Secrets of Seduction for Women

Secrets of Seduction for Women

by Brenda Venus


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In this explicit, no-holds-barred guide, Brenda Venus, love goddess extraordinaire, tells you how to become irresistible to the man of your dreams. Her torrid techniques are gathered from her own exquisitely varied erotic experiences and from conversations with more than a thousand women who have done it all, enjoyed it all, and told it all to Brenda.

This intimate guidebook shows exactly what it is that makes a surefire seductress: how to care for yourself; the way to strike sparks at first sight; what a man really wants—and doesn’t want—in a woman; and what tantalizing triggers and psychological strokings will keep him coming back for more.

You will be taken step by exciting step, from the first flirtation to that moment when both his desires and your dreams come together. You will learn the best places to meet the best men, how to tell Mr. Right from Mr. Wrong, and how to use your sensual skills to arouse his passions and keep him in hot pursuit of you and your pleasure.

Written with utter candor, rich wisdom, and winning wit, this extraordinary book is an unforgettable foray into an exhilarating and delicious sexual terrain where women's fantasies and desires meet men's, and sex—and real love—cap off an encounter to remember. It is a book for all women who seek that certain something to enrich their love lives.

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ISBN-13: 9780452277946
Publisher: Penguin Publishing Group
Publication date: 01/01/1997
Edition description: REPRINT
Pages: 255
Product dimensions: 4.60(w) x 7.24(h) x 0.75(d)

About the Author

Brenda Venus, born in Biloxi, Mississippi, is an actress, author, dancer, director, producer, and talk show host. As a young woman, she met the famous writer Henry Miller and for years maintained a personal relationship with him. In 1986, she published Dear, Dear Brenda, a selection of letters from the more than 4,000 that Miller had written to her. She currently lives in Beverly Hills, California.

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