have authentic relationships with loved ones, but with one’s God as well. Ogden’s journey is about finding one’s faith, practicing forgiveness, accepting one’s own limitations, and experiencing peace and contentment on the journey through life’s eden. It is a book that I’m sure will inspire many a reader. Diane M. Blair, Ph.D. Professor of Communication California State University, Fresno