Secrets of Love for Everyone: Everything You Need to Know to Have an Amazing Relationship

Secrets of Love for Everyone: Everything You Need to Know to Have an Amazing Relationship

by Johanna Kern
Secrets of Love for Everyone: Everything You Need to Know to Have an Amazing Relationship

Secrets of Love for Everyone: Everything You Need to Know to Have an Amazing Relationship

by Johanna Kern


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This award-winning book leaves no stone unturned! An all-encompassing, multi-layered exploration of successful romantic/erotic relationships. Written in an easy heartfelt style with charming graphic illustrations. Everything you need to know to have an amazing relationship!

This book speaks to the readers in an inclusive way: whether young or old, conservative or radical in your approach to love and sensual intimacy - whether you are still looking for true Love, or want to improve the relationship you are already in - with these Secrets you can make your Love the best story of your life.

Award-winning author and transformational teacher Johanna Kern draws from her experience in her happy relationship with her much younger husband, as well as her experience and knowledge from over 20 years of counseling people on health and emotional problems, relationships, family issues, spirituality, life and career paths.Kern explores how to keep the romantic flame alive on a daily basis, so the relationship never becomes routine or turns platonic.

• What is and what isn't Love
• To seek or not to seek a Soul Mate
•Do apples fall for oranges?
• What to do after you fall in love: get involved, keep away, or get the hell out of there?
• Will your relationship work or not: What is the "elephant in the room"?
• Commitment: A deal breaker or a peacemaker? When "yes" is easy to say and when it weighs a ton
•Romance: Spontaneous, designed or thoughtful?
• Relationship Crashers: 7 "Ghosts of our past" and how to deal with them
•Sex and intimacy: Eat your cake & stay hungry too
•What aphrodisiacs and super foods can do for your love life
•Keeping attraction in your relationship
•Expectations vs realizations
•Stuff for fun: Playfulness &happiness

Johanna Kern, transformational teacher and multiple award-winning author ("Master and the Green-Eyed Hope", "365 (+1) Affirmations to Have a Great Life", "Master Teachings of HOPE", "Shadowland: The Legend") - shares highly effective tips for making your relationship your Dream Relationship.

The easily digestible 14 chapters range over all the questions, fears and possibilities that people grapple with and fantasize about in their quest for lasting intimacy.

In an era when happy long-term relationships are rare, and people are less willing to put up with unsatisfying ones, Kern's book is a powerful ally for those who refuse to stop believing that they can have what they truly want in the world of true intimacy and erotic aliveness.

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ISBN-13: 9781975677039
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 11/02/2017
Pages: 236
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.50(d)

About the Author

Johanna Kern, multiple award-winning author, transformational teacher, film director, producer & screenwriter, has extensive experience in counseling people on health and emotional problems, spirituality, family issues, relationships, death, life and career paths. She holds an honors degree in Applied Arts/Film from Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada, and previously studied theatre and fine arts in Europe.

Responding to many requests, she wrote the two-time award-winning book „Master and The Green-Eyed Hope", a recollection of her unusual professional and spiritual life adventure, including a detailed summary of the ancient Master Teachings, adjusted for the modern Mind. The book was edited by Brian Van der Horst (journalist, author, coach, therapist listed in Who's Who in the World since 1994, and Who's Who in America since 2007); and it was endorsed by internationally renowned psychologists Stanley Krippner and Jerry Solfvin.

Following the success of her biographical book, and observing the enthusiastic response of the readers to her writings and teachings, Johanna Kern has designed an easy step-by-step program to improve any life situation: as a collection of CDs and the book "365 (+1) Affirmations to Create a Great Life". In her next book, „Master Teachings of HOPE", the author shares the first installment of advanced level of the Master Teachings and shows readers the examples of how to practically implement this wisdom in their own experience.

As a filmmaker, Johanna Kern is recognized for her unique directing style, and her vision that captivates broad audiences and draws exceptional professionals to her productions. She is also the co-author of the Shadowland: The Legend novel, based on Johanna Kern's original story, exploring the topics of creating one's own destiny, and the ways of dealing with personal and global Shadows.

In 2013, Johanna Kern and her husband, Patrick Kern, established a non-profit organization, Humans Of Planet Earth ASSN. (HOPE) - to support people in changing and improving their own lives, through workshops, seminars, events, conferences, classes, art, video & film projects and festivals, exhibitions, fairs, and shows.

Johanna Kern continues to share her knowledge on her official website (blog, audio/video recordings)

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